Amanda Hamilton’s Weight Loss Secrets and Dieting Tips

Amanda Hamilton is a nutritionist and a weight loss and dieting expert. She has a broad knowledge and experiences with regards to the weight loss field and today, you will have the opportunity to learn her secrets on how to lose weight fast and in the most natural way.  Her style is somewhat personalized approach compared to other types of dieting programs.

Her program is now focused but not limited only to women, as there are men who also uses her techniques. The degree of personalization she applies is to the highest extent, recommending that weight loss should be your lifestyle. Diet menus are properly calculated for your needs that will match portion sizes to your body statistics, hence optimizing your weight loss capacity.

Amanda’s refreshing approach encourages members to use real food, with simple recipes that are tailored according to match their weight loss goals. It’s all natural and provides a friendly supported approach to put fun back into dieting. Some of Amanda’s work are the following:

  • Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses
  • Spa of Weight Loss for Life
  • Teen Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses
  • How to Live Longer
  • Fat Families, Slim Chance
  • The Last Resort
  • New Year, New You
  • Fix my Teen Family

Aside from being a nutritionist and weight loss expert, Amanda is now working on ITV’s This Morning’s resident Nutrition expert. If you want to know more about Amanda Hamilton and her work with regards to weight loss, visit her website at She’ll be happy to assist you in any of your weight loss issues. As an introduction, here is Amanda’s video about her “3 Phase” weight loss concept.



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