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Affiliate Disclosure

This website recommends exclusive products and/or services for its readers. All these products are well-worth your money but you have no absolute obligation to purchase any products you may see in this site. These advertisements are called affiliate products which this site is an exclusive member or commonly known as an affiliate.

TotalWeightLossTips doesn’t use any contextual based networks or commonly known as pay-per-click advertisements. This means that every click on these advertisements won’t produce any earnings for me unless you purchase products and/or services from this affiliate network ads. These advertisements may show inside the blog posts, pages or along the side bar and footer of the site.

Please take note that the prices of any products and/or services which are advertised in this website will always be the same with or without purchases. This means that buying through this advertisements does not make the products and/or services more expensive in order to produce a commission. This affiliate disclosure is similar to all affiliate networks in the Internet marketing industry and we intend to maintain this site’s honesty and integrity by being open to you with regards to website monetization.

This site uses two affiliate networks to produce online income: MoreNiche and Amazon Associates.


MoreNiche is a renowned Affiliate Program based in the UK and have satellite offices in the US. It offers different health, beauty and weight loss products that are clinically proven effective and safe. MoreNiche is one of the main source of income of this site.

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Privacy Policy

Every user of this blog is entitled to its privacy. We aim to give you ideas on personal information we receive and collect every time you visit This document also gives information on how we keep this information in security for your protection. This is written for you to have an exact knowledge on how you share personal data with us. is doing all its best to maintain a good relationship to its every user, striving to give the highest standards with regards to weight loss information. Decency, honesty and integrity are our mission which shows that we are focused on protecting our users, customers or online visitors, its privacy on our website.

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When you surf the Internet, your browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome) develop this cookies where it store small amounts of data on your computer. Cookies however are safe because it does not contain personal information about you or information about your computer which therefore cannot be used to identify you.

This cookies help us to track which part of our site, which you or other users like best. It also helps us to customize some features of this site according to your preferences. However, you can have the authority to accept or decline the use of cookies through disabling it to your browsers settings without any effect on our site.

We can add more cookie on your browser so that this site will see you as a unique user. This helps you to see different ads in a sequential form. The advertisement we use is explained below under “Affiliate Disclosure” agreement. Take note that these ads contains cookies and we don’t have access to this cookies because these are being collected by our advertising network.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

This website is directed for adults and we don’t intend any information herein to influence children in any way under the age of 13. We operate this site in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. We will not collect or use any personal information from anyone under the age of 13 years.


Disclosure Policy is an information site designed to share free tips and guidelines on how to lose weight and be fit in the most natural way as much as possible. Be reminded that I generally don’t make any recommendations, suggestions or medical advice with regards to your own physical, emotional and mental condition which can be related to any types of weight loss endeavors. All articles or adverts that contained in this site depends on your own personal discretion. I suggest that you consult a medical professional first before you intend to apply any of the content found in this site.

Also, no advertiser or guest blogger are allowed to influence the content of this website. Some links are direct which has no absolute affiliation with me. Other advertisements are obtained through compensation or may derive from our personal experiences in the blogging and Internet marketing industry.


Terms of Agreement

Your use of this site is an indication of acceptance of this Legal Terms as a whole. Otherwise, you are free not to use any services or information offered through this website.

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