Alternative Fitness Tips

Getting fit and sexy is a daunting task, especially if you are not motivated enough to lose weight. With today’s environment that is full of tempting calorie foods and pleasurable entertainments that promotes sedentary lifestyle, it is basically easy to add weight than to lose weight.

Weight reduction could even be a struggle for some people with natural slow metabolic rate. Overweight individuals and obese are the primary victims of this mystery. However, if you don’t have the will to succeed, you certainly will have a rough time reducing that excess weight. So no matter how hard it is get fit, you need that extra motivation to push yourself a little harder to reach your goal.

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If exercise and fad diets don’t work, you probably think that you already reached the end of the road and quit your weight loss plan. While most unsuccessful dieters think this way, you need to overcome your own challenges and prove that you are different from the rest.

One way to prove that is to add some diversions to your existing workout plan. In short, apply some alternative fitness tips that can help you burn more fat and calories. If you can combine every alternative tricks with your current dieting and exercise regimens, it will surely lead to effective and significant weight loss.

So what are the best ways to help you further on your slimming goals? The following tips will help you lose weight fast.

Alternative Fitness Plan

So before you go to the gym or spend some cash on expensive equipments, try these simple activities that will surely help on your fitness goal. I’ll break it into two categories – outdoor and indoor activities.

Outdoor Activities


Any outdoor activities can help you lose extra calories. A simple walk to a convenience store, walking with your dog, running,  jogging or walking and many others are alternative methods of outdoor workout.

What else? Think about what you can do outside your house. House chores such as car wash, sweeping, gardening and many others can definitely make you sweat. Do any of these activities at least twice a week then you will a consistent weekly workout program, which guarantees a more active lifestyle.

Next is sports activities. I previously wrote an article about how basketball can help you lose weight. If you are sports minded, you probably agree that any sports or physical game can help you lose weight fast because it combines a lot of training routines such as cardio, weight training and many others.

Other activities includes cycling, mountain climbing, swimming, skating and many others. Remember to take a sport that you actually love. It is an important aspect because it will encourage you more to exercise, and will not going to bore you.  These activities are not weight loss magic, but will certainly help on your weight loss program.

Indoor Activities

couple dancing

There are lots of exercise opportunities that you can do at home. If you are at home, the most obvious way that can help you to lose weight is by having a good time with your family. Always have time with your kids and your spouse. Play with them, help your kids with your home work and many other activities. It will surely help you on burning those extra calories fast.

If you have an infant or a baby, why don’t you take a day off at the office and babysit for a day, it will surely help on your fitness plan. Doing house chores such as washing the dishes, ironing your clothes, polishing the floor and many other indoor job will help your body to burn more fat.

If you like to workout at home, then fitness videos can completely assist you. I wrote some of the best exercise DVDs in this site such as Ballet Beautiful, SWAT Workout, P90 Extreme Workout, Dance with Julianne, Tae Bo, Insanity and many others.

Do you like to groove? Yes, dancing is another great way to get in shape fast. With hip-hop or traditional dance routines, losing weight will not be a hardball ever again. But did you know that you can also reduce weight thru singing? Yes, you can lose weight thru singing, read my previous post about this topic here.

How about indoor sports? Of course you can include indoor sports into your weight loss program. Examples of this activities are billiard, table tennis and dart. If you have other sports in mind, then share it with us by commenting below.

Other indoor activities that you can do are playing Wii with your family, preparing food or cooking, cleaning your room, change the arrangement of your living room, clean your toilet and many others. You may also do some painting if you know how to paint. Any other activities will surely be a great addition to your weight loss program.

Conclusion on Alternative Fitness Tips

Fitness is both challenging and fun, it brings out the creativity inside you. So basically, we can achieve fitness by getting physically active and having an unwavering passion on any endeavors that you think will help you lose weight. Any types of activities will make you slim and sexy in no time. Just make sure that you are always motivated to consistently apply any fitness methods that were discussed here.

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