Bad Foods that help you Lose Fats

Bad foods are the ones that we crave the most. Sweets, red meats, burgers, processed foods and junk foods are widely available in the market if we want some. What is worse is that, most of these “bad foods” can highly contribute to weight gain instead of making you healthy and fit.

If you are trying to lose some weight, you definitely would avoid bad foods that cannot give you any benefits. But did you know that some of these bad foods are actually beneficial to your weight loss program? In this article, I’ll give you some of the suggested bad foods that can help you lose weight rather than making you fat.


Bad foods for weight loss



Hold your temper folks as I am not bluffing here. Pork had a bad reputation for decades with regards to health. It’s been link to many diseases such as cancer, obesity, heart problems and many other serious conditions. The term “pork” is a scary word which makes most dieters to steer out of this food.

To get the most out of pork without harming your weight and health, you need to take out those fats and choose the lean white meat. White meat is a rich source of protein which is 35% leaner than beef.



Yes you read it right! Eggs is one of the most controversial foods in human history. It is reported to cause hypertension and gives your blood cholesterol level a sudden spike. So what does egg doing in this list?

One of the latest research about food centered on egg. It is really not a hard choice on what food to research because eggs is one of the most marketed food worldwide. Health experts suggests that eating an egg a day is safe and even nutritious for most adults. They even suggest eating eggs for breakfast to help your weight loss program. How? Like lean white pork meat, egg is rich in protein which helps keep your stomach feel fuller for longer period of time. So eating egg in the morning will help you to stay away from mindless munching.



Pasta meals are another food selection that are being avoided big time by dieters. To get the most out of your pasta meal, you should switch to whole grain pasta and make sure that you eat small portions only just to satisfy your cravings. Whole grain foods are known to help dieters to lose weight, slim down and maintain a sexier body. Whole grains are also said to help burn belly fats.



Calcium-rich foods such as low-fat cheese, yogurt and milk can help burn more fats for your weight loss program. Calcium is said to help burn more fats so it is essential for dieters to consider this fact.



All types of nuts are nutritious and health friendly. This includes pistachios, peanuts, almonds, chestnuts, hazelnuts and many others. Aside from good cholesterol, nuts are rich in protein, vitamins and fiber that helps prevent the development of diabetes. Experts suggest that munching nuts instead of sweets or other junk foods are much healthier and won’t cause you to gain weight.



Too much coffee especially if you mix it with cream, sugar and syrups, have adverse effects on health. It can lead to palpitations, anxiety, heart problems and many others. In contrast, black pure coffee can boost your metabolism that can double your fat burning capabilities.

There you go. These bad foods are not totally bad after all. Hope you learned something from this article. Until next time!

Noah Mark

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