Dance with Julianne – Another Fitness Dance Video Craze

Do you love to dance? As you may already know, dancing is an effective way to lose those unwanted fats fast. So if you are looking for dance routines or dance videos that can help assist you on your weight loss program, then this post is just right for you!

I wrote quite a few dancing topics in this site that will definitely help you lose weight. This includes pole dancing, cardio strip tease, belly dancing and many others. Dancing is a good cardio workout that can help burn fat and calories fast, while having fun.

Today’s topic is about Julianne Hough’s fitness dance videos. This is not the first time that I had discussed a DVD fitness review in this site. Previous dance video reviews were Hip Hop Abs by Shaun T., Tae Bo by Billy Blanks and many others. So first, let me give a little introduction about Julianne and how she became an instant celebrity through Dancing.

Who is Julianne Hough?

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Julianne is probably one celebrity that you will truly love. She is beautiful, sexy, adorable, a multi-talented individual with a known outgoing personality. Her dance moves will amaze and capture your heart. You will envy her voice while admiring her acting prowess. Yes, Julianne might be the best celebrity and fitness guru that can help you get fit and slim.

First off, Julianne is an American professinal ballroom dancer, singer and now a Hollywood actress. She was the seasons four and five winner of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. She also had her own music single entitled “Will You Dance With Me” in 2007 and her second single was “That Song in My Head”.

She initially dive into the dancing scene through “Million Dollar Dancers” from defunct television game show Show Me The Money. A few days from now (February 14 to be exact), her first starring role film “Safe Haven” opposite Josh Duhamel, will be released in cinemas worldwide.

Dance with Julianne Fitness Videos

Okay, it’s time to focus on the topic. Julianne is not just another girl that you should follow on your social profiles, but she could be the best fitness motivation for you, especially if you are a woman.

Julianne had already compiled a number of dancing fitness DVDs that you might probably be aware of. Some of her hit exercise videos includes “Just dance” and “Cardio Ballroom”. Both of which are focused entirely on dancing fitness moves.

dance with julianne DVDCardio Ballroom, her first dance exercise program, was all about trimming your body through ballroom dance routines. Her recent success, Just Dance, is comprised of mixed routines of hip hop dances, which will help you lose more weight and get you into shape fast.

Like any other dance exercise programs, Julianne’s version also had dance phases – work it, flaunt it and pump it. It also includes warm-up and cool down routines plus a seven-minute dance lesson as a primer. Over-all, Julianne’s dance videos are the complete fitness package if you are looking for DVD exercises on the market.

From most reviews, Dance with Julianne’s exercise videos are more targeted for audience that have intermediate dancing skills. However, if you are only looking for videos that could help you get fit and somehow improve your sweating requirements, then her videos will totally satisfy you.

The dance moves on Julianne’s videos are mixed with simple to complex routines, which could give more challenge to you for an exercise. But since the routines are considered basic, fast paced and simple, the possibility of any post-dancing body aches are at minimum.

So just like any other exercise videos, you can use Dance with Julianne videos inside your own private living room. This will give you more privacy for those sexy routines that Julianne does on her DVD’s. Below is a sample exercise video clip from YouTube.

Fitness Conclusion on Dance with Julianne

Julianne Hough’s fitness videos will definitely be a big boost on your weight loss campaign. All videos are composed of whole body workouts, aiming your middle core, back, legs and the rest of your upper body. So sweating is not going to be the boring part of your exercise routine, but you will be much more motivated with Julianne’s dance moves.

You may also find good reviews from people who bought this product. So hurry, get your copy right now before stocks run out!

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