Cardio vs Weight Training for Fat Loss

Exercise is a simple topic but you can broaden it up by knowing the purposes or reasons of why you workout. People have different reasons and it is not just always for health all the time. Some people wanted to tone their muscles, get fit and others just simply want to trim down their weight. Well, if you exercise regularly for your own reasons, you probably following a strict workout routine which consist of either cardio or weight training exercises or even both.

Sweating it out in a regular basis is an important aspect of being healthy and fit. It regulates blood sugar, cholesterol, relieves stress, stabilizes your heart rhythm and many others. But did you know that cardio and weight training have different functions, or should I say different benefits? Depending on what kind of health benefits you would like to achieve, you better know what specific exercise routine is ideal for you before you even start your weight loss regimen.

This is going to be our topic today and of course our last topic for August. I will discuss the different benefits of cardio exercises from weight training routines and hopefully this will assist you in deciding which routine is much more ideal for you.

Cardio vs Weight Training – Pros and Cons

cardio vs weight training

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Experts suggests that if you want to burn fats and want some muscle toning, weights training is the one that you should do. On the other hand, if you want to elevate your heart rate while burning fats at the same time, cardio exercises is the perfect choice. There are also some home cardio workouts that you can do without spending a dime in an expensive gym. However, the number of calories you burn on each cardio workout will significantly decrease once you step up on your cardio workout routine. For example, you burn 300 calories for 20 minutes of jogging. The next time you want to burn 300 calories from jogging will now take you 30 minutes to accomplish.

With weight training, this fat burning effect can be controlled by increasing resistance, the number of reps, decreasing rest time and changing your weight lifting routines. Experts says that these strategies can definitely help overcome your weight loss plateau if you really want to stay in shape. However, weight training is much more injury-prone exercise compared to cardio workouts. You need a fitness trainer to be able to life weight correctly and achieve weight loss success.

So, what workout is ideal for you? Let me give you the benefits of both exercise programs for your information.

Cardio Exercises Pros

Cardiovascular exercises is great for your heart, which is why it is called “cardio” in the first place. It is also a perfect way to lose weight and stay in shape specially if combined with a healthy diet. Examples of cardiovascular exercises are aerobics, running, squatting, swimming, jumping jacks, biking, jumping ropes, dancing and many others.

A consistent cardio workout such as aerobics or jogging offers many health benefits. One benefit is for your mental health. Exercises such as jogging releases body compounds called endorphins, a natural painkillers. Aside from that function, endorphins can also control your mood swings that constitutes to prevention of anxiety, depression and stress.

Exercise also helps improve your stamina, muscle health and immune system. Throughout the course of your workout, you also improve your stamina, reduce muscle fatigue and strengthens your immune system. This means that you won’t get tired easily plus you get natural protection from different viral infections and diseases.

Since you are in a high-risk for diseases if you are overweight, experts suggests that consistent cardio activities can add more years to your life than any kinds of exercises such as weight training. It will reduce your risk for heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, osteoporosis and many other illnesses.

Cardio Exercises Cons

Like any other physical activities, your body is at higher risk of injuries and other unwanted health condition if you practice a certain workout incorrectly. Such conditions includes heel spurs, arch pain, ankle sprain, dehydration, muscle injuries, stress fractures, heat stroke, calf pain, dizziness and many after workout side effects. To lessen these cardiovascular exercise disadvantages, you need to plan and manage your workout accordingly to prevent any injuries and health risks.

Weight Training Pros

Weight Training or resistance training does offer many health benefits and I experienced significant weight loss myself doing this kind of exercise. To prevent the above cons of cardiovascular exercises, you need to vary your motion routines to give your body consistent but different range of actions. Weight training offers you this benefit which will add more body workouts compared to cardio exercises.

Weight training also boost your body’s metabolic rate which helps you lose weight faster than cardio exercises. On the other hand, if you want to strength and muscle endurance, lifting weights is the best way to achieve that goal. It will also help build muscle mass and maintain it for a longer period of time. Once you achieve a toned and muscular body, your level of confidence will certainly increase.

Lifting weights also improves your body posture and balance, decreasing your risks of osteoporosis and enhance your body coordination. This prevents injuries from your untrained or weak muscle parts.

Weight Training Cons

Weight training is not for everybody. It could pose problems to people with existing cases of respiratory illnesses, allergies, heart condition and the risk of injuries are higher. Plus, resistance training is difficult to perform especially if you are not supervised by a professional. If you are not disciplined enough to do cardio exercises, then weight training is much more impossible for you because weight training is a daunting and intimidating tasks.

You also need back and abdominal support when lifting free weights. Not doing so will highly increase your risks of back injuries, muscle tare and abdominal cramps. Other health risks includes short breathing, hernia, back problems and even death due to accidents from ill-advised weight lifting.

Benefits of both Cardio and Weight Training

Depending on your health status, you can either do cardio exercise or weight training. But if you can do both, then it’s a good choice. You can gain all the pros stated above and lose weight fast and as natural as possible. In my opinion, doing both workout regimen consistently, wouldn’t even require you to diet just to lose weight or maintain your current weight.

One thing is certain, you need to be more cautious and responsible when doing any exercise routines. Whether its a simple jogging or lifting free weight, the risks of injuries are always there and you have to know how you can prevent those risks to enjoy your workout programs.

Cardio exercises and weight training can both improve your over all well-being, giving you a fitter and sexier physique. It will also give longevity to your life, preventing any unwanted diseases that shortens mortality. A healthy body is a product of dieting discipline and consistent physical activities, make sure to follow this simple rules into your life.


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