Body Solid EXM4000S Triple Stack Home Gym Review

Getting fit and buff doesn’t need you to enroll in an expensive gym or fitness centers. You can do it at home! This is through home gym equipments. But what if you don’t have the space for those bulky machines?

A single bench press may require at least three to four square meters of space, so if your house doesn’t have a dedicated room for gym products, then you really have a problem. However, home gym equipments evolved and there are single equipments that offer a full-body workout, which could save you some space at home.

Today’s home gym fitness review is about the most complete and the latest model of Triple Stack Home Gym or commonly known as Body Solid EXM4000S. Learn every aspects of this equipment and how it can help you lose weight and build muscles fast.

What is Body Solid EXM4000S Triple Stack Home Gym

body solid exm4000s triple stack home gymThe Body Solid EXM4000S Triple Stack Home Gym is the most complete home fitness equipment you can get from Body Solid Inc., a top of the line product from its wide array of EXM models.

In fact, you’ll be blown away how this machine can give you different workouts comprising of upper and lower body exercises, which gives you the advantage of continuous workout. It has an optional leg press/calf press station, which are not available from previous EXM models.

This equipment perfectly fit against a wall and is equip with exercise stations consisting of three 210-pound steel alloy weight stacks. Some of its features includes a bench press, seat pad with automatic hydraulic adjustments, easy-access pop pins and durafirm pads with lower lumbar support.

EXM4000S comes with weight stack shrouds for workout safety, two by four inch mainframe to avoid torsional flex, a Pex station with full range limiters, advanced artistic handle design for the perfect dumbbell grip and a durable powder coat finish.

This equipment is designed for people who needs a durable and the ultimate gym package for private home use. If you are looking to develop your upper and lower body, including your middle core, then EXM4000S is the perfect home gym equipment for you.

EXM4000S Complete Specifications and Features


  • Triceps Press-down Station
  • Chest Press Station
  • Shoulder Press Station
  • Three 210 pound Alloy Steel Weight Stacks
  • Chest Supported Row Station
  • Ab Crunch Station
  • Perfect Pec Station
  • Lat Pull-down Station
  • Low Pulley Station
  • DuraFirm Pads
  • Weight Stack Shrouds

Full Specifications

  • Measures 91 x 83 x 133 inches (WxHxD)
  • Three 210 pound weight stacks
  • Workouts that include multi-station chest press, high and low pulleys, leg extension and curl, chest supported row, shoulder press, ab crunch and pec fly
  • Dura firm pads, weight stach shrouds, lat bar, low row bar, utility strap, workout poster and a fitness DVD

How does the Body Solid EXM4000S Triple Stack Home Gym Rate Over-All

Bruce Johnson, a regular product reviewer from Amazon has good things to say about EXM4000S. Below is his statement about this amazing product.

“The EXM4000s gym is an excellent product. The structure is extremely solid and the motions are fluid. The service from Body Solid is outstanding and I do not make this statement lightly. All of my questions were timely answered and they were proactive in my interactions with Amazon. Assembly is required for this product so be ready to dedicate some time and patience and have a friend available to help. There are instructions but not directions. By that I mean that there are diagrams and inventory lists but no step by step instructions. One word of advice, do not put on any pulleys until you are ready to install the cables. You will enjoy this product.”

Where to Buy Body Solid EXM4000s Triple Stach Home Gym

You can buy EXM4000S and any other Body Solid gym equipments on various fitness centers. You can find other reviews in Amazon and their prices are the most competitive in the industry plus they provide lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty and free shipping.

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