Benefits and Disadvantages of Caveman Diet

I just wrote an article about the benefits of Mediterranean diet on my previous post and today, I will give you another interesting type of diet that you’ll surely have interests. Today’s topic would be the Caveman Diet or also known as Paleo Diet. Lets take a deeper look into its benefits as well its disadvantages and learn if it can actually help on your weight loss program.

The Caveman Diet is an unusual type of diet which involves replicating the ancient eating habits of man,  which is the reason why the term “caveman” is being used. If you watched some series of Discovery Channel before with regards to ancient people who lives in caves (somewhere around 10,000 years ago), that was the exact eating lifestyle that the caveman diet is actually promoting.

The concept of Caveman Diet

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There are many dietitian experts and even physicians who recommend the application of the caveman diet. But not all are in praise with this concept as it involves eating raw foods. As the term “caveman” goes, this diet includes eating fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes and of course unprocessed meats. Any foods that were eaten 10,000 years ago and not in the post-neolithic era are considered in the caveman diet chart.

Contrary to other dieting program, the caveman diet supports fats consumption. When you say fats, you are talking about beef, pork, eggs, chicken and many others. But of course you need to be picky on what meat to eat as there are no processed meats in ancient time. This means that the caveman diet is not really urging you to take sausages, hotdogs, bacon, ham and many other processed meat foods.

Some cases who tried this technique has reportedly experienced an outstanding weight loss in just a week without the help of too much exercise. Others also suggests that the caveman diet is perfect for people with hypertension and high cholesterol levels.

Advantages and disadvantages of Caveman Diet

Well, the advantages are of course obvious – Caveman Diet is for carnivorous people. Why? Because this type of diet is not like any other typical diet program out there, imagine that it encourages you to eat fats? But despite this fact, caveman diet have a good number of testimonials online, saying that this diet will give you quick results.

Although this diet receives quite a good number of commendations from the dieting and weight loss community, it is not ideal for everybody especially those who have cardiovascular health problems. If your goal is only to lose weight, then the caveman diet could be a good choice. Also, caveman diet is not yet fully studied for its long-term effects, for now it is only for weight loss enthusiasts.

What to expect if you apply Caveman Diet?

As unusual as it seems, not all men are destined to benefit from caveman diet program, especially if you are not familiar with fasting and carbohydrate cutting regimens. Experts suggest this diet to their patients only after all other choices failed, which means that caveman diet is just an alternative option for weight loss.

It is highly important that you consult your doctor first if caveman diet is ideal for your condition or not. Their advise will be highly valuable to your weight loss program so make sure that you are properly informed about every details of this type of diet. Never try to replicate the ancient caveman diet lifestyle by yourself because you might endanger yourself instead of getting its benefits.

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