9 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss from Real Experts

Are you struggling with your weight?  If so, you are not alone.

Almost 70% of Americans are overweight (with the rest of the world catching up) and it’s hard not to watch the news or read a paper without hearing about the “obesity epidemic”.  Even if these numbers are a bit inflated, we know from our practice that the majority of our patients are struggling with their weight.

Maybe they want to lose 5-10 pounds to fit into their clothes a bit better or maybe they need to lose 100 pounds to ward off diabetes, high blood pressure and other life threatening illnesses.  Either way, they know they want to lose some weight but most aren’t sure how to go about it.

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It’s no surprise that people are confused about how to lose weight.  There are so many different opinions about how to lose weight successfully.  Should you try the Dukan diet? (It seemed to work for Kate Middleton.) Weight Watchers?  (Look at Jessica Simpson!)  Raspberry ketones?  (Didn’t Dr. Oz say this was a miracle weight loss pill?)

Who should you listen to?  We struggled with what advice to give our patients also, until we realized we had access to the real experts right under our noses (or should we say in our exam rooms?).

Who are these “experts”? Our patients. The ones that have lost weight and kept it off.

We started asking the real experts how they did it and found out, there was a surprising similarity to their stories.  Here are their “secrets” to losing weight and keeping it off.

What Really Works for Weight Loss

First, let’s distinguish short term weight loss from healthy weight loss that lasts.  There are a million ways to lose weight in the short term, but real, healthy weight loss that lasts a lifetime?  That is much less common.

Here are the top 9 “secrets” to healthy permanent weight loss from the real experts.

1. Move more and eat better

girl dancing

Although it sounds really basic, it’s absolutely true.  More than 90% of those who lose weight and keep it off use a healthy diet and physical activity to achieve their goals.

2. Use the magic of time

time for training

A big change in your lifestyle can seem overwhelming and often we try to do too much too soon. Start with small changes like eating a healthy breakfast every day or a 5-10 minute walk each evening, to build your confidence and momentum. Before long, small victories will be the stepping stones to great results. This leads to permanent weight loss and keeps you off the weight loss roller coaster.

3. Set goals and assess your progress

set goals

Experienced business people know that if you want to improve something, you have to measure it.  Same thing with weight loss.  Write down your goals, your starting point and your progress or use technology to make it easier. You will be amazed at the “magic” of knowing where you started, where you are and where you’re going.

4. Prepare for the challenges


Don’t underestimate the challenge.  Prepare yourself by acquiring knowledge, strategies, and support that will help when the tough times inevitably occur.

5. Control your environment

woman eating ice cream

Don’t court temptation.  Identify the triggers that lead to poor choices and practice a strategic response beforehand. The better you are prepared for the challenges that inevitably occur, the better you will deal with them.

6. Reward yourself

reward yourself

Do not miss an opportunity to congratulate yourself on achievements. Even the little steps are important to recognize because these are the foundations for bigger steps.

7. Seek support from others

seek support

Don’t go it alone!  By enlisting the support of family and friends you increase your success.  Online communities are also an excellent resource to seek and give support and to create strategies with those with similar goals.

8. Setbacks will occur and they are an opportunity to learn

setbacks and failure

Very few are able to change a behavior without a step in the wrong direction. Recognize lapses as learning opportunities to understand what not to do next time. Don’t beat yourself up – mistakes are there to learn from!

9. Use all of the tools

fitness tools


Willpower alone usually doesn’t work for long.  Take advantage of all tools that are useful in helping you achieve your goals.  There are great online programs and technology that can help you achieve your goals the right way.

Losing weight and keeping it off may seem daunting at first, but doing it the right way not only works, but is much easier in the long run. Start with small steps and before you know it, you will see big results!

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