Aerial Dancing – A Whole New Way to Get Fit

Does dieting, exercise and other weight loss strategies bore you? If your usual weight loss plan doesn’t work anymore, then you probably need something new to light up that spirit and keep the burning desire to lose weight. So if you thought you tried everything crazy just to lose a pound, think again, you certainly has more to learn.

You probably seen some daring stunts that are called “aerial arts“. This kind of art is not a typical dance routine that anyone can easily perform. Aerial arts are dangerous and require skills to be able to succeed.

In contrary, aerial dance is now a trending art, which made a lot of patrons within the last decade. People want to learn different types of aerial acrobats because they either want to explore it or they just want to improve their health. If you are looking for fitness regimens that can help you get fit, then aerial dancing could be the answer you are looking for.

This short article that you are about to read is all about aerial dancing, specifically the one using fabrics or silk. This article doesn’t encourage you to try or use aerial arts as your main weight loss program. I suggest that you seek any experts before you try any aerial dancing routines.

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What is Aerial Dancing

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Aerial Dance is today’s trending fitness program, a revolution on how people get fit physically and mentally. Aerial dancing is also called as aerial yoga, aerial aerobics or simply as aerial art. However, critics view this art as a circus act, because it involves dangerous activities while you are in or of the air. An expert aerial dancer is called aerialist, which uses acrobatic routines on different devices that will help them to “fly” up in the air and do dangerous stunts.

Devices that an aerialist use are trapeze, silks or fabrics, lyra or hoop, rope and pole. An aerialist uses his preferred equipment to perform artistic poses and acrobatic moves that is combined with confident and poise. Pole dancing is a popular aerial dance that is used by thousands of fitness enthusiast, but this art is characterized as an erotic dance due to its seductive moves.

Most people makes aerial dancing as part of their fitness program. Participants can be at any age, genders or levels, as long as you are physically and mentally fit. However, although aerial dancing offered to anyone, I would like to remind you that this kind of routines are dangerous. One wrong mistake can lead to injuries and can even be life threatening.

But if you still want to learn aerial dance, I suggest that you find some reputable classes that can offer you the best aerial art training program, which of course offers the highest safety standards.

Will Aerial Dancing Help You Lose Weight

Any typical exercise can help burn fat that leads to significant weight loss. As you can see at the image above, aerial dancing especially the one that uses silk, requires total body strength. Not only that, your mental state should also be in tip top shape to be able to showcase your routines. Otherwise, you may end up slamming towards the ground, ouch!

Aerial dancing practically trains the whole body, making it a perfect fitness program. You are basically lifting your own weight once you are off the ground and doing some acrobatic works. This means that you are working your upper and lower body strength to be able to hold firmly on the fabric. Same goes on other devices such as hoop or a rope.

Another thing is that, aerial dancing is a continuous act, meaning that you are not stationary at one position. Unlike other dance routines that you can rest, aerial dancing should be done continuously without a pause, from start to finish. This improves your stamina and endurance.

To be a successful aerialist, you need to develop and improve every muscle parts of your body. In actual aerial dance preparations, it requires rigid stretching, cardio exercises and weight training before you can effectively do any aerial dance. This means that your body exerts a lot of effort on training, enabling it to improve your metabolic rate that leads to more fat and calories burned.

Below is a sample aerial dance number from Iya Villania, a local celebrity here in the Philippines.

Where to Find an Aerial Dance School

Aerial dance classes are commonly offered on famous gyms, fitness centers, aerial dance organizations, pole classes, studios or dance schools. If you want to try aerial dance, you need to select which type of aerial art you highly prefer. Some classes offers private training and others are more into group sessions. You never know that an aerial dance class is just located near your area.

Aerial dance equipments and some training videos are also available at Amazon. You may search and find quality fabrics, shoes, training videos or any important tools needed for effective and safe aerial dancing. Start your search here.

Conclusion on Aerial Dancing for Fitness

Aerial dance is one of the best way to improve your health and get fit for life. Although one of the most difficult and dangerous exercise that you can explore, it will completely help you on your weight loss program. You just need a reputable class with renowned trainers, basically to help you achieve your aerial dance goals. Being an aerialist is now possible but also risky. The choice is yours!

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