Lose Weight with Hula Hoop

Do you believe that simple physical activities can give a big effect on your health? Well, activities such as sports, cycling, gardening and many others can definitely help you get fit.

Aside from your usual daily routine, did you know that hula hoops can give a big boost on your workout? It’s simple and inexpensive tool, which is a good addition to your exercise program. Lets learn more about the many benefits of hula hooping.

Health Benefits of Hula Hoop

hula hoopEither weighted, regular or any kinds of hula hoop can be a good exercise for you. Dr. Edward Laskowski of MayoClinic acknowledges the many health benefits of hula hooping. For at least 20 minutes a day, you can have a perfect and complete cardio workout that will help improve your over-all health.

First benefit that you will get with hula hoops is body coordination. To be able to use hula hoop proficiently, you need to improve or develop a good body coordination to play hula hoop.

Next is its fat burning action. Hula hoops uses your mid-section in full swing, giving you a complete crunch workout. This will tone your body effectively while burning lots fat. It’s just like belly dancing, but are more enjoyable and don’t need extra skills.

Hula hooping can also increase your metabolic rate while improving your immune system. Yes, the more you play hula hoop, the more you burn fat by boosting your metabolism. Along with that, your immune system will also improve, helping you in warding off many unwanted diseases.

Once you start to sweat, you are also reducing toxins and bad cholesterol that are all harmful to the body. Bad cholesterol can lead to stroke and dozens of cardiovascular diseases. Toxins on the other hand, builds up inside your body that will also constitute to deadly conditions.

Aside from body coordination, hula hoop can also help relieve stress and muscle tensions. It will also improve your body’s balance and self-confidence. And lastly, it will help in improving your stamina and endurance.

Hula Hoop Summary

Hula hooping is a fun and enjoyable activity. It can be played by anyone who wants to get fit and lose weight. You can even try to innovate your hula hoop techniques once you become more proficient. This include chest and neck hula hooping, which offers added health benefits.

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