Wake Up Workout Basics

There is nothing that can start your day right than a good morning wake up. What do you do when you wake up? Do you go straight to the bath room or go have a breakfast? What are your morning programs that can help you lose weight once you got up from your bed? These questions are often asked by people who are serious about winning their battle against weight gain. They want to learn every weight loss nook and strategies that are possible, including the moment you wake up in the morning.

So do you exercise when you wake up? Do you have any usual exercise routines every time you wake up? If you are not yet applying any wake up exercises, then this article is for you. I will give you some of the simplest forms of wake up workouts that you can healthily enjoy for your weight loss endeavors.

Wake up workout routines

Experts suggests that we should move our body in any way possible whenever we wake up in the morning. The body movements should accords to body’s abilities and should not be forcefully applied. Wake up exercises are important because it initiates the blood flow right from the start of your day, promoting good blood circulation, releasing muscle tensions, relieves body pains, wards off stress and gives the right mental and emotional stability.

The simplest movements are vital to your workout success. Any physical efforts such as flexing, stretching, shaking and many others are beneficial to your body. So it is important that you apply any wake up workout habit every morning which will support your other weight loss program endeavors such as dieting, regular exercise or even a weight loss supplement.

So after a good night sleep, you need to bring your mental and emotional awareness into your body. This will help you to achieve your daily wake up workout routine, as well as having the right mood through the rest of the day. Want to learn how to start your day right thru proper body workouts? Try the following exercises.

Before you get out of the bed

Take deep breaths

deep breaths

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This is the best way to start your wake up workout. Taking deep breaths before you get up is important if you want to start your morning exercise. You may conjunct a simple meditation with your breathing technique to help relax your mind and body more, truly a good preparation for your morning workout. Keep in mind to take at least 3 to 5 deep breaths before plunging into your next workout move.

Do body stretches in bed

bed stretching

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Stretches before you get out of your bed is also beneficial. It relaxes your muscles and bones which constitutes to a much good posture and help strengthens the body. Make sure that you flex your neck, arms, fingers, legs and down to your toes. Do different body stretches for at last 1 minute or as you desire.

Do some abdominal crunches

bed crunches

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If you want to sculp your stomach into a flat, muscular abdomen, then you need to do some ab crunches before you get out from bed. Make sure that you don’t stress or push yourself to the limit when it comes to sit ups as it could also lead to injuries. Make sure that you do just 5 to 10 crunches, just enough to start your morning workout regimen.

Alternative workout before you get out of the bed:

  • Swing your arms and legs. Pull your arms and legs up and hang for a moment then bring to rest. You can do this four to eight counts depending on your desired sequence. You may do the arm lift first then your legs. Legs and arm swing can help tone your muscles as well as your abdominal part.
  • Draw your knees up to your chest and hold into it. Drop your knees into full stretch without touching the bed. Hold it back into your chest and stop for a while and breath. Do this sequence 4 to eight counts.
  • Shake your hands and roll your feet to sign that your are done of your bed workout.

Once you get out of the bed

Do a standing hamstring stretch

standing hamstring stretch

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There are a lot of ways to do a hamstring stretch. But after you got up from your bed, you first need to relax yourself by standing tall and take a couple of deep breath for 15 to 30 seconds. This can help achieve good posture in preparation for a hamstring stretch. You can do a hamstring stretch thru the usual standing position, touching your toes with legs straight. You may also use a chair, stair or your room wall to do simple standing hamstring stretches.

Do some squats

squat workout

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Squatting is a great workout that works on your balance and improves your back, legs, abs and arm muscles. When doing a squat, you may use a chair to hold on at the first few counts, then slowly removing your hands as you move on. Squat for about 8 seconds by bending opening your legs and bending your knees (see the image above). Then pull yourself up by standing straight for about 4 seconds. You may add some weight thru lifting a light dumbbell while squatting. This can help your squatting position to be much more effective regimen.Do this routine for about 8 counts or as you desire.

Walk around

room walking

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Walking is the last routine that you need to do. You have to walk at least for 10 minutes inside your room or within the house. Do some hand shaking and shoulder roll while walking to as an additional activities. After you are fully energized with your wake up workout, you may now do your usual morning activities. You are guaranteed to have a wonderful day everyday if you apply this type of habit every morning.

Alternative workout once you get out of the bed:

  • Push/pull ups. This workout helps develops chest, shoulder and tricep muscles while improving strength, endurance and stamina. In contrast, you may also do pull ups as it also offers similar benefits as push ups. You may do either a pull up or push ups as you gain experience with your wake up workout routines, to keep a steady and challenging exercises.
  • Shadow boxing. Shadow boxing is one of my favorite workout routines. It turns you into a hyper mood and really wakes you up. Shadow boxing includes footwork, punches in angle and weaving which makes it a complete wake up exercise routine.
  • Weight training. Lifting weights are great alternatives for your wake up workout program. When you do all the exercises above, your muscles are pumped up and ready to go for a much difficult tasks – lifting. You may start lifting weight from the lightest dumbbell to the heaviest plates available. I suggest you seek recommendations or guidance from a fitness professional before you do any weight training program.
  • Jogging. Jogging can be done inside your home through a running machines or commonly known as treadmills. Jogging is a perfect cardiovascular workout and will be an ideal exercise in addition to your wake up workout program.

Wake up workout basics: Ways to become an early riser

Now I know that this endeavor is hard to maintain especially if you have a busy schedule in the morning. If you find this morning exercise to be more of a hindrance to your daily life, then you might be needing this program much even more because it promotes a lot of benefits. If you are afraid that you can’t do this workout continuously by skipping from time to time due to many reasons, then consider the following tips to help you apply any wake up workout for your weight loss program.

  • Sleep early at night. It is important that you go to bed as early as possible to achieve proper sleeping hours especially if you plan to do any workout the next morning. If you aren’t sleepy, lessen your caffeine consumption and resolve your stress issues.
  • Never drink alcohol the night before. There are a lot of weight loss roadblocks that you are unconsciously doing which obviously hurts your weight loss efforts. Alcohol binging is one of them. Drinking at night may effectively postpone your wake up exercises due to fatigue, hangover and many other alcohol-related reasons.
  • Motivate yourself. Motivation is the key to constantly challenging yourself to become better. Look at the mirror and notice your physique, are there any physical feature you want to change to make it more appealing and presentable? If you are obese, then you better start doing some serious physical activities to help overcome your weight issues. Again, motivation will help you to stay active and avoid laziness.
  • Reward your efforts. This is one thing that can motivate you to spend hours striving a lot of efforts just to achieve your goals. Treat yourself after an intense workout thru watching movies with friends, buying yourself a new workout apparel and many other rewarding options. The more you reward yourself, the more you exert effort on your wake up exercises.
  • Set a date and time program. Although this types of trainings are ideal for everyday routine, it shouldn’t be forced and will always depend on your schedule. For this, setting up a date for your workout program is the best ideal solution to effectively do any exercise endeavors.

Basic structures of a wake up workout program

As I have said earlier, your morning workout depends on your physical abilities so have to decide what exercises are ideal for you. To ensure your safety with regards to this kind of exercise program, I will give you the common or basic structure of this morning workout routine to give you a better understanding on how to sequentially apply an effective training session.

1. Warming up

Warming up is the most important part of your morning exercise regimen, well, actually for all exercise regimens. Warm up keeps your both in rhythm to help prevent unwanted exercise-related injuries. It prepares you mentally and physically through breathing, meditation, flexing, stretching and cardio activities such as walking and joggin. Warming up before your wake up exercises can effectively increase blood flow into your muscles, thus enhancing body’s energy and over all mobility.

2. Your main workout

This is the time you apply your main wake up exercises. This may consist of your cardiovascular exercises, weight training and other activities that your body requires or support.

3. Cooling down routine

Cooling down is also an important part of any training sessions and is similar to warming up. When you exercise, your body heat arises and your heart rate levels up. Cooling down switches your exercise intensity into a mild or easy mode, which can effectively reverse the temperature and heart rate effects of exercise.

Cooling down lasts for approximately 15 minutes, depending on the level of your exercise intensity. The harder you exert on your wake up workout program, the more you give time to cool down your body. This part is consists of standing at rest, breathing strategies, meditation and light stretching.

Wake up workout benefits

This type of morning training session guarantees wellness and fitness for all ages, especially those in the middle age group. The goal of this workout is to effectively wake you up, by bringing adequate oxygen to your upper body and brain through simple and satisfying exercises. Working out in the morning especially just after you get up from bed is an arousing method to help improve your over all physical physique as well as improving your emotional and mental state.

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