Are Bitter Orange Supplements Effective and Safe

Are you looking for weight loss supplement that is 100% organic? Most of us consumers are looking for the most natural products because we think of these products as more safe and effective. But is this just a belief or a fact?

If you ask the medical world, they will suggest that not all natural products are safe for consumption because our body’s system reacts differently from each other. Actually, there are other factors why a natural product can cause negative effects on you but in general, people still prefers natural instead of synthetic or chemical-based products.

Why am I saying this? Today’s post is about Bitter Orange, another organic product that has become a primary ingredient in weight loss supplements. This article will give you facts about different benefits of bitter orange especially with weight loss. But first, what is bitter orange?

What is Bitter Orange

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Bitter Orange is a type of herb made from bitter orange tree that are commonly found in Mediterranean region. Also known as sour orange, Seville orange and zhi shi, bitter orange extracts are mainly from leaves, dried fruit and flowers which are used as ingredients in formulating a herbal medicine.

The uses of bitter orange ranges from appetite stimulation, fungal infections, dyspepsia to constipation and other internal organ irregularities. Due to overwhelming demand in organic supplements, bitter orange became a commercial commodity which claims to aid dozens of health issues including weight loss.

Though these claims are magnificent for a herbal product, it doesn’t have any conclusive clinical studies to support these claims. Which makes bitter orange one of the most doubtful herbal product in the market.

Issues with Bitter Orange

An article report published in National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, cautioned the public in using bitter orange supplements because of various health concerns.

Recently, FDA banned Ephedra because of its reported side effects that include hypertension, heart attack and stroke. Ingredients in Ephedra contains chemical Synephrine, which is a known end-product of bitter orange. However, there are no scientific evidence that shows bitter orange as the main culprit on ephedra’s side effects.

Bitter orange extracts and supplements are not for pregnant women and people who are taking medications. Bitter orange products are also not advisable to combine with caffeine or any natural substances that contains caffeine such as green tea.

Some reports also suggests that bitter orange doesn’t help treat skin diseases, but it aggravate the condition more. This include oil-based bitter orange products which may increase your risk of sunburn.

Most medical professionals are not recommending bitter orange supplements or products due to these health risks. With no scientific evidence, bitter orange is one of the most dangerous product that you might be taking right now. So be warned.

Weight Loss Benefits of Bitter Orange

You probably have seen different diet pills that proudly states bitter orange as one of their ingredient. One example is XLS Medical, a weight loss pill that has suspicious safety concerns.

Bitter orange has said to help stimulate the fat burning process of the body, helping you to lose weight more and boost your metabolic rate. However, there are no solid evidence that bitter orange supplements can really aid weight loss. Some researchers are not even recommending bitter orange supplements as an effective remedy against obesity.

Bitter orange-based chemicals synephrine and octopamine took a hard hit when Ephedra was banned by the FDA. This also tainted the reputation of bitter orange supplements in the weight loss market.

What are Your Options

There are several supplements out there that are more safe and clinically proven effective for weight management. Bitter orange supplements offers higher risks than its supposed health benefits.

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