Lose Weight by being Sociable – The Brown Fat Secret

We are born sociable in nature and yet we are not aware of its many health benefits. Being sociable can reduce the risk of depression, anxiety, stress, paranoidism, isolation and develops self-esteem and confidence. But did you know that a recent research shows that being sociable can help you lose weight? This article will try to teach how this thing is possible.

First off, we need to learn that not all fat is similar. There are good fats in the body that we urgently need to be able to survive. Brown fat for example is a good fat that can help you lose weight rather than gaining it. Now how to develop this fat in the body? New researches suggests that brown fats survives the evolution of man- from babies to adulthood. These fats are said to be metabolically active and can be developed through socialization.

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Brown fat functions conversely with white fat which is the root of all obesity. Brown fat is the one that burns energy and unlike white fat that only does is store surplus energy.

So am I encouraging you to just hangout with your friends instead of going to the gym or dieting? Not so really but you may very well do so. Recent US studies suggests that mingling with other people can help boost levels of good fats such as brown fats in the body. This fats can burn calories instead of storing them on your unwanted body locations.

This theory is based entirely on animal studies which are sociable in nature like mice. Researchers concludes that it triggers the release of brain chemicals which can increase the body’s level of energy-buring fat, such as brown fats.

The animal studies produced great results in which some experts were surprised about the relation of social stimulation and its effects on the body’s level of brown fat. Other researchers though believes that the result was a mere indication between being loneliness and any types of underlying conditions.

Scientists thought that the levels of brown fats disappear once reach adulthood. But this research shows that healthy and fit adults do have brown fats along their necks. Slim people tends to have more of this type of fats.

This research is not yet been concluded and stays as a theory for now. At least we have idea that being sociable can help burn fat naturally without any stressful exercise and strict diets.

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