Cardio Striptease – Dance your Way to Fitness

One way to fitness is to have a regular workout routine that you can truly enjoy. There are different workout classes that you can try such as yoga, tai chi, dancing, aerobics or just your typical gym class. But there is a whole new way of aerobics that you might consider for your fitness program – Strip Aerobics.

Strip Aerobics or commonly known as Cardio Striptease, is a form of dancing routine characterized by erotic and sensual moves, similar to pole dancing (it is actually a part of cardio striptease). This type of dancing is commonly seen in women at night clubs where they strip their clothes off to arouse the audience, mostly men of course.

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While this kind of dance moves might be a little exotic to you, it is widely accepted today and are used for health and wellness. You may find different strip aerobic classes anywhere such as gyms, studios, even at your favorite television show. It is even promoted by celebrities such as Carmen Electra, a singer, model and actress.

As it is coined as an “aerobic” exercise, dancing striptease cardio is the whole new way to get fit and healthy. While you can actually take your clothes off to enjoy this dancing regime to the fullest extent, you are not actually required to strip. You can actually dance by mimicking strip-like moves without actually taking off your clothes. Read on to learn the many benefits of cardio striptease.

Benefits of Cardio Striptease Dance

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Since this is a dance aerobics, you can receive similar health benefits doing cardio striptease. An article in Times of India exposes that cardio strip dancing can boost sexual drive. This is actually a no brainer information as we all know that striptease dance is sensual and seductive.

Initially, strip aerobic is an ideal exercise for women but the trends continuous to change and is now also practiced by men. Strip aerobics promotes self-awareness where you appreciate your body and other abilities. It builds confidence, self-esteem and relieves you from anxieties of life and stress.

Jeff Costa, a known fitness expert and an advocate of cardio striptease quotes this from his website:

“There is a popular side effect to practicing Cardio Striptease. When we learn to love ourselves and strip off the layers of clothes and inhibitions, when we build our physical and emotional bodies with confidence and compassion; this becomes our path to excellent living, this is our way to optimal health, this is personal empowerment and this . . . this is the best lifestyle ever!”

Strip dancing is a great cardiovascular workout, first reason why it is called “cardio” striptease in the first place. It is good for the heart and respiratory system which strengthens your immune system, improves blood circulation and wards off infectious diseases. Sweating has never been fun with this kind of workout.

There is no special equipments for this workout, except of course your aerobic outfit and musical sounds. You may even dressed up like a stripper if you want to dance in a private room (with high heels shoes). You can do anything which will help enhance your performance and give you satisfaction.

Weight Loss Benefits of Cardio Striptease Dance

All muscle groups are bound to get a full workout with cardio striptease. It can improve your balance, posture and will develop and tone your back, abdomen, legs and arm muscles. If you have weight gain issues, starting in a light but fat burning strip dancing can help solve your problem.

Forms of cardio striptease such as chair and pole dancing are both intense workouts, giving you a very effective weight loss program. You can better enhance your creativity and dancing finesse with these dance routines. It will work both upper and lower plus, it helps improve your flexibility which empowers your body to burn more of those stored fats.

Crunch workouts are also one of the main focus of cardio strip dance, aiming to work your core muscles that will form your abs into a sexy and flat stomach. Strip aerobics is one of the best workout strategies to weight loss success.

Constant bumping, spinning, arm and head movements  and other dance steps will surely help you lose that excess weight. It is like a sport, if you play consistently or regularly, you will surely sweat and more calories and fat will be burned.

As experts say, exercise is the best way to shed weight which is true. You don’t have to trick your brain just to eat less and do those overly restrictive diets that may just degrade or endanger your health.

The video below is one of Jeff Costa’s strip aerobic routines. It will show you basic cardio strip dance. However, this video is in different language so I suggest you to focus on the dance moves itself.

Conclusion on Cardio Striptease Dance

Strip aerobics is indeed an ideal workout for all shapes and sizes. Research even suggests that fat people dance better than those slim individuals. This would encourage you more to dance striptease if you are overweight.

Aside from weight loss benefits, it also offers many health benefits as well. This can highly improve your over all health while enjoying every steps of cardio striptease.

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