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Pregnancy is a always a delicate and sensitive situation for women, especially those who have gestational diabetes condition. If you happen to suffer from this type of disease, this article will help you to manage it through proper diet and without the need of any medication.

What is Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational Diabetes or medically known as Gestational Diabetes Mellitus is an illness that affects 5% of the total population of pregnant women worldwide. It is a condition that first occurs in pregnancy which presents a high blood sugar levels. GDM alone is not a serious health threat but it could pose problems during pregnancy and delivery.

Severe Gestational Diabetes needs adequate care with regards to blood sugar levels. Pregnant women diagnosed with GDM tends to have larger babies at birth. This means that managing or controlling the blood sugar level is crucial for pregnant women with Gestational Diabetes.

Important functions of Gestational Diabetes Diet

gestational diabetes dietGestational Diabetes can be resolved by proper and healthy diet, thus the term “gestational diabetes diet” derived. The focus is to ensure that the level of insulin in the body is within the normal limits. Enough production of insulin is required to help sustain the cells of the body, thus it can be done thru healthy eating program.

Depending on a specific needs of the patient, either a physician or a seasoned nutritionist can properly create an ideal meal plan to ensure normal blood sugar levels. This means that gestational diabetes diet is best done through proper consultation with medical professionals and not by your own dieting regimen.

Since pregnancy have different needs with regards to health care, varieties of diet are essential and are commonly based on type of calories needed, weight (obese pregnancy), pregnancy period, growth speed and size of the baby and the activity level of the mother. Remember that the foods that you eat corresponds to your baby’s development inside the womb, making your diet a very critical aspect in managing gestational diabetes.

Once your body reacts positively to your prescribed diet, you can avoid medications which are prohibited in women during pregnancy. The amounts of vitamins and minerals from the foods you consume are important in maintaining your normal blood sugar level.

Your calorie intake should be moderated while carbohydrates will help keep your insulin level regulated. However, the type of carb foods should be selected carefully because some foods that contains carbohydrates are not beneficial to health. This includes polished grains, pastas, pizza, white bread and many others. Instead, eat carb foods that are complex or organic such as potatoes and other crops. Carbs from organic foods can be easily produced into energy inside the body, plus it doesn’t promote fat build up.

Fibers from organic foods such as vegetables and fruit products are also important. Pregnant women often have the hunger feeling from time to time, which ends up in snacking. Mindless snacking can result to an increase in blood sugar levels and of course makes you bigger. Instead of eating junk foods in your snacking habit, switch to fruits as it helps get rid of hunger and are natural appetite suppressant. The fiber in fruits and vegetables will make you feel full without stuffing too much food in your body.

It is also good to note your selections of drinks. Most beverages today are bombarded with too much sugar, which is not good if you have gestational diabetes. Make sure that you avoid drinking sodas, iced teas, coffee, energy drinks, artificial juices and many other commercial drinks. Instead, drink more water for optimum health.

Food selections for pregnant women with gestational diabetes

As discussed, changing or improving your eating habits is a great way to avoid pregnancy complications due to gestational diabetes. As an initial step, you need to be very conscious on the foods you eat by checking on food labels or by consulting a medical professional for food preparation.

In most cases, gestational diabetes diet consists of moderate fat, protein and controlled carbohydrates consumption. To give you a brief food selections on these three aspects of nutrition, let me identify some products for your information.


  • Little dairy products such as butter, margarine, cooking oils and desserts. Never take out fats on your diet as fats provides energy for growth and brain development.
  • Limit your fatty food intake such as processed meats like bacon, hotdogs, burgers and many others.


  • Carbs should make less than half of your calorie intake.
  • Carb foods are found mostly in bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, cereals, peas, corn, fruits, milk, candies, green leafy vegetables and other sweets.
  • High fiber can be found in whole grain carbs which are digested much slower and much healthier.


  • More vegetables, the better. Eat up to 5 servings a day which includes a cup of leafy green vegetables, vegetable juices and half cup of other chopped vegetables. This can either be raw or cooked.
  • Dark green and yellow vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins, broccoli, spinach are the best for your health.


  • Choose actual raw fruits than juices. Processed fruits do have a lot of sugars which is not good if you have gestational diabetes.
  • Fruits such as bananas, apples, oranges, mangoes and many others. These fruits do have fibers and rich in vitamins and nutrients that are good for your health.


  • Eat 2 to 3 servings per day of cooked meat, poultry or fish.
  • Opt for poultry and fish protein instead of meat products. Remove the skin of chicken or any poultry products such as turkey.
  • For meats, select white lean meat of beef, veal, game and pork.

Pregnant women with gestational diabetes requires a lifestyle change with regards to eating habits. Remember that proper diet can effectively prevent any health problems that this condition may inflict to you and to your coming child. I hope that I shared great information to you today!

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