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Struggling to lose weight? Got any more ideas on how to overcome your weight loss plateau? Running out of ideas for fitness is nothing new to most people suffering from weight issues. If you are one of them and you think you probably tried everything just to lose weight but to no avail, then this post is for you.

Today, I will discuss another type of fitness equipment that are designed for those people who are too lazy to workout – Whole Body Vibration Machine. This equipment is primarily intended for weight loss but also promises to give you other wellness benefits. Read on to find out how this type of fitness machine can benefit your health.

Whole Body Vibration Machine for Weight Loss

Vibration machines are a whole new trending way to get fit which were already out into major markets worldwide. I previously wrote an article regarding the many benefits of treadmills and resistance chair system, can vibration machines keep up to its hype?

Since there are too many fitness machines that promotes weight loss, you will certainly be confused on what equipment really works best. I said earlier that vibration machines are for lazy people who bored to do a full workout session because the machine actually only requires you to stand on it. Although you may target specific muscles by squatting, bending or sitting, the machine literally is for people who wanted to achieve easy and quick weight loss, which are purely for lazy people for sure.

If you are following this site for some time now, you had probably read a thousand times that there is no “quick fix” or miracle with regards to getting fit. But before you are discouraged with vibration machines, I want you to watch a simple video below for quick explanation on how this machine works.

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The video shows how the vibration machine actually works. By bone and muscle friction, it creates “electrical reaction” which are said to help tone muscles and burn fat. Dr. Hightower also said that this machine is considered an alternative medicine (part of chiropractic treatment system), which promotes both fitness and health benefits.

Using the vibration machine for weight loss creates debates on most experts and most of them are not convinced that vibration alone can help you lose weight. While the idea of muscle contraction process promotes weight loss in regular workout training such as walking or running, muscle contraction thru vibrating the body may only stay as a mere theory.

Aminoz site had published quite a stinging article about vibrating machines and why you can’t depend your weight loss program solely on this product. Nevertheless, let me give you what the media says about this machine’s health benefits.

Health Benefits of Vibrating Weight Loss Machines

The media of course are hyping any fitness equipment available to make more profit. Although many people claims that this fitness machine actually helps improve over all health, it highly lacks scientific evidence to back up this claims.

In my point of view, fitness experts or alternative medical professionals created a vibrator-based equipment to give a whole new method of fitness which will not require any strenuous exercising efforts. In addition to that, the creators of this machine might want to take some share of the weight loss industry pie which is a billion dollar market.

However, vibrating machines are well accepted today which are evident in fitness schools, gyms, clinics, sports camp and many other places where vibrating machines are widely used. Experts suggests that proper and right use of this equipment will not only help support your fitness program, but it can also offer other health benefits as well. This includes the following:

  • said to help slow aging
  • reduces mental stress
  • improves lymphatic health
  • tones and develops muscles
  • improves blood circulation
  • increases human growth hormone
  • helps build strength
  • increases your metabolic rate
  • highly reduces back pain
  • promotes stability and balance
  • reduction in bone loss

Summary on Vibration Weight Loss Machines

Vibration machines could help you lose weight and may improve your health. However, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. I suggest that you should not depend your workout program mainly on this type of equipment, or better yet avoid it completely. If you are on your weight loss plateau and every workout regimen failed you, how can you be so sure that vibrating yourself to fitness can help you lose weight?

It is still best to have a fitness professional to guide you on your weight loss endeavors. Consult a dieting expert for proper and balanced eating plan. A consistent weight loss program will help you to keep on track. Never give up and stay focus.

If needed, you can add some supplements that will help boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite while doing all your fitness regimen. Most weight loss advocates are taking supplements to help them achieve three things:

  • control their appetite/food cravings
  • boost their metabolism
  • limit, blocks and binds carbs, calories and fats

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