How to Deal with Cellulite

Cellulite is a fatty dimple under the skin, mostly found on the buttocks and legs. Cellulite often affects women than men, mainly because with the differences on the development of fats, muscles and tissues. Other names for cellulite includes cottage cheese, hail damage and orange peel syndrome.

This condition occurs when too much fat and fluids are stored deep under the skin, thus creating a “crumple” look. When these excess wastes are removed from the skin, the skin goes back to its normal and smooth form. But once the fat builds up again under the skin, it will push your skin muscles and other tissue, which causes cellulite.

So, are you having problems with cellulite? If you do, try the following tips on how to deal with cellulite effectively.

Natural Remedies for Cellulite

Eat more Fruits and Vegetables

fruits and vegetables

Let thy food be thy medicine! A very popular line but very true. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories but completely packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Less calories, less prone to cellulite!

Use your Body Brush Correctly

long body brush

Use your regular body brush to push or damp the affected area. Gently press the center of the cellulite and brush in circular motion. Do this for about five to ten minutes, three times a day.

More Exercise!


Your cellulite reduction program won’t work if you don’t have time for exercise. A cardio workout, preferably involving the legs are more ideal for an anti-cellulite exercise routine. A regular, consistent workout program is not just beneficial to your over-all health, but to your weight loss endeavors as well.

Refrain from Drinking Cold Juices

cold juices

It is important that you avoid ice cold beverages as much as possible if you want to cellulite fast. Ice causes both the esophagus and stomach to contract, disturbing the normal process of digestive enzymes.

Use Slendex!


Slendex is an anti-cellulite firming mousse that offers triple acting formula. Its revolutionary Crackle Technology has been designed and thoroughly researched to help tone, condition, firm, repair and restructure your cellulite affected skin area. Click Here to learn more about Slendex.

Cellulite Treatment Summary

Cellulite is not an alarming condition but would cause you a lot of distress on the way it deforms your skin. Try these tips and it will certainly help in eliminating or if not, reducing your cellulite prone skin.

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