How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy?

Are you pregnant? Do you worry about your figure once you give birth? Many women are getting overweight during and after pregnancy and this is just normal process. If you are keen to learn how to lose weight after your hard labor of pregnancy, this article will help you on this endeavor.

The most problem for women after giving birth is that, they mostly retain those additional pounds that they got during pregnancy. If you are suffering in this situation, then this article will help you to shed those extra pounds away and get back your old figure. First off, there are several things to consider before you do any weight loss regimen.

Weight Loss after pregnancy? Consult your physician!

post-pregnancy weight loss

Post-pregnancy usually gives horror to a mother’s new figure. Those side and belly fats will make you disappointed. But going straight to the gym or on a strict diet are highly inadvisable especially if you are breastfeeding. So the first thing that you should do is to consult your doctor about your planned fitness program. This is important especially if you undergone caesarean procedure. It will mostly take a few months before you can actually do any hard workout.

The most reason why women don’t lose weight after pregnancy is that, they retain more IV fluids during their labor. This is called fluid retention which is caused by the baby weight, placenta, amniotic fluid and many others. This fluid will eventually goes out of the body thru urination and sweating. It is important to start your weight loss regimen a month or two or as advised by your physician because you still need energy days after your gave birth.

Post-pregnancy weight loss tips

Drinking the recommended 12 glasses of water a day is crucial to women who just gave birth. Never drink sweet sodas and other sugar drinks which can increase your calorie intake. Replace your sweet cravings with water to prevent daily calorie build up.

Healthy snacks are also important. This includes wheat breads, cereals, nuts or raisins and avoid junk foods and dairy or baked foods that are widely available in different stores. With regards to your daily meal, choose fish over fatty foods like red meat and pork. If you like chicken, eat its white meat and take out the skin as it is high in cholesterol.

Once you are ready for any physical activity, you may do light workouts such as walking or playing with your baby. Any activity that can make you sweat is important on your weight loss regimen. You may increase your workout duration each day as you progress. Remember not to stress yourself when doing any workout. If you experience shortness of breath, bleeding, fatigue, muscle soreness, abdominal pain or any signs of distress, stop exercising and see your doctor.

One important thing is your breastfeeding. Breastfeeding your child actually uses all the stored fats in your body. This actually accumulates up to

These are just practical tips on how to lose weight after pregnancy. Remember to visit your doctor first and ask for advice before you attempt to do any type of weight loss regimen. If you know something more about this topic, please share it with us through commenting below.

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