Is Yoga Good for Weight Loss?

Yoga is one of the most sought after workout program with regards to health and wellness and is being used by thousands of practitioners worldwide. If you are suffering from any condition, you might be planning or may already had an experience with this unique discipline which started hundreds of years ago, to actually help improve your health. But aside from its over all health benefits, how does it help you on your weight loss program? Is yoga good for weight loss?

So first lets define yoga and learn all of its properties that can help achieve your over all health and fitness goals.

What is yoga and its relation to weight loss?

Yoga originated in India which focuses in physical, mental and spiritual discipline. It can be found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, where yoga is one of the six orthodox of Hindu philosophy. It aims to use meditation to attain physical wellness and is based on Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

The goals of yoga varies from health to achieving moksha, a state of freeing oneself from worldy suffering. Yoga is mostly related to an Indian faith or belief as it aims to attain a perfect spiritual insight and tranquility while doing meditation of the Hindu concept. Today, yoga is one of the best workout alternatives that is being used to attain not just the inner peace, but also physical wellness, such as getting fit.

Any practitioner of yoga takes an utmost discipline that are common to all other forms of religious beliefs. These people are called yama and niyama which puts an individual’s devotion to attain moksha. Another common understanding about yoga is the method of yoking, or unifying the egoistic personality of an individual to another higher possible personalities thru the process of sublimation.

Yoga is an effective approach to achieve health and wellness, mostly on weight loss. There is no other way to put your whole body in motion with your emotional and mental state, which can help reach any physical goals including your battle against weight gain. Today, many diversions of yoga are now practiced worldwide which also offers different benefits. The trending yoga today is the Bikram yoga which is a very intense and difficult workout. Other types of yoga are Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga.

Weight loss and yoga is a perfect routine to achieve your desired weight. As of today, many factors are being considered first before you can actually achieve effective weight loss thru yoga. This includes genetics, food intake, quality of food, medications, health condition issues, stress and many others. These factors are important in not just achieving your weight goal but to also effectively maintain it for life.

To give you the effectiveness of yoga, below is a chart that shows the number of calories burned in 1 hour of practicing yoga.

Hatha Yoga – 190 calories

Ashtanga Yoga – 350 calories

Vinyasa Yoga – 500 calories

Bikram Yoga – up to 700 calories

From the information above, you can see that any yoga technique can help you lose weight regardless of your calorie intake. It all depends on your determination and discipline on how you want to achieve weight loss. To give you some idea on foods with their corresponding calorie numbers, read my previous post “Healthy Snacks Under 100 Calories“.

Is Yoga good for weight loss or just pure hype?

You probably heard some reports from many famous Hollywood celebrities who achieved success practicing different yoga programs. This includes Jennifer Aniston, Liv Tyler, Halle Berry and many others. Is it a pure hype or simply an effective workout?

Well first and foremost, yoga is considered as an exercise regimen with just a little addition of faith and meditation into it. Like most other exercise programs, a consistent workout can effectively burn more calories which in turn leads to weight loss. Not practicing a continuous approach definitely won’t produce a long term success. So is yoga effective? Sure it is and definitely much more effective than most regular workout routines.

More people have testified the power of yoga which also changed their lives for the better. Some even says that it is much easier than your regular day jogging, weight training and much relaxing than any other sports activities. It can also be done at your own home for your own convenience. There are different yoga routines such as Asanas (part of the “eight limb” of Ashtanga yoga) or Hatha yoga that can be easily applied because both are light, non-intense and low impact workout.

How does yoga work?

There are already hundreds of research with regards to yoga’s health and weight loss effectiveness. Most of them concluded that yoga can indeed help human lose some pounds and keep them from adding weight.

Yoga practitioners recommend at least 30 minutes workout per week as an initial routine that will last for at least three to four years. The program can be lifetime depending if the student wants to continue the program or not.

Like any other weight loss regimen and based from the said weight loss factors above (genetics, diet, etc.), it is not guaranteed that an individual practicing yoga can achieve complete wellness or weight loss. This means that the effects of yoga can be subtle or inconclusive, citing that it may work for you and will not work for other people or vice versa. So if you treat yoga as your main workout routine and practice it consistently, then you have higher probability of success.

Since yoga deals with the mind-body relationship, it can influence you to change your habits and lifestyles which includes your eating habits. Experts called this aspect of yoga as being “mindful” to everything. So applying a daily yoga session can help you achieve “mindfulness” which could lead to life changing behaviors. This includes the way you socialize, your spiritual capacities, your possible potentials and of course the way you think about healthy diets.

In short, yoga helps us to become aware of our hidden abilities and makes us conscious on every details in life. This includes better appetite control for better weight management. So aside from weight loss, what are other important benefits that yoga can offer?

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Other benefits of practicing Yoga

Builds strength and flexibility

yoga stretch

Have you ever seen a yoga session? If yes, then you will definitely agree that yoga can ultimately improve both your strength and flexibility. Like any other workout, yoga helps build muscles thru isometrics, a workout principle that uses your own body weight. This helps increase the strength of your joint muscles as well as for muscle toning especially the abs.

Other practitioners use Isotonics, an opposite of isometric exercise that helps to extend the muscle’s work rate and force contraction instead of a static exercise. Isotonics is a perfect aspect of yoga designed to benefit people who wants to condition their hearts and builds muscles.

Eliminates stress

stress-reliever yoga

Stress is our life’s partner. Whether it could lead to a positive or negative effect, we can make sure that eliminating stress is within our hands. If you are overweight, you are surely getting stressed up every time you see yourself in the mirror. Stress is a silent killer that can impact our emotional, spiritual, mental and physical well-being.

Yoga can effectively reduce the health effects of stress by slowing down our response system based on the processes of too much hormone secretion from the adrenal glands. Stress speeds up this process which leads to health complications. By meditation and constant yoga workouts, you can effectively avoid stress-related health illnesses especially weight gain.

Mind-Body wellness

yoga mind and body

The mind and body connection is a perfect pair to attain whatever goal you want to achieve. To lose and maintain weight, you need to live a life according to what your mind and body tells you to do. If your mind tells you to control your appetite, then you must need to control your cravings to the fullest extent and focus your attention back to your goal. In return, your body will nourish, improve and will definitely become healthy.

How to benefit more from your Yoga program

Experts are calling yoga as the wonder solution for health and fitness. If you want to start your yoga program in the right foot, consider my following recommendations:

  • Enroll in a yoga class to have acquire experience and general idea about its routines.
  • Master all the movements, meditation techniques and other important aspects.
  • Practice how to achieve mind-body wellness
  • Talk to other students on how to benefit more from yoga.
  • Have faith and trust in your work. This will lead to self-confidence and weight loss success.
  • Give time for results. There are no such thing as quick weight loss.
  • Apply yoga in a consistent basis.
  • Once you are experienced enough, do yoga at home or hire a personal trainer.

In summary, this type of workout is a great alternative to lose weight and have an enjoyable life. It teaches us the many sides of life including our capabilities, tendencies, understanding and appreciation. Through the mind and body technique, you can achieve health and wellness into a new way of positive living!

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