Lose Weight Playing Basketball

Playing any kinds of sport is one of the simplest way to reduce weight. It is natural, inexpensive and practically safe. I previously wrote some sporting activities that help lead to weight loss such as frisbee, boxing, swimming, cycling and many others.

Shooting some hoops is really fun and an exciting activity. Basketball is one of the premier sports in the world, the other one is football. We all know that playing any kinds of sports is good to your health, and basketball is one of the best sport choices you have.

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Basketball requires great skills to compete, but it doesn’t mean that this sport is just for athletes. Everyone can play basketball, even women and children, and it became one of the best past time sport activity for most cultures. But aside from that, basketball is the complete package if you want to lose weight.

The sport of basketball is full of running, foot work, upper body strength and conditioning, all of which are essential in burning calories and excess fat. A great cardiovascular workout, basketball is one of the best training regimen that you can do for your weight loss program.

Basketball: Is it the Real Deal for Fitness?

men playing basketballEvery basketball training routine can get your heart pumping, blood flowing and calories burning. Running up and down the court while controlling the ball can get your body in the best shape fast. Not only that, since this sport is a team game, you also build chemistry with your teammates, which is a good for your social health.

Since basketball requires intense physical exertion, your body needs more energy to stay competitive. Using HealthStatus calorie burning calculator, a 180lb man can burn 896 calories per hour of rigid, full court basketball game. That is way more calories burned compared to cycling, fencing or playing cricket.

So basketball is a good choice if you want to lose weight fast. But playing a full-court basketball is not just the only way to achieve good numbers of calorie burning result, other court activities can also help you lose significant weight. This includes one-on-one plays, half-court games, shooting and many others such as sprinting, jumping and many others. Every routines will push your body to the limits, which will eventually lead to a slimmer and fit body.

As you develop your basketball skills, you also improve your over-all body physique. Playing two to four times of basketball per week can give you the following benefits:

  • increased metabolic rate
  • turns on your body’s natural thermogenic process
  • helps avoid unwanted meals/munching
  • develops your legs, arms, back, chest and other muscle groups
  • improves your immune system
  • lowers your blood cholesterol level
  • reduction in blood sugar level
  • prevents pre-hypertension stage
  • mood enhancer
  • natural stress reliever
  • prevents depression and other emotional issues
  • lowers body fat
  • helps develop a sense of humor and builds relationship

As you can see, basketball maximizes your body’s ability to burn more fat. The running and jumping makes basketball as one perfect choice for a cardiovascular workout. Some professional players are even combining some weight training to support the physicality of the game. Lifting weights improves their upper body strength, which is important especially if you are playing center and forward positions.

Support Your Basketball Weight Loss Regimen

Like any other sports, basketball alone doesn’t necessarily mean that you will effectively lose weight. Factors such as sedentary lifestyle, genetics and your environment, all have big roles on how to manage your weight. So to be able to lose weight with basketball, below are some regimens that you might consider adding to your weight loss program.

guy goes for a dunkHealthy Diet

A healthy dieting plan will always play a significant role on any kinds of weight loss program. Playing basketball will indeed help you to burn more calories, but if you are consistently eating calorie foods, then it is impossible for you to lose weight.

Staying conscious on your calorie intake is crucial to your fitness success. You need to monitor your progress in order for you to see the path clearly, avoiding shooting in the dark so to speak. If you want some assistance on your dieting, you can consult your case on personalized dieting programs, which can be found here.

Add some Life to your Fitness Program

Well, doing basketball for fitness is a wise choice, but it could make you bored in the long run. It is true that many dieters failed to lose weight because of weight loss boredom. An activity can initially be exciting and fun but eventually, you will lose your interest after a few days. This is the true nature of being human.

This could be your road block especially that basketball is a strenuous and intensive sport. I previously wrote an article about exaggerated exercise routines, where the primarily goal is to avoid exercise boredom.

To effectively lose weight, you have to add some spice on your basketball routine. Maybe, adding some weight training is a good thing because it is related to the sport. You may also want to do other cardio routines from time to time, which are also beneficial if you want to excel in basketball. Remember, look on a wider perspectives and you will surely lose weight.

Take some Supplements

Dietary supplements may not be your preferred method of losing weight. However, they actually do work! Diet pills are not going to strive in the weight loss industry if they are ineffective. The only thing you need to learn is to find the right brand that will actually work for your weight loss program.

If you haven’t tried weight loss pills yet, then this is the right time to try this approach. Thousands have testified that these weight loss pills are amazingly helpful on their fitness regimens, and there is a higher probability that it will work for you too!

There is only one characteristics that you should be looking at, with regards to dietary pills – natural ingredients. If the brand is composed of 100% natural and herb-based ingredients, then you can be sure that it will be much more effective and safe. Other notable details that you should look for in a dietary pill are testimonials, clinical trials, certifications and many others.

Taking a dietary pill will greatly support your basketball weight loss program. If you have no idea on which pill to choose, then you may want to look at the brands from my own weight loss pill reviews page.

Conclusion on Basketball as Your Fitness Regimen

Basketball could be your long awaited fitness partner. If you haven’t tried to play hoops yet, this is the right time to get used to this physical but health-beneficial activity. Basketball will help reduce your weight, while improving your over-all health.

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