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The 6 Most Important Hormones to Your Physique

Hormones dictate pretty much everything that happens in your body. In particular, anabolic hormones are what helps you gain muscle, lose weight and get into incredible shape. Hormones are chemical messengers created

Can Internet Addiction Disorder Make You Fat?

Most of us are online almost everyday. Some of us are even making a living through the Internet. It is true that cyberspace is already part of our lifestyle, making most people

The Truth about Your Weight Loss Failure

For most people, losing weight is totally a waste of time. Why? Because it is completely difficult to reduce weight and keep the weight off. Plus, it will abruptly change your lifestyle,

Does Anxiety Cause Weight Loss

MedlinePlus describes anxiety as one factor that could lead to unintentional weight loss. In contrast, if you have any health problems particularly weight issues, you will also suffer from anxiety. So there

How to Tighten Skin After Weight Loss

Have you ever felt the joy and satisfaction of reaching your weight loss goal? If yes, then you probably had undergone different rigorous challenges and strict dieting regimen just to achieve fitness

Do Carb Blockers Work

Are you confused with lots of weight loss supplement variants out there? Can’t identify the differences between carb blockers, appetite suppressants and fat burners? If you can’t decide which one to choose

Brazilian Slimming Coffee – Is it Effective and Safe?

A friend of mine who successfully lost weight of about 8 pounds is bragging about yet another fitness product – Brazilian Slimming Coffee. This kind of coffee is now making a lot

Too Much Television Can Ruin Your Weight Loss Program

Since the era of television came up, the way people is spending their excess time became so much enjoyable and fun. However, watching television had been linked to several health issues since

Does Sitting Make You Fat

Sounds silly isn’t it? Even a simple activity such as sitting is even considered as a health threat. Does sitting make you fat? Can it constitute to obesity? You are probably sitting

Is Coffee Fattening

Each of us have our own favorite beverages that we always drink. This includes energy drinks, coffees, teas, colas, milk drinks and alcohol drinks. All these beverages have its unique blend that


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