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adipheneAre you aware about the latest weight loss pill that recently hit the market by storm? If not, then this post will introduce you to the newest multipurpose dietary pill, that will help transcend your usual perceptions towards weight loss pills, into a much more dependable product that will truly help you lose weight for good.

I am talking about Adiphene, the recent product that came out from RDK Global, the same company that gave you the worldwide best seller Phen375. Adiphene is made up of 11 powerful and natural ingredients, which are designed to produce 5 fat burning actions. This latest diet pill will help you to reduce fat and carbohydrate absorption, lessens your appetite, boosts your metabolism that leads to fat burning and dramatically increases your energy.

Like Phen375, Adiphene is a diet supplement that will support or compliment your existing weight loss program. Since the product is from RDK Global, Adiphene is also manufactured in an FDA-approved lab, an advantage that no other diet pill companies offer. So if you are looking for a safe and clinically proven fat burning diet pill, Adiphene should be on the top of your list.

How Adiphene Works?

Adiphene is a whole new formula that promises good results. It’s effectiveness lies in its ingredients that focuses more on stimulating your metabolism. Ordinary weight loss supplements only offer one weight loss benefit that fall into categories such as:

  • Fat Metabolizers – primarily helping your body to burn stored fat.
  • Appetite Suppressants – help suppress or reduce your appetite, by managing some brain chemicals that signals hunger.
  • Fat Binders – properties that help bind fats from your regular meal, then disposing it directly into the digestive system and avoiding absorption.
  • Thermogenic Boosters and Stimulants – helps trigger fat and calorie burning action at a higher rate by increasing your metabolism.

If your existing weight loss pill offers only one of those properties, then you are making a big mistake on your fitness program expenditures. Adiphene proudly offers you all those benefits in one great dietary pill. With Adiphene’s natural and clinically researched fat loss ingredients, you will never be sorry on every dime you spend on your fitness program.

So how does Adiphene performs all those tasks? Well, makers of this product have solved the missing link on how to truly achieve weight loss, and that is through stimulating your metabolism. So eating less foods and consistent extreme workouts are just two of the basic characters of this so called fat loss scenario. Metabolism plays a key role on how your body behave from all aspects of losing weight.

adiphene metabolism effect

If you are a health geek, you are probably aware that eating healthy foods and exercise, primarily helps in boosting your metabolism. While this is practically a fact, that is not enough to help you lose weight. Your resting metabolism actually uses 60% of the calories you need each day. 30% of that are used while you are not resting (activity metabolism), while the other 10% are used for digesting food (thermic metabolism).

What Adiphene does is to further increase your metabolic rate, triggering some kicking action that will push those percentages up, leading to more calories and fat burning action. So if you fall on either a “fast metabolizer” or “slow metabolizer” individual, you won’t mind it at all once you start taking Adiphene.

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Adiphene Ingredients

The ingredients used are all natural and have been fully researched to get the best synergistic weight loss formula. Each of the ingredients below are also used in most dietary weight loss supplements, but no other pill had combined all these ingredients into one product that solves all weight loss issues.

The ingredients includes five powerful herb stimulants, two known thermogenic boosters, two fat metabolizers and one ingredients for appetite suppression and fat binding properties. Below are the ingredients:


Bitter Orange

Bitter orange products are known to trigger metabolism increase right after consumption. There are even government agencies that approves the effectiveness of bitter orange for appetite suppression, dyspepsia and a few stomach conditions. A medicinal study also suggests that bitter orange has natural thermogenic properties, a better substitute for ephedra.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium primarily works as the body’s insulin enhancer, which plays an important role on how insulin controls your body fat storage. After a good meal, your body absorbs insulin hormones, which transports glucose to cells. The cells will then use this glucose to turn it into energy and to perform its other functions. What chromium does is to boost the the insulin further, which leads to more fat and glucose metabolism for more efficient breakdown.

Guarana Extract

Guarana is predominantly found in the Amazon jungle and is known for its powerful metabolism effect. It is also known to help suppress appetite and improves both physical and mental performance.

Guarana works just like caffeine, it focuses on stimulating the release of different hormones from the adrenal glands, forcing your body to eliminate your body’s stored fat. Aside from that, it is believed that gurana extract can also improve mental alertness, fights fatigue, increase stamina and physical endurance.

Ginseng Panax Root Extract

Panax ginseng was believed to help enhance carbohydrate metabolism. This means that it is very useful in controlling your blood sugar. Panax ginseng is also known to help improve your concentration, memory, thinking and was believed to help improve stamina as well.

Cacao Extract

Theobromine in Cacao extracts help inhibits fat storage while cocoa polyphenols help increase fat metabolism. Based from a research by Pennsylvania State University, cocoa has the ability to inhibit carbohydrate and fat digestion, preventing the body from absorbing them.


adiphene cta bannerCinnamon Extract

Cinnamon has the ability to lower your food glycemic effects on your body. This means that the foods you consume will slow your blood sugar’s efficiency. A fast blood sugar will lead to more fats stored in the body, which is due to a high release of insulin, which in turns trigger extra glucose to be transported into fat storage.

Cayenne Capsicum

Cayenne capsicum increases your blood flow in the smaller or restricted blood vessels along the fatty tissues. Scientists that formulated Adiphene have effectively combined cayenne capsicum along with its other ingredients, which help forces these ingredients to go directly onto their main function.

Hunger Reducer


Glucomannan is a well-known appetite suppressant compound. Dozens of studies have proved the effectiveness of glucomannan for reducing hunger. This is the reason why most dietary weight loss supplements use glucomannan as their main ingredient.

Fat Binder

Chitosan Extract

This one of a kind herb extract is another popular weight loss ingredient that is used for fat binding role. It is very effective in binding fats inside the stomach, then carrying them directly into your digestive system for immediate disposal. Chitosan extract helps avoid fat absorption while reducing fat calories that your body digests.

Fat Metabolizers

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 won’t just take good care of your nervous system, it is also a powerful metabolism charger, helping your body to metabolize food into energy and helps burn those unwanted fat. In some research, this vitamin also stimulate the absorption and bioavailability of other nutrients such as Zinc and Magnesium.

L-carnitine HCL

This compound helps mobilize fat stored in your skin tissues, resulting long-chained fatty acids to be burned for energy especially during those strength or any other workout sessions. If you are conscious about your existing weight loss product, it is highly likely that you will see L-carnitine HCL on its list of ingredients, especially if the product is metabolism charger.

It’s Time to Feel Great about Yourself with Adiphene

As said earlier, Adiphene is a whole new formula from RDK Global, a renowned diet pill maker. You are ensured that you will get a quality and effective product without any risks of side effects. So you can try spending more time ignoring these facts and stay on your current weight loss plateau. Or, you can purchase your Adiphene diet pills today and include it on your weight loss program.

Order your Adiphene right now and enjoy the next few months feeling great about your new found sexy physique. Stop spending your hard-earned money on pure hyped diet pills that don’t work and will just get your health into trouble. Try Adiphen and put a lasting smile on your face, for life!

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