What is Zone Diet?

Another type of diet is about to get exposed here at totalweightlosstips.com. If you are an avid follower of this blog, then you probably read some of my articles regarding different diet types for your weight loss needs. Diet is really one of the best way to safely stay in shape and lose weight.

Information about Zone Diet?

zone diet

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Today’s topic would be the Zone Diet. This type of diet is focused on high protein, fat-controlled and low carbohydrate eating program. Just like other eating regimens such as Pritikin and Atkins Diet, zone diet permits the practitioner to eat many different types of foods which is favorable to carbohydrates in conjunction with small amounts of protein.

Zone Diet is not really a restrictive eating plan, much like the Caveman diet, but without the raw meats of course. Zone diet is derived from a theoretic origin that the body is genetically made to reach its peak efficiency with regards to diet. All meals including snacks are based entirely to a sets of caloric ratio between proteins, carbs and fats.

This diet aims to have a regular consumption of about 40% calories derived from carbohydrates, 30% from protein and another 30% from fats. This is the exact ration that the zone diet recommends, thus it is termed as “zone”.

Is Zone Diet safe to apply?

Like any other diet program, zone diet promotes a balanced eating habit to achieve proper body nutrition. Dietitians who practiced the zone diet are convinced of its positive effects on their patients, especially in weight loss. Plus, the body are said to acquire optimum energy and improved metabolism even after just a few days of applying the zone type of eating program.

The zone diet is somehow convenient to most practitioners because it does not restrict calories. Exact protein consumption helps you to feel fuller in a longer period of time, which prevents you from mindless munching. Working within the “zone” also encourages the right fats to consume such as fish oils. The healthy fats should be emphasized but not thoroughly restricting saturated fats from processed food products. However, calorie restriction will much give better results if you aim to lose weight.

Zone Diet issues

Like any diet program that focuses on limiting carbs and protein, zone diet always get criticisms especially with regards to health. How? Because people tends to think that most of this diets specifically the zone, promotes eating less fat and more carbohydrates, which is equivalent to more calories, hence obesity is the end result.

One thing is certain though, if the fat intake is way above the limit but the percent of the total calories from fat decreases, this means that your calorie consumption is still above the recommendation limit. This is the main issue of zone diet which circles around this topic. Some people are saying that zone diet is not for long-term approach and weight regain is also another thing to look out.

Any diet doesn’t require anyone to bore you of your eating regimen. Zone diet is just another weight loss diet that you can use as an alternative to achieve safe weight loss. Again, balanced nutrition from your desired diet regimen is important factor if you want to achieve a fitter body while not sacrificing your health. Any deficiency in any department could mean disaster and would pose different types of health risks.

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