Are Blueberries Effective for Weight Loss

Eating fruits are the simplest and the most natural way to get slim. In fact, I already published some posts regarding various fruits such as bananas, coconut, apples and many others. Aside from weight loss, fruits are known to improve health and prevent diseases.

If your search for miracle weight loss food is still unsuccessful, then this post might be the answer to your prayer. I will discuss today the slimming benefits of blueberry, one of the berry fruit family that are known for its antioxidants and health benefits.

Blueberries are very popular in the United States, ranking seconds as the most sought after herbal supplement. This is due to its many known health benefits.

Several studies suggests that blueberries help aid weight loss, but how? Consider the following details about blueberries but first, lets take a look on its over all health benefits.

Health Benefits of Blueberries

blueberriesLike any other berries such as acai berries, blueberries have high antioxidant content which can protect your body from harmful toxins and free radicals that causes cancer and other diseases. Antioxidants have many benefits that includes cholesterol reduction and lowers your risk of heart diseases, stroke and diabetes.

This fruit also has tons of nutrients and vitamins to offer. This includes vitamin C, potassium and fiber while it contains no fat, cholesterol or sodium. Fiber makes blueberries as an effective remedy for different digestive problems such as constipation.

Blueberries have insulin control properties which affects the body’s ability to metabolize sugar. It also improves leptin sensitivity, which is mainly due to metabolic syndrome which ceases the progression of type 2 diabetes.

An article published in World’s Healthiest Foods suggests that blueberries do have positive effects on the nervous system and to our brain. There is some evidence that this fruit can improve memory and slow aging process. Mainly because of its nutrients and antioxidant properties.

Blueberries for Weight Loss

Blueberries have particularly well-balanced value in terms of glycemic index. GI is a method of identifying the effects of food on our blood sugar level after digestion. Although other berries such as blackberry and strawberries have significantly lower GI than Blueberry, it still have good effects on people with type 2 diabetes.

With fiber as one of its content, your weight loss program will benefit more because your wastes are properly disposed. Tannin is one blueberry content that is responsible for cleaning your digestive system which reduces your risks of inflammation and diarrhea.

A study mentioned in this post, shows that rats who fed with regular blueberry diet were found to have less stomach fat after three months compared to other group who had low carb dietary intake. The study however is not fully concluded to work on humans but the potent nutrients, fiber and vitamins would already give you confidence on its weight loss properties.

Is Blueberry Diet Effective

Because of the popularity of blueberries with regards to its weight loss and health benefits, some dieters are promoting this fruit as one good dieting regimen. Though blueberries have low calories, eating blueberries alone can definitely make you slim. However, you are depriving your body with other nutrients that can be found on other food groups.

A healthy meal together with blueberries as a side dish is a perfect way to enjoy this fruit. I always avoid recommending food restriction programs in this site so it is better to vary your food accordingly. Consult your case on one of the online dieting plans here so you can avoid risky fad diets for good.

Summary on Blueberries and Weight Loss

Blueberries are delicious and nutritious fruits that are ideal for the family. If you are overweight, you have to consult your condition to your doctor and avoid practicing any ill-advised dieting regimen. Also, choose only the most natural grown blueberries to enjoy all of its benefits.

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