The Hormone Diet Review

Hormones significantly affects our body and it also dictates how we gain or lose weight. This factual information caused many to believe that hormones can be manipulated to effectively lose weight through dieting. With the demand so high with regards to weight loss, designing a dieting plan based on hormonal balances will surely surface.

And it sure did, paving for the birth of “The Hormone Diet” made by Dr. Natasha Turner. The author believes that the right and balance hormone levels is the sole secret to losing weight. And not just that, she added that it can also improve your health by relieving your body from stress.

To give you an idea about this kind of dieting program, let me discuss to you every details about Hormone Diet and how it can effectively help in your weight loss endeavor.

What is Hormone Diet

the hormone dietThe Hormone Diet is a dieting program which is different from HCG shots, a form of weight loss treatment pertaining to hormone injection. This dieting regimen was invented by naturopathic doctor Natasha Turner, now became an instant celebrity because of her unique dieting plan.

Dr. Turner believes that weight loss in general is linked with all of the body’s hormones. She adds that hormones dictates every aspects of weight loss that includes food cravings, body’s ability to burn and store fat and many others. Imbalanced hormone activities will result to weight gain.

The diet is consist of a 3-step program that is designed to regulate hormones that will constitute to better and improved health, less eating habits and then finally weight loss. Natasha believes that many dieters do not understand the importance of hormones, which most of them led to failure, branding their eating plan as just another Fad Diet.

The Hormone Diet is practically a six-week dieting program which consists of a two-week detoxification period. The detox starts by restricting foods that are considered allergenic, inflammatory or can cause any negative effects to the body. The first phase lasts two weeks which promises you to lose between four to twelve pounds maximum.

Step two suggests you to add back the restricted foods into your diet in a slow manner. Within this step, you need to observe food tolerance to give your body adequate adjustments. The final step includes the usual physical activities such as cardiovascular exercises, weight training, yoga, vigor and emotional balance.

Hormone Diet – Foods to Eat

Like any dieting program that starts with detox, preferred foods are gluten-free grains, vegetables, nuts, fruits, seeds, fish, lean meat, olive, avocado, canola oils, eggs, non-dairy milk and soy products. The Hormone Diet restricts you to eat preservative-based foods as well as commercial or processed foods.

Aside from that food list, Dr. Turner also recommends different weight loss supplements, probiotic supplement, a herbal cleansing medication, bowel-cleansing formula with fiber and omega-3 fish oil during detoxification phase.

Will Hormone Diet help me Lose Weight

Well dieting that starts with detox will surely and guarantee weight loss and Hormone Diet starts with that process. Dr. Turner’s theory about hormonal imbalances that leads to weight gain may go as the missing equation of the weight loss puzzle. But of course, most of us are not familiar with hormones or how to detect hormonal imbalances so this theory is just somewhat “informational” in nature which can give opportunities for anyone who wants to lose weight in a more natural way.

There are many practitioners who are reportedly benefited from this kind of dieting plan. Dr. Turner even encourage you to self-test your body to see whether hormones is the main culprit of your weight issue.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hormone Diet

Dr. Turner’s book supports your weight loss program by giving you details about different hormonal imbalances that you are suffering from. Once this is diagnosed and spotted, the diet itself will show you how to correct that imbalance for effective weight loss.

The book also explains why hormones causes weight gain and how the three step program can help overcome this problem. The foods that were stated are clean, organically based, delicious and very accessible. No fasting required but just safe detoxification process.

The only disadvantage of this diet are its critics. Yes, there are many dieting experts including medical professionals that don’t agree with Dr. Turner’s theory about the relationship  between hormones and weight loss. This lead many possible practitioners to doubt this dieting program.

One even says that the book itself doesn’t provide enough food choices that will give diversity to a supposed eating plan. The majority of the book shows dozens of topics outside weight loss which includes wellness, how to prolong life, sleep and even about sex.

Today, Dr. Turner parades three books over all that can be purchased on her website These are “The Hormone Diet”, “The Supercharged Hormone Diet” and “The Carb Sensitivity Program”.


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