Leg Workouts for Women

Did you know that most women are more conscious about the physical looks of their legs? If you are one of them, then you might be doing every possible things to stay in shape and have lean legs for a longer period of time. Having lean legs are very attractive especially if you have long-legged individual. But if you are fat, your legs are also bigger and it’s not nice to look at.

Losing weight is an essential and only method that you can do to develop a leaner legs. Fortunately, the more you workout your legs, the more you burn calories which helps your body to lose more weight. Leg workouts are essential for weight loss because this part of the body is consist of the biggest muscle groups which requires a lot of energy to be able to move. This article will give you some basic leg workouts for women that can help transform your legs into a sculpted and leaner legs.

Lean Legs Workout for Women

There are different ways on how to practice leg workouts such as slow movements and fast pace exercises. To workout the legs more, you can perform either of the two depending on your preferences. But fitness experts suggests that you practice slow leg workouts as it can put more work on your muscles. Okay, as a beginner, start with the following simple leg workouts.

Leg Swings

leg swings

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Leg swings are great workouts to sculpt your legs and shed off some fats. It is simple to do and requires no strenuous effort. The image above shows front and back leg swings. You can also do side to side leg swings and repeat up to 20 repetitions.

Leg Squat

leg squat

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Squats are proven effective body workout. It helps strengthen your back and legs while improving your body posture. When squatting, keep your back straight, abs tight and knees over your ankles. The image shows a one leg squat but you can do the conventional two legs squat if you prefer. Squat for a minimum count of 10 seconds then rise back up and rest for 5 seconds. Repeat this workout for at least 10 repetitions.



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Lunges is one of the most important leg workouts that women should do. Why? Because it doesn’t just help in sculpting your body, but it helps lengthens the legs. Like any other leg workouts, lunges helps improve balance and it targets the glutes, quads and hamstrings. Do every type of lunges you like for at least 20 repetitions.

Quadriceps Stretch

quadriceps stretching

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Quadriceps stretching or commonly known as quad flex, is a common but intense leg workout. It targets the four muscle quad groups in conjunction to your upper leg. Working your quads will either cause your knees to bend or your hip to flex, a very significant exercise to keep our body as flexible as possible. Quad flex requires focus and balance so supporting your body at first practice is important. Count to ten once you bend your knees and do this repetition for at least 8 counts.

Stair Climbing

stair climbing

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Stair climbing is a natural workout that all of us normally do. Most people knows the benefits of climbing stairs such as burning of calories and good for cardiovascular health. But did you know that stair climbing is a natural fitness regime that can effectively tone your leg muscles? Yes, stair climbing can help sculpt your legs into a leaner and sexier lower body physique. So the next time you bump into an elevator, take the stairs instead!

Walking and Jogging

walking and jogging

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Running is a very intense exercise that will just promote body stress and tire your leg muscles. To achieve better results, just walk for 30 minutes or do a 20 minuteS jog. Both workouts are perfect for toning leg muscles for a lean and sexy legs.

All of the above are great workouts that can trim your lower body fats and have sexier looking legs. If you know more leg workouts, share it with us by commenting below. Your opinions may help others obtain a successful weight loss.


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