Hydroxycut vs Phen375 – A Diet Pill Comparison

In the battle of weight loss pills, there are only two brands that stands out from the rest – Hydroxycut and Phen375. Hydroxycut is the most popular diet pill brand in America, grossing about a million units per year. Phen375 on the other hand is the number one supplement in the UK, although the company is based in Dallas, Texas. Phen375 is the number 1 rapidly growing weight loss product in the world.

This post will give you a detailed comparison between these top weight loss brands and hopefully will give you the proper perspectives on what pill is more ideal for your weight loss program.

Hydroxycut vs Phen375 Overview

hydroxycut productsHydroxycut is actually a group of dietary supplements manufactured by MuscleTech Research and Development, a company that promotes weight and fat loss products. Hydroxycut products are highly effective for aiding weight loss which makes it the most appealing brand in the US.

Some of these products includes Pro Clinical Hydroxycut, Pro Clinical Hydroxycut cafeine free, Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max! for Women, Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Instant Drink Mix, Hydroxycut Acai with Green Coffee Extract, Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Herbal, Pro Clinical Hydroxycut CLA and the best selling Hydroxycut Hardcore.

Most Hydroxycut products are made of active ingredients such as alchemilla vulgaris, wild olive extract, komijn extract, wild mint extract and some has green coffee bean extract. As you can see, Hydroxycut products contains highly potent organic ingredients to help you lose weight.

For its counterpart, Phen375 is a new and revolutionary diet pill that made a big presence in the weight loss industry after its transition from Phentermine375 brand. It is manufactured by RDK Global, an established and reputable Neutricitical and dietary supplement company.

phen375Phen375 is designed to overcome all shortcomings of its predecessor brand Phentermine375, offering a whole new improved formula to target every aspects of weight loss. Phen375 is a “multi-purpose” diet pill which offers different slimming functions that no other product can give. This product is known as metabolism charger, a fat burner and an effective appetite suppressant.

Ingredients of Phen375 are dimethypentylamine hydrochloride, sympathomimetic amine, 7-trymethylxanthine and DHEA. These organic ingredients are responsible for boosting metabolism, appetite suppression, improves muscles, burns fat and calories and many others. So Phen375 is a complete package for your weight loss program.

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Hydroxycut vs Phen375 – Which is Safer?

Dietary supplements are commonly exempted from FDA regulations and Hydroxycut products are one of them. In short, all Hydroxycut brands are not evaluated and doesn’t undergone any clinical testing that the FDA requires. Since there are no studies on Hydroxycut, MuscleTech issues their own claims with regards to this matter.

However, Hydroxycut got some few controversies regarding safety issues. In 2009, the FDA issues a warning to all consumers on all Hydroxycut products due to some complains or reports that these brands are harmful. WikiPedia published a more detailed information about this complaint.

Notable events includes product recalls, a lawsuit due to false advertising and FDA’s multiple warnings to consumers. A report by New York Times in 2003 indicated that MuscleTech concealed some internal research documents showing that Hydroxycut was ineffective and has an evident cardiac side effects.

An article published by MedicineNet shows an incident of one death and the risk of liver damage, all related to Hydroxycut consumption. Approximately 23 reports of serious health risks are associated with Hydroxycut which includes nausea, vomiting, light-colored stool, abdominal pain, itching, fatigue, weakness, kidney failure, liver injuries, cardiovascular problems, jaundice, seizures and many others.

Because of this, Hydroxycut are not allowed for people under 18 years of age and are advised to seek medical approval before consumption. If you have a family history of any kinds of medical conditions, Hydroxycut products are not advisable at all.

phen375 certificate of registrationWith Phen375, the case are entirely different. Just like Hydroxycut, Phen375 is a dietary supplement and are not required any evaluation from the FDA. However, Phen375 is being manufactured in an FDA-approved laboratory, indicating that this product is trusted by the FDA and ensures the highest quality pills as much as possible.

With the advanced organic formula of Phen375, the old issues with Phentermine375 were successfully eliminated. Furthermore, you won’t see any official health complaint in the Internet with regards to Phen375, a testament to the product’s safety and effectiveness.

Phen375 has no known side effects except of course weight loss. With Phen375, you are not just getting a complete diet pill for your weight loss support, but it also offers you peace of mind and confidence. The left image shows the FDA certificate of registration.

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Hydroxycut vs Phen375 – Which is more Effective?

Both Hydroxycut and Phen375 are powerful and effective weight loss products. These products won’t be in the forefront of the industry if they weren’t true to their claims. They have their own sets of success stories and testimonials from their loyal customers.

Additionally, both brands are made from organic ingredients which makes them a dietary products, good for weight loss supplementation. However, both products claims that it won’t cure, treat or aid obesity or any weight related conditions all alone. Instead, you still have to apply a well-balanced diet along with consistent workout regime.

With different Hydroxycut products to choose from, you have the luxury to choose which product is ideal or suitable for you. With Phen375, you will have a complete package in one great diet pill. This is the reason why Phen375 is so loved by thousands of people worldwide, making it a unique product from all other supplements in the market. With regards to effectiveness, you can certainly choose either of these two great brands.

Hydroxycat vs Phen375 – Support and other Bonuses

Purchasing either Hydroxycut or Phen375 will surely delight your finances as both companies offer great freebies and bonuses for their users. All Hydroxycut brands offers free shipping bonus, something that most supplement makers lack. It also pampers their patrons with a 1-month of FREE meal plan, for your dieting requirement.

Hydroxycut also offers a newsletter which you can take advantage of. You can receive regular weight loss tips that includes food recipes, workout and nutritional plan. So you won’t be getting short of information with Hydroxycut.

Phen375 offers equally impressive resume. Upon purchase, you will have access to Phen375 dieting plan, an eating program specifically designed to all Phen375 consumers. It offers a top-notch support system that includes video diaries, ticket system and help FAQ section.

Phen375 also offers instant $40 rebate on selected retailers with discount coupon banner. This offer however is not available to all affiliates who sells Phen375.

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Comparison Conclusion on Hydroxycut vs Phen375

From these facts, both brands are truly impressive and highly effective as a weight loss supplement. However, Hydroxycut products as a whole have been tainted with controversies and lawsuits which pertains to its safety and health risks. Still, Hydroxycut remains the top brand in the US after all these issues.

Phen375 on the other hand is a rapidly growing diet pill which nets a fair share of the whole weight loss market. It became number one in UK and the whole Europe from 2011 onwards. Plus, you don’t have to try Hydroxycut products one by one to test which pill works for you. It will be a big burden to your health and to your finances. With Phen375, you get full and complete weight loss supplement you’ll ever need in a diet pill – appetite suppression, fat burner and metabolism charger.

Hydroxycut can be purchased on your favorite local stores such as 7-eleven, GNC, the Vitamin Shoppe, KMart, Walgreens, Price Chopper and many other retailers US wide such as Amazon and eBay.

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