Eating Fruit to Lose Weight: Facts that you should Know

We all know the health benefits of eating fruits to our health especially if you want to lose weight. Yes, eating fruit to lose weight is not totally a new strategy or better yet a unique diet, that most of us are not aware of. We all know that fruits can help you lose weight naturally and safely than any other weight loss program out there.

Like the amazing benefits of vegetables, fruits also offers similar benefits such as low calories, fibers, contains nutrients and minerals, a good dose of good carbohydrates and absolutely no unhealthy fats. Keeping any types of fruits in your fridge can definitely help to relieve hunger and avoid unhealthy snacking.

Since I have given so much information about the weight loss benefits of fruit diet in this blog, today I’ll discuss some of the best fruits that you have to consider adding into your daily meals to help support your weight loss program. Below are the list.

Best fruits for weight loss



Are you having trouble with you bowel movements? If yes, your body might be lacking in fiber that keeps your digestion in trouble. Papaya is widely known to solve digestion problems through its enzyme content called papain. This compound has the ability to separate molecules of  fats and proteins into tiny pieces which ease the process of digestion. Good digestion means easy weight loss as your waste are taken out effectively and in a much faster rate. It also have water and high fiber content which also helps suppress appetite for longer periods of time, preventing unwanted snacking.


strawberry for weight loss

Strawberries is one of the many types of berries out there, but definitely one of the healthiest. Strawberry is a tasteful and delicious fruits that can help aid your weight loss issues. How? Strawberries have a unique compounds that creates chemical reactions with your body’s metabolism system. Once this occurs, your body speeds up its effectiveness of burning calories which can result to fast weight loss during workouts. The more you eat strawberries and the more you workout, the more you burn those extra fats in your body.

These so called compounds that can help you lose weight are fiber, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and potassium. This fruits also contains less calories even though it tastes so sweet. So the next time you crave for chocolates and candies, grab a box of strawberries instead for healthy weight loss.


orange fruit

Oranges are known for its vitamin C content and one of the most widely distributed fruit around the globe. Although it is known for its delicious taste, oranges doesn’t have the highest concentration of vitamin C. So how does it help you lose weight? Like any other citrus fruits, oranges has the property of diffusing fat molecules out of the body which can help you to lose weight in a much easier way. So make sure that you eat an orange fruit daily to have your daily dose of fat burning treatment.


apple fruit

An apple a day keeps the doctors away! This is the most famous phrase you’ll ever read regarding apples because of its useful nutrient compound called pectin. Pectin is a type of fiber that helps your digestive tract to get cleanse naturally. How? Pectin extracts your body’s bad fats out of your system. Plus, apples contains high amounts of antioxidants and fibers that can help prevent diseases such as cancers and infectious health conditions. The much ideal phrase for apple should be “an apple a day, keeps your fat belly away”.


banana for weight loss

Are you low in potassium? Banana can help solve your potassium deficiency problem. But aside from that benefit, can it also help you lose weight? Yes of course! Banana doesn’t only have potassium, it is also abundant of good fats, vitamin B6, magnesium and dietary fiber. Banana’s fiber content is the one that can help you lose weight by making you feel fuller in longer periods of time. This can help avoid mindless snacking of unhealthy foods that leads to obesity.


watermelon weight loss benefits

Watermelon is a jump-packed full of nutrients fruit that can definitely help you lose weight. It is low in calories, fiber, has high amounts of water and contains a compound called citrulline, a type of amino acid that helps relax body muscles preventing fatigue and muscle stress. Plus, watermelon has good levels of antioxidants such as lycopene, vitamin C and many more. These compounds can help lower your risk of heart diseases, cancers, diabetes and asthma. So eating watermelon doesn’t just good for your health, it will also help you lose weight.


Kiwi for weight loss

Kiwi is known for its high antioxidant content which of course can give you high protection for many diseases. But aside from that, kiwi can also help support your weight loss program. How? Well, kiwi has five times vitamin C content than oranges, contains digestive enzymes called actinidine and a good source of carnitine, a compound widely known for slimming benefits.


grapefruit for weight loss

Is grapefruit your favorite fruit? If yes, then you must be slim and fit. Grapefruit contains high amounts of fiber with low glycemic load index, which makes it as one of the most dependable fruit with regards to weight loss. Other benefits of grapefruit includes low in calories and helps reduce insulin levels.


lemon fruit

Like any other citrus in this list, lemon contains a lot of vitamin C which can aid your weight loss program. Vitamin C helps remove your unused fats and bad cholesterol out of your system and also helps improve your body’s metabolism. Higher metabolism rate means effective weight loss due to effective and proper digestion inside your belly.


mango for weight loss

Mango is a very delicious fruit and very nutritious as well. Eating just a single mango provides enough vitamin C for the day, plus it also contains B vitamins, fiber, some minerals, calcium and magnesium. Mangoes also have carotenoid compound called lycopene, a very potent antioxidant that helps wards off diseases. Try the African Mango, the world famous mango product that can effectively help you lose weight. Mango is a complete weight loss package for you.

These fruits are the best foods to help aid your weight loss problems. If you are looking for a great food to eat, then choose fruits instead of unhealthy junk foods and have a nutritious and delicious snacking everyday!

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