3 Reasons why Valentine’s day is an Opportunity to Lose Weight

It’s the day of the hearts – Valentine’s day. Although I am a bit late on writing something about this love season, it’s never really too late to show my own perspectives for this type of occasion which of course related to weight loss. If you’ve been busy lately, this article will give you some ideas on how to win against weight gain during this time of the year.

Take note that my “valentine’s day weight loss tips” is not only intended for couples. If you are single, you too can benefit from the tips that I am about to give you. These tips are so practical, you will never thought that these activities can help you lose weight naturally.

valentine's day weight loss

Below are some instances which makes valentine’s day a big opportunity to help you with your weight loss endeavors.

1. Valentine’s day is a day for bonding

This is the day of sharing time together with your partner. In most couples, spending valentine’s day varies on which activities they preferred. Doing some outdoor activities are not unusual during this type of occasion such as sport and other recreational activities. Dating in a park can be a lovely scene and can definitely help you lose weight through brisk walking. Bonding is really a great opportunity to lose weight.

2. Valentine’s day is the day of kissing

Since this is the time of dating and couple bonding, you can’t erase the fact that valentine’s day is the time of kissing extravaganza. Now how can a kissing activity help you lose weight? A recent study shows that a 5 minute kissing can help you burn between 5 to 12 calories, which depends on the level of enjoyment. This activity is termed as “kissing diet“.

3. Valentine’s day is the day of showing intimacy

Intimacy is one aspect that keeps couples as close as possible. Valentine’s day is also the best time to show your intimacy to your partner. You know when intimacy strikes, it can lead to sexual activity which promotes total body workout which results to more calorie burning actions.

There you go. These three practical tips can help you achieve optimum health and fitness during valentine’s day. So next time that February 14 approaches, you know what to do to maintain in good shape while spending precious time with your love one.

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