Fitness Tips for Men

Are you a man of fat? Do you want to have an awesome body like your favorite Hollywood actor? If you want to change your life and be fitter and healthy, you must do some sacrifices and a strict discipline to achieve sexy and muscular body. A fit body doesn’t only give you health benefits and weight loss, it can also provide a sudden boost of self-confidence that will enable you to live life to the fullest.

All men want to show their strength and power thru gaining or toning muscles, showing those six-pack abs and a great body posture. If you are just an ordinary guy who doesn’t want to get in shape, then you are at higher risk of different serious diseases. This includes heart problems, liver diseases, diabetes, cancers, high blood pressure and many others. Think about the inconvenience and health risks that obesity or being overweight can cause you. Truly, it is time for you to workout.

So before you click out of this page, I am encouraging you to read this article up to its last word to help you understand how simple it is to get in shape and be fit. This article will be the most comprehensive fitness tips you could ever find in the Internet that is specifically researched for men (can be applied to women too). Lets gets started!

Comprehensive Fitness Tips for Men

Attend a fitness seminar

fitness seminars

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Fitness and health seminars are often conducted in a health centers or in fitness camp which is commonly headed by a fitness instructor, a dietitian or a medical professional. Well, you might be wondering why this is necessary for your fitness program. A fitness seminar is not just an ordinary fitness education that you can learn on your local gym or by just watching a traditional workout DVD’s. Seminars will give you an extensive fitness programs for your added knowledge that is specifically designed for you.

A fitness seminar is also an opportunity to talk to other people who have similar mindset or goals such as yours. Sharing of ideas or opinions on how to lose weight is a good start for your weight loss program. It will be also a good opportunity to ask some personal questions to the fitness instructor including some tips on dieting and other health concerns. Check your local area if there is an on-going fitness camp that you can join immediately.

Have a medical examination

physical check up

A physical examination is an important aspect of your fitness program. You need to take medical approval first before you can apply any workout routines. Physical examinations includes high blood pressure levels, blood samples for sugar levels, cholesterol and many others, plus a cardio examination for heart problems and breathing issues. Fitness seminars and health camps are also recommending all practitioners to have a complete medical examination first before trying any workout.

This crucial step is being ignored by most people, depending in a belief that anyone can do any workout they want without consequences. An improper and ill-advised workout can result to injuries, health complications and even death. This is the reason why many people suffer from health complications due to wrong diet or over exercise. If you have a current health condition, overweight or suffering from obesity, you certainly needs to consult your doctor first and have multiple physical examinations before you do any fitness programs.

Set your fitness goals

fitness goals

After you attend a couple of fitness seminars and had your medical check up, you are obviously full of knowledge and physically ready to start your weight loss regimen. Your initial workout must conjunct with sets of goals that you must organize. Why you have to set some goals? Because goals can give you proper mindsets and encouragement to consistently drive motivations which will ensure the success of your fitness endeavors.

Taking down some notes can help remind you of your goals. This can motivate you more to regularly apply your fitness program. Set some dieting goals that reminds you of your everyday meals like protein, carbohydrates, fats and calorie intake. Set some normal workout schedules that will prompt you to practice with passion. Your goals must be clearly identified before you start any fitness program to ensure that you are well organized and fully motivated.

Eat like a man

eat like a man

Some men are super conscious on their diet which leads them to control their eating pattern. One thing is certain, you need to eat like a man! How? Well, due to hormonal monthly cycles, women have different dietary needs than men which means that you don’t need to copy other diets that are designed for women. Second, women burns fats slower than men and have much body fat than muscular men. Plus men have more testosterone and lean muscle which makes men more capabilities to burn calories than women.

What is this suppose to tell you? This mean that men needs more calories than women which is in contrast for most men who apply an ill-advised diet. For example, men and women with same age, height and weight would not be similar in metabolic rate (BMR) with regards to caloric needs. Men will always have higher metabolic rate than women. So to keep you guided, read my previous article that shows foods with its specific calorie content for your everyday diet. Remember that men must eat like a man!

Consult a dietitian


This is an important part of your fitness program. You won’t achieve perfect body if you are shooting arrows in the dark with regards to your diet. Like I said in my previous tip, you need to learn how many calories you should take daily to manage your weight properly. But not only that, a balanced and healthy nutrition should be applied that is consist of protein, carbohydrates and fats.

A seasoned dietitian can greatly help on your daily eating endeavors. They will be the one to plan a specific food groups that are ideal for your body and metabolism rate. You also need to follow your dietitian’s advise all the time and apply strict discipline with regards to food consumption. If you want to have an online dietary consultation, I highly recommend you to try Amanda Hamilton’s Diet Secrets. It is a personalized diet program specifically designed by expert food nutritionist Amanda Hamilton. Visit her website if you want to start your own personalized eating program.

Hire a fitness coach

fitness coach

Having a personal fitness coach is one of your options to optimize your fitness program. Professional fitness instructors are knowledgeable in their own field and will greatly help you on achieving your weight loss goals. You can ask for a personal step by step sessions and have them monitor your progress. Fitness instructors can guide you to a better and proper weight loss regimen which can include light to intense workouts. Although a personal fitness coach can be expensive, you can still avail their services thru enrolling on a local gym near you.

But remember, not all fitness instructors are committed in giving you a better service. Some are doing it just for the money. So if you are keen on having the best fitness coach, then you have to find one that will show concern and passion for you. Otherwise, you are just wasting your money on a worthless service. How to acquire a good fitness professional? You may talk to your friends and seek their suggestions on where to find a trustworthy fitness instructor.

Wake up Exercise

wake up workout

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Several things that men do when they got out from bed is going straight to the comfort room and have breakfast. While there is nothing wrong with this scheme, it is much advisable if you do some basic morning wake up workout before you do your usual daily routine, especially if you are in a fitness program. Wake up exercises is a great way to start your day right and it’s perfect to tune in your body for your morning workout.

Wake up workout could consist of stretching, flexing, walking, light weight training, abdominal crunches, push ups and many other exercises, of course depending on your preferences and health conditions. Exercising in the morning right after you got out from bed can relieves stress, prevents bad mood, keeps the blood flowing, improves your immune system, good for the heart, enhances breathing and of course, helps you burn fats.

Cardio workouts

cardio exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are perfect for burning those fats at a faster rate. A 60 minute jogging can burn as much as 800 calories and an hour of cycling can burn up to 600 calories. You can initially do a morning jog for the start of your daily fitness program then proceed to your next workout routine.

You can also do these workouts at home by using a treadmill and other equipments specifically made for cardio exercises. You may do jumping jacks, squats, stair climbing and many others that can give you a good fat burning workout.

Abdominal crunches

abdominal crunches

If you want to achieve a six-pack abs, then you need to do serious abdominal crunches in your fitness program. Abdominal crunches are widely exposed nowadays and can be easily acquired through fitness DVD’s (if you don’t have a fitness coach). All you need is a mat (carpeted floor will do), abdominals and if you wish, an exercise ball.

Sculpting the abs is a challenging task but it can be also pose some risk especially if you do sit ups do wrong way. To avoid injuries, keep your neck in proper alignment, place your fist under your chin and keep your back flat against the floor throughout the entire workout. Also, doing abdominal crunches are prohibited for people with surgical procedures especially in the abdomen area. Consult your doctor first before doing any abdominal exercises.

Push ups and pull ups

push up

Push up and pull up exercises are my favorite routines. I initially would like to include this in the weight training tips below but I decided to exclude it and highlight it here. I personally experienced the effectiveness of these two exercises so I am totally recommending it for you.

There are many variations of push ups. Depending on the part of muscles you want to develop, push ups primarily improves your chest, shoulder, tricep and back muscles – simply a perfect upper body workout. To do push ups, simply place your hands on the floor and make sure that your upper body up to your legs forms a straight line. Bend your arms further up to two inches before your face touches the floor, then push yourself back up. Do this sequence for at least ten times per push up variations.

For pull ups, you can either do a close or wide grip pull ups depending on your preference. Pull ups can effectively develop your wings and upper body muscles, making you a wider and muscular upper body.

Weight training

weight training

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Weight training is the ultimate way to lose weight and get fit. This should always be included on your fitness program no matter how heavy or how slim you are. If you are skinny, you can also use weight training to gain weight and that is flexibility for your fitness program.

Well, obviously you need some equipments in order to do weight lifting and other weight resistance training. You can start buying light dumbbells and various bars, cable machine and many others as a start up. As your workout progress, start adding some weight that constitutes to your strength for maximum benefits. A fitness instructor is highly advisable if you want to start a weight training sessions. Also, if you have health conditions, doctor’s advice is highly necessary and required before you start lifting weights.

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Fitness tips for men: Principles that you should remember

 The tips above are the basic approach for a fitness program. It is important that you extend, improvise and broaden your training regimens to effectively benefit from your program. This means that from time to time, go out of the box and explore other means of losing weight such as sports and other enjoyable physical activities that won’t bore you in any way. As you know, the more you enjoy getting fit, the more you get motivated and energized to workout.

Also, doing a fitness program in a group is another helpful way to achieve health and wellness. Group activities can develop your social interaction, confidence and other emotional factors with regards to fitness. Try asking your family and friends to join you on your fitness journey and you will be delighted and shall I say “forced” to finish your weight loss goal in a much more convenient way.

To help you more on your fitness program, below are some of the workout principles that you should always remember to keep you on the right track.

Nutrition is the key

Again, balanced nutrition is the key for proper and right fitness program. Make sure that you eat more organic foods such as vegetables and fruits without totally avoiding meats and fats.

Stop your bad habits

If you are planning to lose weight, then you have to change your lifestyle completely. This includes smoking cigarettes, alcohol binging and late night parties. Your body won’t improve if you are under these bad habits.

Painless workout is not a workout!

This is the number one principle when planning a fitness program. You need to set your mind that no pain, no game. A workout that has no pain, is not real training. Building muscles creates high tensions in muscle groups which results to fatigue and pain. Remember this rule if you want to lose weight.

When you exercise, you need to eat and drink more

As I’ve said earlier, men are different from women which needs more “fuel” when burning fats. This means that a fitness practitioner must eat more and drink more water to nourish and develop different muscle groups.

The more you exercise especially if you do weight training, the more you need water and foods to ensure that your body is well replenished from an exhausting workout. This is the reason why there are pre-workout and post-workout foods, which can help satisfy your food cravings. Of course, you still need to vary your foods and make sure that it supports your workout program.


A consistent workout is the right way to achieve the ultimate health and wellness for life. You need to prevent missing any workout sessions because you won’t reap the benefits of inconsistent fitness regimen. Regularly applying your fitness plan is the best way to acquire and maintain a fitter and muscular body.

Enough rest and recovery is crucial

Are you exercising to death? If you are trying to burn as much fats as possible in a very short time, then you are killing yourself. You need adequate time to see some positive results. As a workout advocate, you need adequate rests to make sure that you recharge your body for the next day workout. Sleep at least for 8 hours a night for total body energy recovery.

Relax once in a while and take a break from an extensive prolonged fitness program. Have a spa or a body massage that will definitely soothe your aching body. When you rest and apply recovery routines, you help your body to nourish and develop in the right way.


Fitness can be a daunting task especially if you really don’t heart the idea of a hard workout. But if you are willing to take the challenge, there is nothing impossible to achieve. As men, we are viewed as powerful and strong beings in both mental, emotional and physical attributes. Lets start to adhere that notion by implementing a strict and disciplined fitness program as longer as possible to ensure a physically strong and impressive aura.

Lets start a healthy conversation by leaving your comments below. Your opinions, suggestions or inputs are valuable to all other readers of this blog and will be highly appreciated.

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