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Did you know Pauline Potter? If you don’t know who she is, then I will give you a brief story about her fitness journey. Pauline is the 2011 Guinness record holder for the fattest woman in the planet. She weighed 643 pounds (about 52st) and was bedridden for three years. Closer Online published an in-depth interview with Pauline and how she lost 98 pounds and counting through sexual marathons.

In her revelations, she said that she had sex with her ex-husband Alex, for about 7 times per day for approximately eight days a month. The love never really died between this couple, paving the way for an enjoyable sex diet regimen that are helping her to lose more weight.

Pauline’s story is a big inspiration to those people who are suffering from weight issues and especially to those obese individuals. There is hope if you are just motivated to lose weight. So how does sex really help in weight loss? Lets break the facts one by one.

Diet thru Sex – What are the Benefits?

In other terms, sex diet is a whole new trend for weight loss. It is free, fun and everyone gets pumped up with regards to sex. Couples have this kind of luxury at their disposal, which could definitely help improve their over all health. Most couples have their own adventures with regards to sex but one thing is certain, it’s not just your regular physical activity, it’s also about getting fit as well as pleasure.

Prolonged and consistent sexual activities can help improve many health aspects. Sex gives immediate relief on headaches, regulates your mood, makes your skin smooth and your hair glow. Sexual acts releases more endorphins (brain’s feel good chemicals), which helps fight stress and depression. Other research even suggests that it can help prevent cancers.

sex diet for weight lossBut like Pauline’s case, you can apply sex to purposely lose weight. Many known personalities had admittedly testified that they had lost weight through sex including the “Ultimate Sex Diet” author Kerry McCloskey. She revealed that she had lost 23 pounds after she applied sex marathons during her 6-months engagement tenure.

Sexologists, gynecologists and other field experts agrees that sex is the ultimate exercise machine. A half-hour of sexercise could burn up to 250 calories, depending on sexual positions, orgasms and intensity.  Experts also added that all activities including foreplay, can greatly help initialize the burning process, up to the actual climax state.

Women Health Magazine published a whole new level of sexual positions to better give you ideas on how to achieve good sex as well as weight loss. Through sexual positions, both sexes can work and develop all muscle groups which includes legs, thighs, arms, shoulders and as well as the abdomen and pelvis.

Sexual interaction is a non-boring exercise, which is enough motivation to keep on losing weight. It doesn’t require any workout equipments and it is totally free and natural. Getting regular arousal and orgasm is good for both mental and cardiovascular health.

Sex Diet Conclusion

Being active sexually is beneficial to your over all health. It can help give you peace of mind, the feeling of satisfaction and will strengthen your relationship. Having a sex diet gives sizzles to you life which creates new heights of intimacy and romance that adds foundation to your marriage.

Above all, a consistent sexual intercourse will help you to lose weight and stay fit. Just imagine doing five sexual sessions a week, you can burn over a thousand calories which is enough to manage your weight. You won’t even have to do any restrictive diet just to shed those unwanted pounds.

This topic is intended for married couples only. Though immorality is widely accepted by many, this article doesn’t encourage you to have sex to anyone, just for the purpose of losing weight. Sex experts suggests that having an active sexual life with different people will result on negative outcome. This includes emotional stress and the stress from getting tested for STDS.

So making sex as your exercise habit is a perfect method to fitness. You may also conjunct your own dieting regimen and other physical activities to further shed those pounds off. If you want more and thoroughly ensure weight loss, take diet pill supplements that can effectively help support your weight loss program. Click the link below to learn more about the best, clinically proven safe and effective diet pills today.


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