How to Overcome Night Eating Syndrome

night  eating syndromeDo you have a habit of overeating at night? If you do, then you are probably suffering from the symptoms of Night Eating Syndrome, a type of eating disorder.

So what is Night Eating Syndrome? According to WikiPedia, NES is an ongoing, consistent and persistent pattern of late-night binge eating. It was first described by Dr. Albert Stunkard in 1955 and is now considered as a mental disorder.

However, Night Eating Syndrome is quite controversial and doesn’t have any medical conclusion nor any official diagnostic criteria, which results to questions or doubts throughout the medical field.

This eating syndrome usually affect both sexes at any age, and generally about 2% of the population. People diagnosed with Night Eating Syndrome have higher tendencies of developing depression and most were shown to have low self-esteem. This is the reason why this syndrome is considered as a mental disorder.

Signs and Symptoms of Night Eating Syndrome

ANRED published an article about this syndrome’s signs and symptoms. It includes the following:

  • no appetite for breakfast
  • delays first meal for several hours after waking up
  • consume more foods after dinner than during that meal
  • consumes more than half of daily food intake during or after dinner
  • frequent wake up at night just to snack
  • difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • often linked to stress or depression (mood swings, anxiety, tense, nervous, easily agitated, etc)
  • feeling of guilt after a series of over eating at night
  • prefers carbs, starch and sugary foods
  • all of these symptoms may persist in months

NES is often related to nocturnal sleep eating disorder, but it is more of a sleep disorder rather than an eating issue. This problem occurs when an individual is unaware of eating while asleep. Although, NES is a completely different behavior, experts are looking at nocturnal sleep eating disorder as one factor that lead to NES.

Possible Night Eating Syndrome Treatments

Patients who have undergone weight loss surgery specifically gastric bypass, were found to suffer from Night Eating Syndrome. An uncontrollable desire to eat at night, can obviously lead to quick weight gain.

Experts suggests a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, Sertraline, which is widely used to help alleviate the symptoms of Night Eating Syndrome.

On the other hand, some type of therapies can help increase the natural nocturnal rise in melatonin, which help aid the body natural stress response while increasing the leptin levels.

Fat binder can also help prevent weight gain if you are suffering from NES. However, it would just prevent you from gaining weight and it wouldn’t treat this disorder. This option is a much better alternative than considering a weight loss surgery. Proactol is one product that can help bind fats of up to 28% of your daily intake.

Conclusion on Night Eating Syndrome

If you think you are suffering from NES symptoms, consult your doctor immediately. Night Eating Syndrome can cause severe weight gain if not treated properly. Remember, NES is like an addiction so you need expert’s help to overcome this disorder.

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