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The site currently has Google page rank of 1 but have a strong Alexa rank of 686,358 as of January 07, 2013. This means that this site receives a decent amount of visitors ranging from 120 – 250 unique visitors daily. Each day, its ranking increases along with its traffic which are composed of 70% search engine traffic mainly from Google. The rest are from social medias like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Digg and many others.

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  • total weight loss tips – 1st page / 1st rank
  • total weight loss – 1st page / 5th rank
  • weight loss tips – 18th page / 174th rank   *very competitive term (previously 4th page)

This site is also ranking first on several long-tail search terms with regards to weight loss topics, products and many others. As per the information above, you can see that we are working hard just to reach the best possible keyword rankings in Google. We are expecting to reach page one for the keyword “weight loss tips” in the coming months, including an increase in page rank.

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Guest/Sponsor Post

Guest posting is one feature of this site that you can take advantage of. If you have weight loss site or product that you want to promote, you can write an article and publish it here to improve your Internet exposure. You can read the guidelines here.


$50 + plus 3.5% Paypal fees – permanent article


These prices are not permanent and will change without notice. For other ad types such as text links, product reviews, single post banners and many others, please send a message inquiry below or pitch as an email at our contact page.

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