P90X Extreme Home Fitness DVD Program Review

Are you looking for home fitness videos that will truly make you fit, slim and sexy? If you are tired of those hyped exercise videos that are incomplete and totally lacking on different fitness routines, then it is time for you to look for other alternatives that will give you a complete program, which will truly help you lose weight.

Today’s fitness video review is about Tony Horton’s P90X Extreme Home Fitness DVD Program. This product was created by BeachBody, the same fitness company that brought you Insanity and Hip Hop Abs by Shaun T. Learn more about this unique fitness system and how it can help you solve your weight loss dilemma for good.

What is P90X Extreme Home Fitness DVD Program

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Creator of P90X – Tony Horton

P90X  (Power 90 Extreme) is a worldwide home fitness phenomenon that was developed by fitness professional Tony Horton. Known for its intense routines, P90X is designed to take 90 days and consists of different training programs that will help get your ideal body fast.

The DVD program includes cross-training (weight training, martial arts, yoga and calisthenics) and periodization. The program is also consists of nutrition and dietary plan to help assist your workout throughout the program.

The DVD’s are hosted by Tony himself, which is designed to help you get lean, bulk up and grow stronger in a more natural way. Most routines evolves more in a muscle-pumping workouts, to help transform your body from fatty or regular thin frame to ripped in just 90 days.

P90X is consist of 12 DVD workouts, with a complete three-phase nutrition plan included. The first phase highly emphasizes protein and lower carbohydrates. The second phase is designed to increase the percentage of carbs, while the last phase emphasizes a full-blast carbohydrate intake increase.

P90X also include “How to Bring It” DVD, a separate feature that provides a quick overview of the whole system. Lastly, P90X also include a calendar tool for monitoring and an online peer support.

p90x extreme home fitness dvd programThe P90X Workouts

Each DVD’s are consists of different and unique routines that will surely pump you up and help you lose those unwanted fats. Each workouts focuses on specific set of muscle groups which will help you to develop a muscular and ripped body.

Workout One: Chest and Back

The first set focuses on your chest and back muscles. It emphasizes on two classic upper-body exercises – push-ups and pull-ups, designed to improve strength and develop chest muscles. It is natural that both push-ups and pull-ups will help you to burn more calories while strengthening and developing your upper muscle groups.

Workout Two: Plyometrics

Do you love jump routines? If you do, then you will love the second workout DVD of P90X – plyometrics. This workout offers 30 extreme jumping routines that will help pump your cardio moves at a higher rate. This jump training routines will emphatically improve your athletic skills, especially if you are more into sports. This workout DVD will definitely help improve your performance.

Workout Three: Shoulders and Arms

If you would like to take your weight training into a high gear, then you need to concentrate more on shoulders and arms. This part is well-discussed on the third workout of P90X. It is a combination of pressing, curling and fly movements, which will help develop strength and will help tone your shoulder and arm muscles. So if you want to build muscle mass, this workout will target your arms and shoulders.

Workout Four: Yoga X

Yoga is the next workout, which is an important part of the P90X program. This part combines strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and breathing techniques to help enhance your over-all physique, while calming your mind. Yoga X is designed to leave you energized, invigorated and for some practitioners, enlightened.

Workout Five: Legs and Back

Next is legs and back. This workout is consists of squats, lunges and pull, perfect for a total-body fitness routine like no other. The main goal is to strengthen and develop leg muscles (quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves). However, this program will also give you additional benefits such as pull-up exercises to give your legs a rest while working your upper body.

Workout Six: Kenpo X

Kenpo X was developed to make P90X the complete, high-intensity cardiovascular workout program. Kenpo X is consists of punching and kicking combinations, which is designed to improve endurance, balance, flexibility and coordination. This workout will also give you basic lessons on self-defense, while getting your body in tip-top shape.

Workout Seven: X stretch

Stretching is a crucial part of any exercise regimens. P90X will show you how to stretch correctly to improve your athletic abilities. Proper stretching before and after workout will help prevent you from gaining injuries and for some, hitting exercise plateaus. This workout is consists of full-body stretching routines, which is based on Kenpo Karate, hatha yoga and various sports.

Workout Eight: Core Synergistics

Are you ready to workout your core? The next routine is focused on core synergistics, an exercise principle that builds and develop the core (lumbar spne and trunk muscles), while conditioning your body from top to bottom. This part is packed with fun, unique and challenging exercises, which will make you moving in different directions to maximize your P90X exercise program.

Workout Nine: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

This next routine focuses on large and small muscles, specifically the upper body part. This workout program includes dozens of presses, flys and extensions to help motivate you to your limits. The result? Well, you will have bigger, leaner, stronger and highly defined upper torso that will leave you looking ripped and sexy, in just 90 days!

Workout Ten: Back and Biceps

Back and biceps is the next part of P90X. This is loaded with curls and pull-ups to flex those powerful biceps. What’s good in this part is that, the program designed a lighter workout for women, so ladies won’t get discouraged to do this workout routine. This workout is focused on building muscles on arms while defining the back that you deserves.

Workout Eleven: Cardio X

Cadio X is a low-impact exercise routine that is designed to meet your P90X goals. This is a great additional program to your traditional P90X cardio exercises. Burn extra calories and keep the weight off with Cardio X.

Workout Twelve: Ab Ripper X

The last workout is the combination and sequence of movements that are not only designed for abdominal strength, but true core strength as well. So P90X will give you a complete fitness home package without spending more.

P90X Nutrition Plan

p90x nutritional planIf you purchase P90X Extreme Home Fitness DVD Program, you won’t just get exercise videos, you will also get a nutrition plan that will help support your exercise program. This nutrition plan is very crucial and important as this will help give you different supplements that are beneficial to P90X.

As said earlier, the nutrition plan is consist of three phases of eating recommendations. It is a combination of foods that will satisfy your cravings, gives you energy, while not sacrificing your health.

However, P90X is not a quick fix diet that will provide all the good pleasures of dieting and workout without sacrifices. It is not about miracle diet but rather a selection of healthy and good foods that will highly supports your weight loss regimen.

Phase 1 is called the Fat Shredder, basically a high-protein diet designed to help build and strengthen muscles while shedding those unwanted fats. Second phase is about increasing your energy. It is a balanced mix of carbs and proteins with a lower amount of fat to help give you that extra energy kick during workouts. Lastly, the third phase is all about Endurance Maximizer, which is focused on complex carbs, lean proteins and lower fat.

Where to Buy P90X Extreme Home Fitness DVD Program

P90X can be purchased directly from its mother company BeachBody. The P90X workout program by Tony Horton is comprised of 12 DVD workouts, a nutrition plan, fitness guide – How to Bring It DVD, peer support, a calender to track your progress and a free online support to access BeachBody’s fitness experts.


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