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8 Secrets for Lasting Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight can be an uphill battle, and when you factor in the mass amounts of information out there, it can only get harder. The messages put forth by various

Start Your Diet at Work

The most common reason I hear why people postpone or don’t even bother with a healthy diet plan is because they find it too hard to fit it into their lifestyle. Most

Losing Weight Can Be Frustrating – How to Get It Done Right

Are you getting tired of trying to lose weight but it feels like you are at a dead end? It is not surprising for many of us to make weight loss the

Lose Weight by Feeling Fuller for Longer

Losing weight through natural methods are the best ways to get fit and healthy. While some of you are naturally slim because of higher metabolic rate, thousands of people are still struggling

Can Pinterest Help You Lose Weight

As a blogger myself, I see to it that I use every significant social media programs out there to help my blogs go viral online. It is basically one of the most

9 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss from Real Experts

Are you struggling with your weight?  If so, you are not alone. Almost 70% of Americans are overweight (with the rest of the world catching up) and it’s hard not to watch

Tips to Help You Overcome Weight Loss Plateau

Are you losing hope on your weight loss program? If yes, then you are not alone as 90% of dieters are failing on the same endeavor. If you have plans on giving

How Beyoncé Lost Weight with Master Cleanse

Often, popular fad diets claim that they can make you shed extra pounds fast. This is what Beyoncé turned to when she wanted to lose weight fast for her role in the

Eat for Getting More Energy, Not for the Meaning of Life

Healthy eating is really vital for getting fit and healthy. Nowadays there is lot of bait around us. We can’t control our desires and we are always ready to get something delicious

5 Healthy Ways to Suppress your Appettite

Are you losing hope on your weight loss program? Can’t seem to solve your weight loss plateau? If this sounds like you, then you need to look at your regimens why you


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