Spend Nothing on Fitness: The No Gym Workout

Are you looking for ways to save money on fitness? Hiring fitness professional and enrolling in a gym could kill your finances especially if you are in a tight budget while suffering from weight issues. Plus, spending hours in the gym can be an inconvenient activity for you which makes it hard to keep on going on your fitness plan. Yes, going to the gym is not always the solution. Your finances and strict discipline should always be considered.

But there is a great solution to your problem even if you don’t have gym equipments. Core exercises are possible inside your own home and I’ll give you the best routines to help you get fit even you are out of the gym. All you need is your own body weight and you are ready to exercise and lose those fats off! The exercises that are shown below are ideal for both men and women who wants to get in shape and have a sexy body, without spending a dime! So let’s get started!

No Gym Workout list

Push up

The most popular non-gym exercises that you could do is push up. Push up helps you to develop your chest and shoulders. You can perform a number of varieties of push ups depending on your preferences, but the most ideal is the traditional push up position. To do a push up, brace your abs and keep your body straight with your arms supporting your body on the floor. Lower yourself until your nose is an inch closer to the floor, the push yourself up. Remember to keep your back flat as you do some repetitions.

push up position

push up

Performing more reps is a good workout for you, ideally up to 30 repetitions if you can. You can also increase the intensity by varying your hand spacing, feet setting and of course adding weight to your back. Alternative workouts includes press ups and bench press.

Prisoner squat

Prisoner squat is a great warm up exercise that helps increase flexibility on your upper and lower body. To do a prisoner squat, stand with your hands behind your head, chest out and elbows back. Slowly sit back at your hips, bend your knees to lower your body. Bend as far as you can but make sure that you don’t support your spine well. Push yourself back from the start and do some more repetitions. Remember to make the most abdominal squeeze from this routine to flex your ab muscles.

prisoner squat position

prisoner squat

Prisoner squat is a popular squatting position designed for prisoners. Alternative workouts includes tradition squat, leg stretches and jumping squats. Twenty repetitions is enough to fuel your body for the next intense routine.

Chair dip

Chair dip is one of my favorite home exercises that really helping me to develop the back of my arms and back muscles. It is a simple workout that is also ideal for women. Just sit on the edge of a stable chair with your palms on each side and knees bent to 90 degrees. Now push your body up thru your arms and not with your feet as this can negate the actual benefits. Slowly lower your body from the starting point with your back close to the chair. Remember to bend your elbows until your arms are equally parallel to the floor.

chair dip position

chair dip

There are many varieties of this routine and you can level up the intensity by increasing the degrees on your legs position, until you can do it with your legs straight.

Pull up

Pull up is another workout routine that is equally effective as the push ups for muscle toning. It aims to develop your arm, back muscles and chest. You need something like a steady bar to perform pull ups but of course, you can work something out to come up with a “bar” like tool to do pull ups at home. To do pull ups, you can either have the palms face you for developing your biceps or, turn your palms away from you to target your back muscles.

Okay, grasp the bar and cross or keep your legs together through the course of this workout, this will make your pull to be more stable. Slowly pull yourself up until your chin reaches the bar, pause for a moment then slowly return to your starting position. If you can do 10 pull ups, the better but of course don’t push yourself too hard for this workout.

pull up position

pull up

Jumping routines

Jumping routines effectively develops your legs and feet power, enabling you to jump higher, run faster and develops mobility and strength. Jump training is also called “plyometrics” which is designed to improve the body’s strength and balance. Plyometrics are commonly practiced by athletes to improve their game and be competitive. The usual jump training involves, standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, lower down with your hips and knees and jump right back up with force or as high as you can. Control your landing position to be more non-impact so you can repeat the routine continuously without losing your balance.

jumping position


Alternative moves includes jumping jacks, jump lunge and long jumps. Do this routine for at least 12 repetitions.

Forward Lunge

Lunges are easy to perform but are perfect for body workout especially if you don’t want to visit the gym. Forward lunge for example can give you enough sweats to shed some pounds off your body. To perform forward lunge, start from a standing position then take a huge step forward with one leg. Bend till your front thigh is parallel to the floor and your back knees is off the floor. Pause for a moment then return back from the start and repeat with your other leg.

stand up position

forward lunge

To increase the intensity, hold the lowered position a little longer which gives a little resistance on your back and legs. Alternative moves includes hamstring exercises and arm extension routines. Do lunges for about 26 repetitions.

Light weight lifting

Weight lifting doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy your own dumbbells and plates for private use because you can practically use any other heavy or light materials that can be lift (see the image below). But of course, getting your own light dumbbells is much convenient for your workout plus it is much safer to use and has accurate weight. I am sure that it is worth your investment for your home workout program.

If you want to burn fat and lose weight quickly, experts suggest that it is much better if you can conjunct light weight lifting with your regular cardio exercises.

dumbbell lifting

modified barbell

Gym-free exercises summary

You can do these workouts three times a week together with the said number of repetitions. It is much ideal that you finish a single set of this exercises before you take a rest. If the said program is still light for you, then continue after a 3 minutes of rest.

You can practically do any other exercises such as abdominal crunches to develop your gut and many other whole body workouts. Aside from these “gym” exercises, you can also do other activities such as sports, dancing, stair climbing and many other physical activities that can help you lose weight and stay in shape. These exercises are considered as “full-body” exercises that can help build body muscles, which in turns burn more calories even if you are at rest. This will also help develop your middle part to show that six pack abs that you’ve always wanted.

A little reminder, you need to consult your physician first before you perform any of the stated workouts above. Your safety will always be the main priority so get your doctor approval first. Also, cardio exercises, calorie controlled-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle must always be enforced to maintain a healthy and fit body.

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