Phen375 vs Fat Stripper Intense – Metabolism Charger Comparison

Looking for the best diet pill in the market? You are probably confused on what pill to take because of dozen types of weight loss supplements out there. First thing that you should do is to identify which pill is desired for you.

Types of pills includes metabolism charger, fat burner, carb blocker, fat blocker, fat binder, appetite suppressant and many others. But the most common characteristic of all weight loss supplements is metabolism enhancer.

With that in mind, today’s comparison review will involve two of the best metabolism charger diet pills in the market – Phen375, my most recommendable diet pill, against equally impressive and trusted pill in Europe – Fat Stripper Intense. So let me discuss first the advantages of Fat Stripper Intense.

LA Muscle Fat Stripper Intense

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Fat Stripper Intense is manufactured by LA Muscle, one of the best diet pill companies that uses natural ingredients on its products. Fat Intense Stripper is considerably an advanced fat solution that uses organic ingredients that are known to aid weight loss.

It claims that all of its ingredients are scientifically designed or formulated to metabolise fat at high levels, which leads to effective and faster weight loss.

Fat Stripper Intense is a popular diet pill product worldwide. Thanks for the good reputation of its company – LA Muscle. This product is commonly used by athletes and body builders, mainly due to the perceptions that it provide quick weight loss and may improve performance.

With 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients, you are rest assured that LA Muscle uses only the most natural ingredients on Fat Stripper Intense. This includes tetradecylthioacetic acid, guarana, green tea extract, choline, alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and cayenne pepper extract.

Based from these ingredients, it is obvious that all of these ingredients are used for appetite suppression and for increasing metabolic rate. With guarana and green tea extract included, you can bet that Fat Stripper Intense is also composed of caffeine, another compound that is highly used by other slimming pills.

How does Fat Stripper Intense Work

LA Muscle promotes Fat Stripper Intense as a fat metabolizer, not a thermogenic, which means that it works even if you are not working out. As said earlier, all of its ingredients are designed to increase metabolism, an important aspect of fitness that aims to get rid of the food as fast as possible after digestion, before it turns into fat.

Because of potent ingredients, Fat Stripper Intense is a very strong diet pill which is best taken as a support to your workout program. One of its claim is also to provide good support on your diet regimen.

Issues with Fat Stripper Intense

Fat Stripper Intense has no known side effects. However, some customer reviews specifically the one published in Weight Loss (a reputable site that gives unbiased reports about diet pills), suggests that the combination of ingredients are somewhat too potent, missing ingredient or generally wrong.

Although the product won’t cause any trouble in most cases, critics are saying that Fat Stripper Intense cannot produce the desired result as advertised. Plus, it contains undisclosed amounts of caffeine, which are not good for your health. Over-all, Fat Stripper Intense is practically safe as a weight loss supplement.

Where to Buy Fat Stripper Intense

Fat Stripper Intense can only be purchase from selected online retailers, Amazon, eBay and from its official website.


phen375Phen375 on the other hand, is the fastest growing diet pill in the weight loss industry today. It is the number one in the UK and its popularity in the US are climbing at a higher rate. Like Fat Stripper Intense, Phen375’s ingredients are 100% pharmaceutical grade, which also means that it uses natural ingredients for safer and effective weight loss.

Unlike Fat Stripper Intense, Phen375’s formula is well-researched and has undergone intense clinical testing to achieve the company’s desired weight loss result and to completely avoid any side effects. Its ingredients are not too strong nor there are ingredients that are missing.

Fat Stripper Intense is advertised as a fat metabolizer, practically a metabolism booster. Phen375 gives you three benefits that no other pills can give – an appetite suppressant, metabolism charger and a fat burner.

The ingredients includes dimethypentylamine hydrochloride, sympathomimetic amine, 7-trymethylxanthine and DHEA. Plus, Phen375 is being manufactured in an FDA-approved facility, a notable advantage that no other diet pill companies can offer.


How does Phen375 Work

Sympathomimetic Amine is a compound present in Phen375, which helps in the production of norepinephrine, a substance that can help increase your metabolism for faster food digestion and weight loss. Dimethypentylamine hydrochloride meanwhile is responsible for disposing your excess fats. Lastly, DHEA helps develop your muscles through 6PDH, a substance that converts glucose into an energy.

Phen375 also eliminates your excess calories, which are one of the primary reasons of weight gain. Through suppressing your c-food cravings, you can bet that you will have better control of your appetite.

Issues with Phen375

Similar with Fat Stripper Intense, Phen375 has no known side effects. You won’t see any official complaint on the Internet about Phen375.

Advantages of Phen375 over Fat Stripper Intense

So far, there are slight advantages of Phen375 over Fat Stripper Intense. To summarize it all, read the following advantages:

  • no hidden and harmful ingredients
  • metabolism charger, fat burner and appetite suppressant pill
  • trusted worldwide
  • it also improves sex drive
  • relieves pain and body aches
  • improves mobility
  • effective weight loss supplement
  • no side effects

Where to Buy Phen375

Fat Stripper Intense can only be purchase on Amazon and eBay. Phen375 meanwhile is only available on its official website and some online retailers.

If you buy Phen375 right now through the link below, you will also get a personalized Phen375 diet plan. This will support your Phen375 weight loss program. To learn more about this offer, click here for a sample diet plan.


Phen375 vs Fat Stripper Intense Comparison Summary

Phen375 and Fat Stripper Intense diet pills are both effective and safe for your weight loss program. However, I highly advise that you get an approval by your doctor before you take either pills. Plus, I highly recommend Phen375 more than Fat Stripper Intense because of its clean reputation, exciting freebies and effectiveness.

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