The Truth about Your Weight Loss Failure

For most people, losing weight is totally a waste of time. Why? Because it is completely difficult to reduce weight and keep the weight off. Plus, it will abruptly change your lifestyle, which can affect your usual routines. So for most people who failed losing weight, weight loss is just a wild and discouraging experience.

However, we all know the consequences of being fat, which increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancers, organ problems and many others. You may even find it hard to see obese people on their 70’s or 80’s, meaning that the mortality rate if you are overweight or obese are low.

So ignoring your weight loss potential can be deadly in the long run. It is important that you keep on going and motivated to get in shape all the time. Otherwise, you are bound to live with dozens of health conditions that will further drive you directly six feet under a stone.

So we are all aware about some factors that can help us lose weight. Factors such as consistent exercise, healthy diet and for some, diet supplements. But for people who are still confused why they can’t seem to lose weight, then pinpointing several weight loss plateau factors can definitely help. To get the week right, below are the truth and facts on why you can’t overcome weight loss failure.

Factors that Lead to Weight Loss Failure

1. Lethargic Behavior

lethargic lifestyle

We all know that sedentary lifestyle is a big factor why most people have health issues. But lack of exercise is not the main culprit of being fat, it’s your attitude towards your weight loss goals. Being too inconsistent on your weight loss program is one big factor that keeps you on your weight loss plateau. A lethargic behavior towards exercise and many other important physical activities could greatly affect your weight loss program.

Laziness or simply tired of completing your tasks, won’t exactly fit with regards to losing weight. Weight loss needs consistency and more activity, there are practically no room for lethargic behaviors. Make sure you are always motivated to do each scheduled weight loss tasks, to help you overcome failure.

2. Unnecessary Activities

binge drinking

Pleasures in life are unavoidable. Of course sometimes after some hard work, we need to take some time off and unwind. However, some activities that are thought to be relaxing, can also cause to hinder weight loss. Overeating or binge drinking with friends for example, are two of the most common activities of people around the world.

Remember wines and other calorie beverages and unhealthy foods, won’t help you lose weight but instead will give you burden. If you are on a weight loss program, better lessen your night out party or better yet, avoid it completely to win your battle against weight gain.

3. Identify Each Factors that Triggers your Appetite


There dozens of factors why you often crave for foods even after a big meal. You need to identify each factors that triggers your food cravings. Otherwise, you are much prone to mindless munching, which leads to weight gain.

Analyze yourself and think of habits that you do before you eat. What are the activities that diverts your attention to foods? In most studies, some factors that leads to overeating are sleep disorders, anxiety, medications, the timing between exercise and eating and many others. If you were able to overcome these factors, then you will have the luxury of controlling your appetite.

Alternatively, there are clinically proven dietary supplements that you can depend with regards to curbing your appetite. Appetite suppressants are abundant in the market and I highly suggest that you take Apidhene, a whole new formula from RDK Global, one of the leading weight loss pharmaceutical company. This product won’t just suppress your appetite, but it will also boost your metabolism to triple your body’s ability of burning fats and calories.

4. You’re Not Hiring a Fitness Professional

fitness professional

Did you know that almost 100% of weight loss achievers hired the services of either a fitness coach or a dietitian? It is very true that doing your own thing with regards to dieting and exercise, won’t completely help you to reach that weight loss goal. You certainly need the help or guidance of an expert fitness professionals. Just take the example of Jennifer Hudson who both have a fitness coach and a dietitian to lean on.

To start on the right foot, you can take an online dieting program that will completely support your weight loss program, dieting programs that are “personalized” for your own health needs. Try these online dieting plans, which offers non-restrictive but effective dieting regime.


Weight loss is not a short-term program, but it rather needs patience, passion and full-devotion to be able to succeed. Remember that losing weight is your first step towards a healthy and fit body, so you need to keep a serious commitment on each aspects of your weight loss program. Keep these simple tips in mind all the time and it will somehow remind you to consistently strive and possibly overcome, all weight loss roadblocks.

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