Easy E-Z Herbal Tea vs Kou Tea – Weight Loss Tea Comparison

With thousands of dietary supplements out there, you are now probably lost on which product to take. Pills do have their own distinct properties which could be either perfect for you or ineffective.

If you are one of those people who seeks slimming support through weight loss products, could you care for other alternative approach other than pills? Have you tried tea to help you lose weight?

Today’s post will be a comparison review between a relatively new tea product – Kou Tea, against a seasoned veteran – Easy E-Z Herbal Tea. If you want to know more about these two teas and learn how it can help you lose weight, then read on.

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Easy E-Z Herbal Tea Overview

easy e-z herbal weight loss teaEasy E-Z Weight Loss Tea is manufactured by Young You International Corp, the same makers of other known weight loss brands. This tea is designed to help you lose weight naturally, based on its natural ingredients.

We all know that teas are natural products that can really has weight loss properties. From white to black teas, all tea forms are known to aid weight loss, plus it also promotes wellness.

Easy E-Z Tea is created as an appetite suppressant and metabolism charger, which helps your body to burn more fat faster than your body’s usual capacity. And when you say appetite suppressant, it can help you to stop food munching in-between-meals, preventing overeating that will result to better weight management.

Young You claims that most of their customers lost weight of an average of about 2 – 5 lbs a week. Easy E-Z Tea has a pleasant and smooth taste which will give you a great tea experience.

Ingredients of Easy E-Z Herbal Weight Loss Tea

Easy E-Z Herbal Tea is naturally produced, without any harmful chemicals. It is also a caffeine-free tea.

Its ingredients includes eucalyptus globulus, zingiber oficinalis, pimpinella anisum, tamarindus indica, rabus idaeus, cranberry, blackberry, centaurea, cyanus, chamomilla recutita, panax ginseng, rosa canina fructus, cymbopogen citratus and foeniculum vulgare.

As you can see, all these ingredients are from herbs and plants that are known for its medicinal properties, some of which are known to aid weight loss.

How Easy E-Z Weight Loss Tea Works

How this tea works? Easy E-Z Weight Loss tea helps purifies the body from waste materials and toxins that commonly damages every systems of the body. So it short, it helps detoxifies your body which is a prelude to its weight loss process.

Once it purifies your body, its appetite suppressing abilities will kick-in, which reduces your hunger for up to 4 hours minimum. The more time you don’t eat, the less calories and fats you take, which means that you are helping your body to effectively control your weight.

Then, Easy E-Z Tea will boost your metabolism that will trigger the calorie and fat burning process. This time, you lose weight for good! Aside from these benefits, Easy E-Z Herbal Tea also works as an anti-stress tea and helps strengthen your immune system.

Issues with Easy E-Z Herbal Weight Loss Tea

There are good testimonials in the Internet about E-Z tea, but like other tea, it is not a perfect one. First off, Easy E-Z Tea is not ideal to take on an empty stomach and it is not recommended for pregnant, breast-feeding people, as well as those under 18 years of age.

Of course, Easy E-Z Weight Loss Tea is also not recommended on people with current medical conditions. The tea is also advised to drink while warm. If it is already cold, then its potency is said to be less effective.

Some people reports no side effects. However, there are reports that drinking Easy E-Z Tea is not totally effective for them. Other reports dizziness, headache and some cases of acidic reactions. However, this reports are not completely connected on taking Easy E-Z Weight Loss Tea.

Where to Buy Easy E-Z Herbal Weight Loss Tea

Easy E-Z Weight Loss Tea are only available through Young You official site or, you can purchase directly thru its Amazon sales page. Click here to purchase Easy E-Z Herbal Tea.

Kou Tea Overview

kou teaKou Tea on the other hand is the new kid on the block. It was recently launched by RDK Global, one of the world’s top weight loss product maker.

This tea is basically composed of four premium teas, which are all have key weight loss properties. These four teas are clinically formulated to achieve a perfect tea that will help aid weight loss fast and safe.

Like Easy E-Z Herbal Tea, Kou Tea is designed to boost your metabolic rate, while aiding digestion that is said to be the perfect formula for easy weight loss.

Kou Tea is also packed with antioxidant compounds, known to fight against disease-causing free radicals. So Kou Tea is not just a weight loss tea, it is also your over-all health supplement tea that will help boost metabolic rate and your immune system.

Ingredients of Kou Tea

Kou Tea is only made of four widely known teas – green tea, pu-erh, white tea and oolong tea, all of which have weight loss properties. By drinking Kou Tea regularly, you will lose weight more while feeling more energetic.

Oolong and Pu-erh teas for example, two of the most potent appetite suppressant herb extracts. Kou Tea parades both these teas to help curb your appetite to help prevent mindless munching. As you know, eating mindlessly is one of the primary causes of obesity.

How about Green and White tea? Both these teas are great anti-obesity products, which will help boost your metabolism that triggers fat burning process. This will help you lose weight fast.

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Kou Tea Health Issues

Kou Tea has no known harmful effects as it is 100% tea-based product. All of its products are well-formulated to prevent any unwanted side effects.

RDK Global ensured that Kou Tea won’t produce any negative effects by combining these four tea ingredients through complete clinical trials. As a tea, it is a perfect companion to those who wanted quick and easy weight loss.

Where to Buy Kou Tea

Kou Tea can only be purchased on selected online retailers such as this one, or from its official website. Be warned though, that there are some scammers out there that sells fake Kou Tea products. So make sure that you only buy from Kou Tea’s official site.

Kou Tea is not available on Amazon, eBay or any common retail sites. To purchase your Kou Tea, visit its official site here.

Comparison Summary

Both Easy E-Z Herbal Tea and Kou Tea have natural ingredients that will not likely pose any threat on your health. If you are looking for a different approach on your weight loss program, then taking a tea for a change, would likely benefit you more.

In my opinion, there is a higher chance of success if you choose Kou Tea. First, it is produced by RDK Global, a known pharmaceutical company that gave you successful and best-selling products such as Phen375. Plus, Kou Tea is being manufactured in an FDA-approved facility, giving you another reason why you should trust this product.

Anyway, either product will most likely satisfy your curiosity about slimming teas with regards to its ability to aid weight loss. With Easy E-Z Herbal Tea and Kou Tea, you will always be in a win-win situation.

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