Top 3 Fat Burning Supplements for Men

Men often spend hours to their intensive workouts to achieve their main goal of building muscles and burning fat, so that they are able to sport a lean and muscular look. While there are various exercise programs, high-intensity programs, and interval trainings, the body also requires adequate protein and other ingredients to build muscles and ensure proper muscle recovery.

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There are two types of approach to fitness; one is to build your muscles through supply of extra protein, and the other through burning out your extra fat. There are various supplements like green coffee bean extract, carnitine supplements, raspberry ketone supplements etc., which are considered to be major fat burners in the present market.

The difference between various fat burning supplements is the formula and the effects they produce. These are mainly made of organic ingredients, herbal extracts, and certain chemicals that offer additional benefits in a fat loss regimen.

These ingredients work in different ways such as by:

  • Curbing your appetite
  • Speeding up your body’s metabolism
  • Binding with the food compounds to prevent fat absorption in your body
  • Providing more energy to exercise more and burn out more fat
  • Enhancing your muscle recovery, performance power and endurance to workout more to burn out more fat

Top 3 Fat Burning Supplements for Men

supplements for menThere are hundreds of fat burners and weight loss supplements that are available in the market today such as dendrobium, Garcinia Cambogia, carnitine, green tea EGCG, synephrine, mucuna pruriens, anti-A, etc.

However, out of all these, carnitine, green coffee bean extract, and raspberry ketone are the most talked about and preferred supplements. No wonder that they remain the top 3 supplements for fat burning and muscle toning in men.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplement

It has been in use for its diverse health benefits for several years. Nevertheless, it has gained attention in the recent years due to its exclusive weight loss and fat burning effects. Its key ingredient is chlorogenic acid. The specialty of green coffee bean extract is that even without altering your regular lifestyle or even without any additional exercise or diet program, you can get to enjoy effective weight loss results.

This fact has been clinically proven in many individuals. Chlorogenic acid, which controls your blood sugar levels, also offers various additional benefits. Apart from enhancing your body’s metabolism and encouraging the rate of fat burning process, it also acts as a potent antioxidant, and increases your energy levels. It also suppresses your appetite.

Since the best green coffee bean extract supplement contains over 45% of chlorogenic content, this supplement offers the maximum benefits for people looking to shed their excess flab even without altering their normal lifestyle.

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Carnitine Supplement

Carnitine is a natural compound that is produced from the amino acids of your body – lysine and methionine. It requires Vitamin C for its biosynthesis and it exists in two forms; L-Carnitine and D-Carnitine. Out of these, in general, carnitine refers to L-Carnitine, which is the biologically active form of carnitine.

It is found naturally in red meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, as well as fermented soybean products. When L-Carnitine is low, it can cause various complications in your body, as the main function of this compound is to transport your fatty acids from cytosol to mitochondria in your cells. Mitochondria act as the powerhouse where your fat is burnt to release energy.

Carnitine is very effective in boosting metabolism and burning fat. In men, it helps to improve performance and muscle strength. It also enhances muscle recovery and endurance during the workouts. It also improves male fertility.

Raspberry Ketone Supplement

This is the most aromatic substance found in red raspberries and in few other berries.

Raspberry ketone supplement works in your body in 3 main ways:

  • It inhibits accumulation and absorption of excess fat in your body and also brings down your dietary fat absorption. It suppresses accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous and visceral regions.
  • It enhances your calorie expenditure, as it increases rate of oxygen intake and also activates BAT or Brown Adipose Tissue thermogenesis. This results in more calorie expenditure and also offers increased fat burning.
  • The third way in which the raspberry ketone works is by increasing the limiting step in the fat breakdown process. Fats stored as triglycerides are the main energy resource. These are later broken down and converted into energy. Ketone augments this fat burning rate in your body.

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Muscle Builders

The top 3 fat burners – green coffee bean extract, carnitine, and raspberry ketone – not only work on burning your fat, but also greatly contribute to muscle recovery. Muscle recovery is the key to muscle building and increased performance. Consuming one of the best fat burning supplements, which suits your body and workouts, in addition to a regular exercise and intake of proper diet, is sure to bring you the best weight loss results at the earliest.

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If you are looking for best and easy option to lose your weight, then green coffee bean extract, Raspberry ketone and Carnitine supplements are the perfect choice for you.

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