5 Ways to Trick your Brain into Eating Less

One way to get fat is to over indulge with the foods you love and of course less or no exercise. Once you practice this kind of lifestyle, you will surely add up more calories into your body that will result to more pounds of extra fats, and that is disastrous if you want to stay in shape.

If you want to get fit and healthy, you may want to avoid that type of habit because it will make you fat and overweight plus, shedding some pounds is not an easy task. But the problem is, eating less is a tougher task! This is the reason why people can’t stop munching foods even though they know that overeating could cause weight gain.

There are different factors why people overeats such as environmental and internal mechanisms. This includes the enticing sight and smell of the foods while stress and anxiety also causes people to eat more. How to change these factors to help you lose weight? Well, you need to look on how you can control your eating behavior especially with the way your mind dictates for food cravings.

Yes, by modifying your attitudes towards eating can greatly help your usual eating habits and take less and controlled food per meal. One way to control your behavior is by using the power of your mind over your mindless eating habit. By using some mind tricks, you can eat less and consume fewer calories that will help constitute for weigh loss.

Today I will give you the best and precise tricks on how you can use your mind for wise eating program. There are many mind tricks that you can find in the Internet, but this list is the most used and concise information that are proven effective in losing weight. Below are the five ways to trick your brain into eating less.

Ways to trick your brain against overeating

1. Avoid your favorite foods

avoid favorite foods

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When inside the kitchen, the most thing that you want to cook is your favorite dish. While there is nothing wrong cooking your favorite menu, it could highly lead to overeating. In contrast, if you cook the foods that you less love, chances are you eat less too. You don’t have to do any other tricks if the food in front of you is not enticing enough to motivate you to eat more.

Yes, avoiding your favorite foods will definitely help you to eat less and avoid too much calories especially that most tasty foods that we love offers less health benefits and more hazardous.

If you are at work or away from home, it is also better if you avoid dining in your favorite restaurants where your favorite dish awaits you. It is wise to pack your own food in a measured and sized meal to ensure that you control your food cravings. Plus, avoid snacks as much as possible. It is better if the foods are out of your site rather than visible and within your reach.

2.  Use strategic eating tableware and drinkware

tableware for eating less

Using smaller plates, bowls and spoons all constitutes in eating less which is commonly called as “portion control” where you control the size of food in your plate. There are various studies that supports this claim as an effective trick for less eating.

But it’s not just tablewares that can help you eat less, drinkwares also play an important role for you to “drink less”. A study suggest that you should use a tall but thin glass for drinking rather than short but wide glass. This is somewhat related to optical illusion which confuses the mind to think that the shorter glass provides less liquid. But the study proves that the shorter, wide glass showed more amounts of water compared to the tall but thin glass. So it is wise to use the tall, thin glass.

So remember to use strategic tablewares and drinkwares to help your weight loss program. Control your food servings thru small plates, bowls and spoons, while limiting your caloric or any other alcoholic drinks using tall, thin glass.

3. Eat slowly

eat slowly for weight loss

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This is another important trick if you want to eat less and gain less pounds. Eating in a slow manner is an effective habit to limit your food consumption. Taking time with each bite, chewing the food completely and then swallow, helps you to feel full by giving signals to your brain which will help turn off your appetite.

Furthermore, studies suggests that you have to start doing this trick at your own normal eating rate and slowly adjusting into a slower eating pace. This strategy works wonders that will give you the biggest appetite reduction you could ever get for a weight loss program.

In contrast, if you will do some distractions just to slow your eating pace, then it won’t work at all but instead will push you further to eat more. Yes, distractions such as watching television, reading books or eating while working all constitutes to more calorie intake. So it is much more advisable not to pretend to eat slow thru distracting your eating rhythm, but to eat slowly naturally at your own eating table doing the tips above.

4. Use your non-dominant hand while snacking

slow eating

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I got this tip from one of the articles in Yahoo Voices and I thought that this is a very important trick to all of you. Why? Because we love snacking, and if you can’t control your snack cravings, using your non-dominant hand can highly help you to eat less than your usual right eating regimen.

According to the Yahoo article, researcher David Neal from the University of Southern California, the brain comes to associate the food with an environment that we are used to do, which makes us to keep on eating as long as those environmental cues are present. An example of this is watching television with particular snack foods such as pop-corn and your beer. Using the non-dominant hand can divert or give signals to your brain that you should control your food consumption.

5. Don’t skip breakfast

eat breakfast

If you heard someone saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then you better listen to him otherwise, you will not get the best nutrition that your body needs. Some people tends to skip breakfast thinking that they will lose pounds doing so, but that is not the real deal. Not taking breakfast will not just deprive you of the energy that you need throughout the day, it will also increase your food cravings and appetite which leads to overeating at lunch, dinner time and as well as snacking in between meals. The result? Yes you are right, weight gain!

Most research proves that taking breakfast every morning allows a person to feel less hungry throughout the day, which helps you to eat less during lunch and dinner. So if you want to have a healthy and fit body, you have to eat breakfast and don’t deprive yourself in enjoying the pleasure of food.

Your brain tricks conclusion

These tips will highly help you to eat less during your meal. Keep in mind that you have to pick the best food groups while practicing this habit. Eating less doesn’t necessarily mean “less” healthy for your diet. You need to choose the right protein, fats, carbohydrates and other food groups while you size-up your meal and avoiding your favorite foods. Keep good nutrition your first priority.

With regards to good nutrition, I suggest you consult Amanda Hamilton. She is an expert dietitian which can highly help you on your eating program. She will provide a personalized diet specifically made just for you to help aid your weight gain issues.

In summary, the first thing you need to do is not to skip breakfast, avoid your favorite foods and keep them out of your site. Then use strategic small tablewares and drinkwares then practice to eat slowly. When it comes to snacking, practice to eat on your non-dominant hand to remind you of your appetite control program. That’s it! You are now equipped with a full eating less program for your weight loss endeavors.

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