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What is your post-summer workout? Have you planned any program yet? Well, there are a lot of ways to get in shape especially if you are thinking about outdoor exercises. There are of course sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton and many others. To all cardio workouts, there is one fitness program that you will truly enjoy doing and that is swimming. Yes, swimming is a great cardio exercise that can help you shape up and slim down some body fats.

Swimming is a sport and it is fun. Have you ever seen a fat swimmer? None! Of course, regular swimming activities can tone your muscles, improve your upper and lower body strength and make you sexier in a much quicker pace. But unlike jogging, basketball or walking wherein you only need a pair of shoes to start exercising, you will need at least a pool to practice swimming and burn calories. While it is true that swimming would be the last thing in your mind with regards to planning a workout program due to a pool requirement, this article will give you more reasons why you should apply consistent swimming sessions for weight loss.

How to start a Swimming and Weight Loss routine?

swimming and weight loss

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The first thing you should do before you start a swimming routine is to consult your doctor. You must remember that any workout plan is best backed up with proper medical approval from your physician. This is to ensure that you are perfectly fit to practice swimming or any other workouts for your fitness program. This is highly required to people with heart problems, diabetes, spine and bone issues and obese people.

Aside from pool or a beach, you also need other important equipments to ensure that you swim comfortably. This includes a swimwear, cap, goggles, fins for your legs, pull-buoy (optional of course) and floating materials for non-swimmers. Make sure that your equipments are durable and strong enough for any water activities.

Planning is also crucial if you really wanted to do swimming as one of your workout regimen. If you are sure that you want to practice swimming, then it is advisable that you avail the services of a swimming instructor especially if you don’t know how to swim. A fitness or swim instructor can guide you on how to swim effectively while getting fit and sexy at the same time. The instructor will give you tips, ideas and tasks that will better enhance your swimming abilities and improve your over all health including your strength, endurance, stamina, flexibility, boosts metabolism and helps tone every muscle groups in your body without putting too much body stress and boredom. It also helps improve blood pressure levels and strengthens the immune system for a much better body defense against sickness and diseases.

If you know how to swim and you never want to hire a fitness instructor, then you have to monitor your own swimming activities by yourself. Buy a workout gadget such as heart rate monitor to ensure that you track your work rate for your over all health. Learn more on how to use the heart rate monitor here.

Before you plunge into the water, it is wise to do some stretching first to relax and prepare your muscles for the impending water workout. You don’t need to swim intensely at the beginning, start in an easy pace and slowly build up some momentum. Remember, you are not swimming because you are joining the Olympic team, you are swimming because you want to get in shape and that should be your goal. Take your time seriously as speed and distance is not as important as the amount of time you spend swimming. Like any other exercises, the more time you exert, the more calories you burn which constitutes to weight loss.

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Why Swimming and Weight Loss is a perfect match?

If you ask the experts about the effectiveness of swimming for losing weight, 9 out of 10 will definitely agree that it is an effective fitness regimen not only for those people who want to shed pounds, but also for those who just want to enjoy the pleasures of water. This means that water activities are for everybody who wants to get lean and sexy, there is no age limits required!

A study shows that swimmers of all ages had more trimmer waists, hips and lean muscles than non-swimmers. The wonders of water activities such as regular swimming is a body-sculpting workout, mainly due to its high calorie burning capabilities along with its muscle shaping benefits. An hour of light swimming can burn around 500 or more calories while an intense swimming can shed over 700 calories per hour.

Since water is much denser than air, each body movements such as leg kicks, push and pull, all creates small resistance that results to a complete body workout. It creates body coordination within your hips, core, arms, shoulders and glutes. So as you build muscles and shed weight, you also boost your body’s metabolism so that you can burn more fats compared to any workout programs that only focuses on a single part of the body.


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Swimming is the perfect lose weight program. You can swim everyday without the risks of any types of injuries especially if you live at a nearby beach. Some says that it is much more better workout than weight training and other cardio exercises. So swimming can be your daily workout routine which can help you stay younger and healthier for life!

Other health benefits includes reduction of cholesterol levels, better cardiovascular health, good central nervous system, better cognitive functions, stabilizing blood sugar levels and many others. So regardless of your age or experience, swimming is the perfect workout if you want to lose weight fast as it provides total calorie burning routines that no other exercises can deliver. If you are overweight, the choice is yours if you want to pursue a swimming program for your weight issues.

Different swimming strokes for weight loss

If you are new to swimming, it is important that you know different swim strokes for proper fat burning activities. Swimming on your own ways won’t aid your weight loss goals and might even give you body stress rather than positive benefits. As a beginner, you need to perform the following strokes for better fitness benefits. Make sure you swim at least three to four lengths of the pool in an easy effort without rushing it. Remember the tips I gave you earlier, time is much more important than the distance! Consider the following strokes for your water workout.

1. Freestyle

This is everybody’s favorite as this is the simplest stroke and easy to learn. Freestyle burns more calories than any common in-door cardio exercises. It also promotes muscle toning, good posture and takes away exercise boredom syndrome.

2. Breaststroke

Do you know why breaststroke is one of the best swim routines? Breaststroke requires total upper and lower body movements. It includes rotating your palms outward, pulling down your hands until it levels your chin, then bringing your hands inward by your chest and reach again. In the lower part, bending the knees and bring your heels towards your butt, then turn your toes outward and push your legs back (frog-life stance). Do this while you extend your arms forward. See, intense stroke right?

3. Backstroke

Backstroke is the easiest routine for me. You just have to look straight up at the sky floating and your own kind of paddling. This puts less stress on your shoulders but is an effective fat burning workout.


Swimming and weight loss is the perfect pair for any health-related endeavors, especially of course for weight loss. If you are overweight and needed a big help in battling against weight gain, why don’t you try swimming today and feel the difference. Don’t mind the equipments and other requirements because it will not give you enough motivation to purse your dreams and will just push you away from possible solutions to your weight problems. Go ahead and try swimming today and lose weight for life!

If you have personal weight loss experience thru swimming or any other workout that you want to share with us, write us a message below and lets start a healthy weight loss conversation right now!

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