Lose Weight by Feeling Fuller for Longer

fat lady eating cakeLosing weight through natural methods are the best ways to get fit and healthy. While some of you are naturally slim because of higher metabolic rate, thousands of people are still struggling to lose even a single pound. Sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diet are both common cause of weight loss failure. But, have you ever thought of changing your fitness approach to get some visible results?

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If you haven’t try anything yet that can actually help you to overcome weight gain, then you better try natural methods of losing weight. If you highly depend on usual but exaggerated exercises and restrictive diet, it could bore you to death without any weight improvement. One natural way that is completely being applied by most experts, is by applying some appetite curbing techniques that could make you feel full for longer.

Suppressing your appetite as a weight loss method is not new to this blog. I wrote a couple of posts that are focusing entirely on “how to lose appetite tips” including appetite suppressant products. Today, I will give you more tips on how you can easily make yourself  to feel fuller for a longer period of time, naturally. To start right away, consider the following tips.

Natural Ways to Feel Fuller for Longer

Drink more Water

Do you know that drinking water is the simplest way to prolong your feeling of being full? Most people are too fast on grabbing some snacks without considering their health. What’s important is the satisfaction they get when eating. The result is of course weight gain.

Most people can’t stop their food cravings because they thought that they are hungry, when in fact they are thirsty. There are several reports about this theory and one dependable explanation involves our brain’s capacity to process both hunger and thirst, which works the same way. This means that a hunger feeling doesn’t actually mean that you are hungry, but could just mean a thirst sensation.

Drinking water in a consistent basis the whole day, can help make you to feel fuller for longer, which will result to less eating that leads to effective weight loss.

Take more Protein!

There are lots of natural appetite suppressants that you can buy in the market today. Surprisingly, lots of these products are protein-rich foods. Most experts suggests that regular intake of protein foods can help your body to get more energy by slowly converting carbs to sugar, which leads to feeling fuller for longer period of time. Also, protein are also perfect for people who often workout as it helps develop muscle mass while replenishing muscle loss.

Eat Smart by Tricking your Brain

Mindless eating is not completely accused as the main reason why people are overweight. However, most eating habits that are out of proper table ethics, could actually ruin your health program.

Snacking is a pleasure that no one can’t avoid. But did you know that smart eating can actually help curb your appetite for much longer time? There are plenty of brain tricks that can help you to eat smart, this includes several small meals a day, chewing properly, eating slowly, using your non-dominant hand and many others.

Get Rid of Your Alcohol at Night Habit

Booze of any types can ruin your weight loss program. A controlled alcohol drinking may have its health advantages, but a habitual alcohol binge drinking session won’t reduce your waistline.

It is important that to be able to suppress your appetite for longer period of time, you need to at least refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages, especially at night where you are susceptible to mindless eating as well. Also, experts suggests that you avoid unhealthy drinks, such as energy drinks, calorie beverages and other carbonated drinks which will just make your food cravings worse.

Avoid Stress

Most of the time, we cannot prevent stress to kick-in due to some unavoidable circumstances. Did you know that stress is a big factor that can lead to food cravings? This is the reason why you see most stressed people in the kitchen or inside the restaurant. They munch to take out stress.

Whatever the factors that triggers your stress, you better control it as much as possible. For example, experts suggests that a good night sleep is one way to take out stress. When we are relaxed and stress-free, the body releases leptin, a body hormone that is responsible for decreasing appetite sensation. Otherwise, if you are too stressed at work or at home, your body increases ghrelin, a similar hormone that does the opposite thing, it increases your appetite.


Natural methods of suppressing your appetite can benefit you in two ways – first, it is perfectly side-effects free because it is natural and lastly, it saves you money. If you are totally trapped on a weight loss plateau, then this approach might just work for you. Otherwise, you may ask support from dieting experts that can help you with your eating plan.

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