Walk Your Way to Health and Fitness!

couple walkingWith today’s sedentary lifestyle, we are putting ourselves in a higher health risks. Hundreds of health issues affects more people because of lethargic behaviors, which includes cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, organ problems and of course, weight issues.

Yes, less physical activities can degrade your health in the long run. If you are on your thirties and specially those at middle age, exercise can definitely help improve your health while preventing diseases to develop.

The best way to get physically active in a consistent basis is through walking. Walking is truly beneficial regardless of age. It can protect your health and develop a sense of well-being. Do you know other benefits of walking? Consider the following tips.

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Important Benefits of Walking

Walking Protects against Cardiovascular Diseases

Like any other exercise, walking improves blood circulation that is perfect for your heart. It lowers your total cholesterol, which reduces your risk of different heart problems. As you take more steps, it makes your heart muscles strong, keeping a consistent and stable pumping of blood, which is essential to the body.

Walking Prevents High Blood Pressure

A consistent walking exercise can help reach your body’s ideal body mass index. If you walk regularly, it is enough to work your muscle through constant moving, which is good as it uses more glucose that reduces your blood pressure levels. This helps lower your risk of hypertension, which also protects you against heart attacks and kidney failure.

Walk to Improve Sexual Health

We all know that exercise can help improve your sexual health, walking is not an exemption. Walking can help improve your sexual appetite as well as your over-all performance. How, because walking can improve your blood circulation, which reduces your risk of impotency and other sexual health issues.

couple walking in a beachWalking reduces your risk of Cancer

Free radical-causing carcinogens are the one that causing our cells to misbehave, allowing cancer cells to metastasize, which leads to tumor development. Walking as part of your regular exercise program, can help control these carcinogens by strengthening your immune system.

Walking as an Antidepressant

Walking can help relieve stress, anxiety and depression. It is a natural antidepressant and stress relief, helping you to stay calm and focused. Starting your day with a ten minute walking will charge your mood in a more positive way, while staying energetic for the rest of the day.

Walking to Improve Brain Power

Improved brain health is another benefit of walking. A 15-minute walk improves blood circulation to your brain, which triggers good brain function for better memory. In fact, walking is well-recommended for older people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Walking Improves Relationship

Walking with your spouse in a park or beach is the perfect way for couples to express their feelings and love to each other. You can practically say anything during a lovely walk, strengthening your relationship into another level, while also improving your health.

Walk to Live Longer

Experts suggests that a regular walking program, for at least 30 minutes a day, can increase your life by 15 months. A neighbor of mine is a testament to the power of walking. He is now 92 years of age and still strong and regularly walks within the streets of our village every morning. So keep on walking to live longer.

Walk to Stay in Shape

Having difficulty losing weight? Walking is the best way to burn those calories without costly expenditures and strenuous workouts. It can help you to mange your weight effectively and keep the weight off for good. So if you haven’t thought of walking as a major part of your exercise program, then this is the right time in doing so!


As you can see, walking is a major activity that can totally improve your over-all health, especially if you want to lose weight and get fit for life. Start your walking program today and live life to the fullest!

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