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Obesity and Hypertension – Perfect Formula for Disaster

The world is burdened with not just economic struggle and natural calamities, it is also suffering from different sickness and diseases that mankind cannot resolve. Yes, diseases are still the number one

Obesity Issues – Why I can’t Lose Weight

Why I can’t lose weight? Have you ever asked this question to yourself? Most overweight and obese people are asking this similar question over and over again. Despite their dieting and physical

Obesity and Pregnancy: Facts that you should Know

For women who just gave birth or had experienced giving birth, you probably knew that being overweight or much worse, obese, can highly upset your ob-gynecologist. Obesity and pregnancy don’t jive together

Health Effects of Childhood Obesity

As I have discussed in my initial Obesity article, this condition is a worldwide epidemic that affects both adults and children. Did you know that nearly 15% of children worldwide are considered

Information about Obesity

Obesity is a condition that involves having too much fats that resulting to being overweight. Having a body mass index greater than 30 in adults is considered obese. Being overweight is a


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