Health Benefits of Badminton

I love sports and I bet you do too because it is still the best past time for most cultures. For my entire life, I only play three kinds of sport – basketball, billiard (if this is considered a sport) and badminton. I will discuss more about badminton and how it can help you get fit for life.

Badminton is one of the simplest and enjoyable sport that anyone can play. In fact, there is really no single country that dominates the sport of badminton for years. This means that the sport get equal share of competition worldwide, which is good.

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This sport requires skills, just like any other games such as basketball or ultimate frisbee. But did you know that you can burn more fat playing badminton than any known sports today? Lets find out how.

How Badminton Can Help You Get Fit

badminton for weight lossYou know for a fact that either light or intense physical activities can help you burn fat. Activities such as playing sports is one way to effectively burn fat and get significant reduction in weight. So what can badminton do to help you burn more fat?

I’ve said earlier the badminton can give you more weight loss than any other sports. How? Have you seen an obese or overweight badminton player? I bet not! Based on the article published in Men’s Health, playing badminton can effectively burn more fat (especially belly fat) for beginners and novice players.

Andy Allford, the strength and conditioning coach for badminton England says that during the top level games, the rallies only last between 6 to 10 seconds, which leads to lot less work volume compared to training. This means that the more you struggle playing with your racket, the more skittering you exert, which translates to more fat burning workout that effectively turn it into energy.

The more clumsy you play badminton, the more you work your glutes, which translates to sexiness after a break. Playing regularly would soon improve your skills and will also give you a better and sexy physique. If you would support it with some gym work and healthy diet, then weight loss is an inevitable scenario.

So badminton is ideal for both beginners and skilled players and it is good for over-all health. Do you know the other health benefits of badminton aside from weight loss?

Badminton’s Secret Benefits

Aerobic activities like badminton promotes health and wellness for any individual. First, it will keep your heart rate in good pumping motion, which is practically a necessity for cardiovascular health. If one can increase his heart rate especially those in the middle age, you can prolong your life for a couple of additional years compared to those who are not working out.

Next is regulation of your blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels. Regular playing of badminton (at least 30 minutes a day), can help reduce your bad cholesterol while increasing your levels of good cholesterol. This lead to less risk of hypertension, heart attack, brain stroke and cancers.

Constant exercise through playing badminton can also boost mental toughness and ease tensions. It can help reduce the risk of anxiety attack, boost mood and prevents depression.

Playing badminton also improves reflexes and muscle strength. It also good for your bones, reducing the risk of osteoporosis in middle age women after menopause.

Lastly, it can build mental toughness and confidence that can improve your social skills and personality. Badminton, like any other sports can keep you feel young and motivated in facing all hardships in life, including weight loss plateau.

Conclusion on Badminton’s Health Benefits

Badminton is a great and fun sport, which can be an effective regimen for your weight loss program. Whether you are a novice, beginner or already a seasoned player, badminton will help improve your over-all health including your battle against weight gain.

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