Does Acupuncture Work for Weight Loss

Do you believe in alternative methods of treatment? If you do, then you are probably aware or you may already had experiences about an alternative treatment called Chinese acupuncture?

When I was a child, my mother used to get me into an acupuncturist to hopefully treat my phlegm issue. Unfortunately, it wasn’t treated and carried this uncomfortable condition until today. I later found out that my phlegm problem is caused by a rare allergy that is next to impossible to treat. Thankfully that it is not a serious health threat.

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That is not the reason why I am not into acupuncture since then. It was just not for me, I guess. But did you know that this Chinese brand of treatment is not just designed to cure diseases? Many health experts and even physicians agree that acupuncture does work for weight loss. Surprise? Lets find out more.

How does Acupuncture Work for Weight Loss

Doctor Oz is one of the many experts that supports alternative medicine such herbal remedies and of course acupuncture, which is one of the oldest traditional oriental medicine today.

Acupuncture mainly involves stimulation of points on the body (called qi) using insertion of pins or needles into the skin, either manipulated manually or by electrical stimulation. This process is said to benefit weight loss because experts believes that weight gain is caused by disturbed energy flow that runs in and out of the regulating  center of the brain (hypothalamus).

The hypothalamus has an important function that makes our body to work properly which includes hormone and nuerochemical regulation, body temperature management and thirst and hunger control. With that said, acupuncture can influence obesity hormones and other factors such as increased in ghrelin while decreasing your leptin hormones.


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Consistent application of acupuncture claims to help curb appetite effectively while boosting up your metabolism, improving digestion and more efficient nutrient absorption. It is also said to relieve muscle stress along the stomach, which can help gives signals that you are full.

All these factors can lead to a successful and significant weight loss. Other benefits aside from weight loss includes boosting the immune system, improvement of liver health, good circulation, treats nausea, supports fertility and many others.

Types of Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Before you turn into an acupuncture weight loss treatment, the acupuncturist must asses your over-all health first before any procedures. The common examination includes tongue and pulse rate check. The acupuncturists may also ask for some history of any existing conditions or your eating habits or dieting regimen.

With regards to weight loss, acupuncture targets the following body parts (from 3FatChicks):


This part is the most common area where weight loss is said to be more achievable based on acupuncture principles. Depending on your eating habits, the acupuncturist may require a few numbers of needles to be pinned along your ear’s main three points, which will cover most part of your body.


You won’t believe that the mouth plays a big role in acupuncture. Whether you are a fast talker or a heavy eater, certain points in the mouth can help decrease these habits through acupuncture.


Your stomach is an essential part of acupuncture. Experts claims that several qi points along the stomach can give signals to your brain that you are full, which leads to less eating.


Lungs is the area that you would probably thought just for respiratory illnesses. While this is true, lungs also the treatment area for those who overindulge to sweet foods such as cake and chocolate products.

The Endocrine System

Acupuncture is said to have big influence on your endocrine system by treating your water retention problem. This helps balance your hormones secreted by your body, which helps you lose weight.


Acupuncture is known for relieving menopause symptoms and premenstrual syndrome. By targeting your ovary point, it will help you solve any weight gain problems.

The Kidney

Kidney acupuncture helps relieve your hormonal imbalances, water retention, stress or anxiety attack. Along with these benefits, it can also help treat weight gain.

The Thyroid

Hypothyroidism leads to weight gain and to control this symptom, the thyroid type of acupuncture can help reverse weight gain from hypothyroidism patients.

Factors that You Need to Consider

Before you opt for an acupuncture session, you first have to assure yourself that you really need this kind of treatment especially if your only goal is just to lose weight. If possible, seek your doctor’s recommendation or approval before you undergo alternative traditional medicine.

First, you need to find the best acupuncture clinic near your area, with qualified acupuncture practitioner. These lessen any risks of malpractice (see the source) that could lead to injuries or side effects. Some acupuncturists are also physicians so they are surely not hard to find.

Now if you are decided in taking this kind of weight loss regimen, make sure that you complete the entire treatment course. Acupuncture usually lasts up to 3 months depending on your weight condition.

Summary on Acupuncture and Weight Loss

There are a lot of positive reviews about acupuncture and both health experts and some physicians are even recommending it as an alternative treatment for various diseases. With regards to weight loss, this treatment is practically inexpensive and provides a less physical effort unlike exercise and dieting.

But as I have said, you need to look for safety when looking for an acupuncture clinic. Factors such as sterilization of needles and many others can spell disaster if erroneously done.

Since I don’t have a good experience with acupuncture and some of the articles you can find online are more like to be a promotional stint, I am not recommending acupuncture for your weight loss program. This procedure may help but you still need to apply intense workout and healthy dieting to be able to lose significant weight.

My advise is that, you can undergo acupuncture sessions with the purpose of treating your existing health conditions or for health improvement while applying weight loss acupuncture. This will kill two birds in one stone, that is if you are truly decided to undergo acupuncture treatment. Just make sure that you follow my advise above to ensure that everything will be okay.

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