Blood Type Diet Review

It seems that there are a lot of diets being made today due to the fact of the billion dollar industry of health and weight loss. Today, I will give you my blood type diet review and the specific foods for your blood type which can help you decide whether this technique is for you or not.

What is Blood Type Diet?

Blood type diet was invented by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, a naturopathic doctor who authors “Eat Right for your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer and Achieving your Ideal weight”. His official website offers complete information about his diet plan including online support of his products, services and his loyal community.

The diet’s main principle is focused on foods which are ideal or based on the blood type of the person, whether A, B, AB or O. Dr. D’Adamo highly believes that the blood type affects our digestive system and concludes that some foods are good for people while other food groups are susceptible to different illnesses.

Furthermore, this diet can also determine the exact intensity of exercise that you should apply for better and effective fitness regimen. However like any other low profile diets, the blood type diet is often criticized for its lack of scientific evidence that can prove that blood types do affect human health. Believers of this diet have shown great improvements on their energy levels but less testimonials have been recorded with regards to weight loss.

Blood type diet concept

As the efforts to improve metabolism and battle weight gain thru right eating plan increases, different concepts arises to help solve the mystery behind obesity. Dr. D’Adamo suggested this unique blood type-health related theory which many begin to question its effectiveness and underestimates the whole idea. Blood type diet became one of the most underrated diets because of its mere guess approach.

So what is the concept behind this intriguing diet? According to Dr. D’Adamo, the body’s metabolism process can be improved through proper consumption of appropriate foods that matches your blood type. The chemical reaction between the blood and food is the one that dictates the body’s metabolism. Once the foods are perfectly match with the ideal blood type, the reaction is more efficient and you will feel more energetic and much healthier. The result? You will have lower risks of many diseases including obesity and other weight issues.

Furthermore, Dr. D’Adamo also suggests that blood groups specifically identifies how our bodies absorbs nutrients from the foods we eat. His diet is based on this idea which also suggests that each blood group has its own unique antigen marker, a substance that our body recognizes. This unique antigen marker may react in either positive or negative way depending on different food groups that are not compatible with your blood type. This may pose great health risks.

Also, Dr. D’Adamo also suggests that the level of stomach’s acidity and digestive enzymes are related with your blood type. Another confusing concept is that, blood types are consistently evolving through times which suggests that people should eat a diet based on the type of foods that our ancestors ate during the time the blood type was first discovered. In constant application of this ideology, Dr. D’Adamo says that eating a diet specifically designed on your blood type, your body will digest and absorbs food more efficiently, thus resulting to a more healthy and fit body.

Well, that is confusing if you ask me especially the blood evolving part. I never knew that blood types are constantly evolving. Okay this diet is becoming out of target with our topic but before I finish this blood type diet review, lets get a deeper look on how this diet works.

How blood type diet determines your health?

Blood type diet review

Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo

According to Dr. D’Adamo’s website, every person are tailored from its unique biochemical structure which is the primary key for appropriate treatments that will match their health needs. This led to Dr. D’Adamo’s theory that the four basic blood types are the keys to a healthy body.

Dr. D’Adamo said “There had to be a reason why there were so many paradoxes in dietary studies and disease survival”, noting that people suffers from weight loss while others don’t on the same form of diet program or why some people remain healthy as they age while other don’t.

Dr. D’Adamo’s broad experience in medical, genetics and anthropology, led him to conclude that blood type is the key to all mysteries of the human body which includes mortality, health, diseases, vitality and emotional capabilities. The practical application of this diet will enable you to make wise choices with regards to your dietary needs, exercise routines, supplements, and of course including your medical treatment needs. Blood types can correspond well to your unique biological or biochemical structure, which can help achieve your health goals. Lets review the following blood types that corresponds to Dr. D’Adamo’s theory, that’s if you will agree.

Foods for your blood type

As humans, we differ from types of blood in our body which Dr. D’Adamo specifically identified as the “key” to health and fitness. With the digestive function is the main factor that can tell our susceptibility to overcome diseases and other health issues such as weight gain. Lets review the blood type diet specification which includes foods and exercise routines as well as its corresponding illnesses.

Blood type O

This blood type are ideal for intense physical exercises and animal proteins that can be found in fishes and meats but less effective on diary products and grain products. Type O people can be affected by too much weight gain through the gluten compounds found in wheat products including lentils, corn, beans and cabbage. In short, blood type O people should be in a high protein and low carbohydrate diet, much similar to Atkins Diet.

Any intense exercises can be applied such as martial arts, boxing, aerobics, running and many others. People in this group are more prone to asthma, hay fever and different known allergies. They are also susceptible to arthritis due to the fact that their immune systems are environmentally intolerant.

Blood type A

This blood group is in contrast with Type O. Blood type A people are ideal for vegetarian diet which includes plant foods that are often organic in origin. This includes nuts, vegetables, fruits, pasta, cereals, rice, beans, seeds and many others. Dr. D’Adamo also said that type A people are predisposed to cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes and have ultra sensitive immune system. Blood type A are ideal for non-intense workout such as meditation, yoga, tai chi and many others.

Blood type B

Blood type B is a rare blood group which often hard to spot. Type B people are those who are less prone to diseases, strong immune system and a tolerant digestive system that can ward off severe chronic degenerative illnesses. Unlike type O, this blood group do have have high allergy threshold which can only be affected if they eat the wrong foods. Autoimmune disorders are also prone to this blood type which includes chronic fatigue, lupus and multiple sclerosis. This group has the least diet restrictions among the rest of the blood types.

Any foods can be taken except foods that are not available in ancient times which includes processed foods as well as nuts, seeds and a small amounts of carbohydrate-rich foods. Moderate exercises are much more ideal with this type of blood which includes jogging, cycling, swimming and many others.

Blood type AB

If blood type B is rare, type AB is much harder to find. This type of blood are more advance and is biologically complex. Dr. D’Adamo had simplified the approach with regards to this blood type and focuses mainly into a combination of foods from the blood types A and B.

If you look again on the foods on type B, it allows you to eat any foods while the type A suggest more of a vegetarian diet. If you are blood type AB, you might get confused what to apply on your diet. Dr. D’Adamo recommends to type AB people to follow a vegetarian diet most of the time but not totally restricting on meat, fish and dietary foods. With regards to exercise, it’s practically similar approach as their original blood types that includes both calming exercises and intense workout.

Furthermore, blood type AB’s have higher risks for cancer, heart diseases and anemia, but are less likely to have allergy problems. While types A and B have more risks of having diabetes.

Through this blood type diet food information, you can implement your own personalized dietary program that is biologically ideal to your body’s needs. His website can give you absolution to your health problems through his online community or by contacting him directly thru his contact page.

Expert’s take on blood type diet

As I have said earlier, this diet have been bombarded with criticism and is branded as a false theory. Most medical experts including fitness professionals don’t agree with Dr. D’Adamo’s diet concept adding that there is no absolute relation between blood groups and the foods we take. This would not be a surprise to you that no nutritionists nor dietitians are highly recommending this diet technique, although there are some group of people who experienced positive results practicing this diet and became believers (see Dr. D’Adamo’s community forum on his website).

Experts are also looking on loopholes which concerns the suggested foods on groups O and A, citing that it highly limits or taking out major food groups that can lead to wrong dieting. If you apply the recommended foods if you are in group O and A, it could lead to malnutrition and poor health. For example is the restriction for dairy products which will inevitably result to less intake of calcium that can lead to bone diseases. On the other hand, avoiding meat can lead to iron deficiency that is the number one cause of anemia.

With that said, blood type diet can definitely support your weight loss endeavors as you are continuously depriving yourself the ideal nutrition that your body needs. Blood type diet is entirely based on theories and not facts, as for me to say. However, with the food groups that are detailed specifically for your blood type, you can have ideas on what to eat and what’s not to eat. This gives you freedom and knowledge to revise your current eating plan and hope for better results. Foods and your health depends on your own discretion.

If you look on Dr. D’adamo’s community, you can see that there are lots of people who believe in his diet concept. Why? Because blood type diet mainly forces you to eat fresh and organic foods while restricting processed and junk foods, which both principles constitutes to a healthy body.

My conclusion on Blood Type Diet

If I am asked, I would definitely not recommend you to do this type of diet. Why? First off, it’s not based on science and second, its plain fiction as I don’t believe that there is a big link between blood groups and foods. Plus, it would mean inconveniences for you such as:

  • blood tests (if you don’t know your blood group yet)
  • family dishes will be impossible as your family members don’t have identical blood types
  • it’s just like any other diet types that mainly focuses on organic products
  • it puts your health into more risks than benefits

My blood type diet review summary is simple, this type of diet could be riskier than beneficial so I am not recommending it to you. I much rather suggest that you try Amanda Hamilton’s Diet Secrets as one of your weight loss program. Amanda will be your personal dietitian coach and will guide you for the rest of your weight loss journey. But if you are intrigued and want to try blood type diet for your own curiosity, then there is nothing wrong doing it in a short-span of time. I highly suggest that you avoid a long-term approach and consult your physician or a nutritionist first before you do this diet.

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