Reasons Why Exercise and Healthy Diet are Better than Liposuction

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Majority of people today are suffering from different health issues that are commonly caused by weight problems. Cardiovascular problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancers and many others are all triggered by having too much weight. Is this sounds like you?

In the US alone, there are dozens of institutions that are making healthy surveys annually, and most of them suggests that over 60 percent of American adult population are either obese or overweight. Having a weight issue is a silent killer and a precursor to many diseases. If you think you have weight gain problem, are you thinking of any contingency plan to overcome your health dilemma?

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In our modern society which is prone to an apathetic lifestyle, we are driven more to be focused on careers, sacrificing our health by eating junk foods and physically inactive. This makes people to gain more unwanted weight.

Curiously, the faster people gains weight, the faster they wanted to lose it. This is the reason why weight loss surgeries are highly considered by many, especially those in the developed countries. Weight reduction methods such as exercise and diets are often ignored, because they perceived it to be a time consuming process and the probability of failure is high. So they want a shorter route of success, most often through liposuction surgery.

There is no doubt that cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction, can truly help you lose weight. However, an open surgery alone should give you a second thought. Today, I will discuss different reasons why exercise and a healthy diet are still the best methods of losing weight compared to lipo. So if you are planning a liposuction procedure, maybe it is better if you read this short article first before you push forward on having your first lipo.

Reasons why Liposuction Surgery is Not for You!

Liposuction or medically known as lipoplasty, is probably the second most popular cosmetic surgical procedure (learn also about fat freezing in Oxford). It is widely patronized by celebrities, businessmen and career women, who doesn’t have time to lose weight through the usual natural means. It is estimated that the liposuction industry earns about five hundred million dollars profit each year.

Although an intensely popular fat loss method, liposuction can be dangerous and harmful to you. To give you some insights why liposuction is bad, let me compare this method against exercise and healthy diet.

Liposuction is not the Safest option

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For most people who avoids the time consuming process of workouts and dieting, the option to get liposuction in Melbourne or in any other city looks to be the best way to reduce those excess fats. Lipo is like a vacuum which sucks all the fatty deposits in a certain part of the body, such as the belly fat. A lipo procedure is in fact a very enticing option.

However, not all patients experienced positive results with lipo. In fact, Medline Plus, published a report about the possible health risks of liposuction surgery. This includes the following:

  • Shock due to loss of fluid during surgery
  • Bleeding or blood clot
  • Infections
  • Fluid overload
  • Scarring, sagging or asymmetric skin after surgery
  • Possible drug overdose during the procedure
  • Contouring problems
  • Uneven fat removal
  • Organ, nerve, tissue or skin damage or burns from liposuction instruments

Plus, if you have pre-existing health conditions such as heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, allergies and pulmonary problems, you must ensure that your physician completely aware to avoid any medical trouble. In fact, the law of averages, the FDA states that the risk of death due to liposuction is about three per a hundred thousands procedures. How about the side effects and complications? Other studies suggests an alarming average of 20 procedure complications per 100,000 lipo patients per year.

But with exercise and dieting, you will have less worries to think about. All the risks stated above are completely impossible to occur. Even though it requires time and guts to get significant results, exercise and dieting are the safest methods to lose weight.

Exercise and Healthy Diet Reduces Mortality Rates

From the information above, liposuction gives you a lot of risks including premature death. In contrast, both exercise and healthy diets decreases your risk of premature death. This is actually undisputed fact. There might be a thousand of studies that proves dieting and physical activities such as simple walking, can reduce the risks of various illnesses which leads to death.

Cardiovascular activities for example can improve your heart while weight training can improve your over-all health, including your physique. Even though you are overweight or obese, regular exercises and healthy dieting inevitably reduces your mortality rate compared to liposuction procedure.

Another reason why lipo is a bad idea is because, it only removes subcutaneous fat which lies beneath the skin. The abdominal fat or visceral abdominal fat, clings to the internal organs that can lead to cancer or heart disease. This fact makes lipo procedure the most unlikely weight loss method for you.

Liposuction is just Temporary

Do you believe that cosmetic surgeries are an addiction? If you do, then liposuction is an addiction as well. Why? Because a lipo procedure is not a permanent fix. This makes people to come back for more procedures after their previous surgery. This habit is also considered to be a depressive situation according to experts, causing a psychotic major concern for some patients.

Why? Since lipo is a quick fix, a patient doesn’t know how to maintain their body after lipo. A post-liposuction surgery requires an immediate change in diet and lifestyle. So if you want to maintain your figure after a lipo, you still need to workout and eat a healthy diet.

85% of patients who have undergone lipo have repeated the procedure at least twice more. The remaining 15% have higher chance of repeat surgery. So if you are just keen on solving the “appearance” of having unwanted fat rather than the cause of having it, then your fat will re-occur in no time.

With exercise and diet, it highly helps you to reduce or decrease the effects of depression. Plus, losing weight through exercise and diet are more natural, enabling you to see your own fitness progress. If you take more effort through natural means, you certainly knows how to maintain it and keep the weight off because you have had undergone strenuous and intensive fitness program without surgery.

Liposuction is Totally Expensive published a factual guidelines regarding the costs of a lipo procedure. Since lipo is not covered by health insurances, the costs starts at $1600 and could go high up to $8,800, depending on the body parts to be suctioned. So if you are just a regular wage earner and you want a lipo to quick fix your fat, then you should highly consider the costs, including the possible repeat surgeries.

Compare it to a gym membership of about $80 a month, you will still have under $1000 per year for a gym annual cost. But if you have your own private gym at home, you can certainly save more money compared against a lipo procedure. With regards to diet, you also spend less as a regular personalized dieting plans only costs around $20 per month, way far from spending thousands of dollars with a lipo surgery.

Exercise and Healthy Diet are the Perfect Choice

exercise and healthy dietThere are no reasons why you shouldn’t choose natural over temporary and quick weight loss fixes. Liposuction and other fat loss surgeries are risky and expensive, plus it doesn’t guarantee fitness.

As I mentioned earlier, you have to give time, effort and commitment to be able to lose weight through exercise and dieting. Although it can be difficult and sometimes boring or restrictive in nature, dieting and exercise are still two of the best ways to lose weight naturally.

If you think you are on a weight loss plateau for a certain workout program, then you are probably applying the wrong approach. You need either a fitness professional or an expert dietitian to help you on your weight loss endeavors.

Conclusion on Why Exercise and Diet are Better than Liposuction

Liposuction has its own advantages with regards to quick fat removal. But it also offers more risks than benefits (for more cases of maplractice and risk click here). First, the significant fat loss result is not permanent and you are prone to undergo more procedures in the future. Second, it can trigger no health improvement at all, but instead will give you health risks including premature demise. Third and last, it is a very expensive procedure and could be even more expensive than any bariatric surgeries.

Meanwhile, if you apply a strict dieting or an exercise program, you will avoid all these disadvantages and reap all the weight loss benefits. It is less expensive and guarantees mortality rate reduction. So which method do you want to apply for your weight loss program? You decide!

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